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The biggest joke is on those who paid to see this
grantss4 March 2016
The biggest joke is on those who paid to see this.

A process server, Joe Tyler (played by Matthew Perry) is given the task of serving divorce papers on Sara Moore (Elizabeth Hurley), the wife of of a wealthy Texas businessman. To do so he needs to contend with her attempts at evasion and the attempts of a colleague to undermine him.

You would think that the comedy of Matthew Perry and the allure of Liz Hurley would make for a decent movie. They do the best they can, but are massively undermined by the script writers. The movie is not funny. The attempts at jokes are incredibly bad - even Perry with his great physical humour, timing and delivery can't make them work. You can't polish a turd...

On the plus side (and it's the only plus), Liz Hurley does light up the screen and is a good distraction from the woefulness of the remainder of the movie.

Interesting to note that the supporting cast includes Amy Adams in one of her earliest movies.

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Serving No Good Cause.
Python Hyena9 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Serving Sara (2002): Dir: Reginald Hudlin / Cast: Matthew Perry, Elizabeth Hurley, Bruce Campbell, Amy Adams, Cedric the Entertainer: Stupid comedy that certainly doesn't serve up decent entertainment. Matthew Perry is controlled by his job and by Elizabeth Hurley. He may be a server but he is still driven by another force. Simple plot has Perry sent to deliver divorce papers to Hurley but her husband is a rich cheating liar so she talks him into serving him divorce papers first so that she may gain half her husband's assets with Perry a promised one million. Thus begins a dreary road trip of useless clichés and a complete lack of originality. It is obvious that they will fall in love and nobody cares. Directed by Reginald Hudlin who also made another laugh lacking comedy called The Ladies Man. Perry reciting the loser gets girl role while Hurley is a prop for sex scenes. What is truly depressing is that audiences were more anticipating Bruce Campbell than the star studded leads. Unfortunately, as the husband Campbell is greatly reduced to a standard boring role undeserving of his talent. Strangely enough, Campbell could have sold this film on his own. Amy Adams and Cedric the Entertainer are also featured in this travesty. This film exist merely for its leads whose careers won't benefit from this. Pointless romantic drivel serves these actors with nothing but shame. Score: 2 / 10
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Such a fun and happy film
Gordon-112 January 2014
This film is about a man who serves court orders to people who don't want them. He meets a challenge when he has to serve a divorce order to a beautiful woman.

"Serving Sara" is a really funny romantic comedy. There are so many funny joke that made me laugh out loud. There is this joke about bathing habit of different nationality, which hits the spot and is so funny. Matthew Perry's play on accents are funny too. I love the plot, the constant tricking, tracking and running away is so much fun. The surprise appearance of Amy Adams is great a well, seeing her in an early role but pivotal in the plot is great. "Serving Sara" is a light hearted and fun film. It's a great way to start a new year, as it made me so happy!
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This movie had great potential
Miss Naughtia14 November 2011
Serving Sara is a very easy going and charming movie. The two leading roles are played wonderfully by Matthew Perry and Elizabeth Hurley.

Joe is a process server who meets Sara when he delivers divorce papers to her. Sara is chocked to know that her husband wants a divorce because she thought they were happily married. The papers say that she is about to lose everything in the divorce and she does not want to let that happen.

I thought this movie is enjoyable because of these two talented actors and their good chemistry. Although this was set to be a great movie, it wasn't nearly as good as I'd expected it to be. It's sad because the story has much more potential.
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Spitting Up
wes-connors6 November 2011
In New York during the Hanukah season, chubby process server Matthew Perry (as Joe Tyler) must deliver divorce papers to sexy millionaire's trophy wife Elizabeth Hurley (as Sara). She thought she was happily married. On the way to Texas, Ms. Hurley offers Mr. Perry $1,000,000 to serve philandering husband Bruce Campbell first (it has something to do with divorce laws and property settlement). Meanwhile, Perry's rotund rival Vincent Pastore (as Tony) follows them, hoping to serve Hurley. Exasperated boss Ray Harris (as Cedric) gets the best suits and most donuts...

How much you enjoy all of this may depend on how much you like Perry and Hurley. He was on a TV series called "Friends" (haven't seen it) which was popular, and she has sex appeal. Pretty in pink "other woman" Amy Adams (as Kate) wiggles her chest. The highlight may be a luggage conveyor belt ride which ends with Perry ripping off Hurley's pants. For gross fans, Perry oils up to deliver a prostate exam, and that's no bull. You can also hear the characters respond to funny commands like "blow me," "eat me," and "kiss my ass." Their replies aren't very imaginative.

*** Serving Sara (8/20/02) Reginald Hudlin ~ Matthew Perry, Elizabeth Hurley, Vincent Pastore, Bruce Campbell
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julialuvsmovies18 June 2011
Sara and Joe were trying to fly to Durango, TX. While there is a city named Durango in the central area of Texas they were trying to go, they don't have a commercial airport. Durango is in western Colorado! Did it just sound right? They eventually fly to Amarillo, which is a long way from central Texas. This film, though Elizabeth Hurley was terrific, was a product of Hollywood with the typical lack of research whose market apparently did not include residents of Texas or Colorado, or anyone geographically inclined.

I understand Matt Perry was abusing drugs and then in rehab during the filming. This really shows in his appearance and his delivery.

Overall, however, I enjoyed seeing the film and I will give it 7 out of 10 stars.
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Perry serves up some laughs
studioAT6 June 2010
Serving Sara is another of the movies that Matthew Perry made while at the height of his fame in the sitcom Friends and despite some of the reviews you read on this site it is actually a light-hearted and enjoyable movie.

Although it is clear that Perry is trying to distance himself from his role on the previously mentioned sitcom there are enough traits of Chandler to keep fans happy while also offering a slightly darker character.

Perry has good chemistry with Hurley and the film's pace moves from one elaborate set piece to another with ease while Bruce Campbell and Cedric the entertainer also provide some good laughs.

The only downside of this film for me is how Perry's weight changes so often from scene to scene. It is sad to see this talented man at such a low ebb in his personal life. Thankfully the great man is back to his best now in Mr Sunshine.

Overall Serving Sara is an enjoyable enough watch that by and large provides strong laughs and a good performance from Perry.
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A good comedy!
Dragan Trifkovic11 June 2009
i enjoyed this movie very much and i really don't understand why it got 5.0 on IMDb? this is a comedy for god sake, it's supposed to make you laugh and this film does that very good! Matthew Perry is funny as always, maybe there are some people who hate him and his acting, so they give his movies worst reviews even without watching them. story itself is not very special, but you can't say "it had been seen a million times" because it hadn't. at the matter affect, it's quite interesting and refreshing, especially in "romantic comedy" genre (which i usually hate btw). i watch this movie every time when i stumble upon it on TV. take it from me: you are gonna love it! :)

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Boring Movie,
butchfilms10 January 2009
This is a silly boring comedy movie. I don't have problems with naive, silly or unrealistic comedy films as long they make me laugh, "Serving Sara" was a silly funny comedy just during a few minutes during its beginning but after that is very few left to rescue about it.

The actor were OK, Matthew Perry, Vincent Pastore and Cedric are always funny, the beautiful Elizabeth Hurley was good too, even though the always funny Terry Crews was wasted in a too small role, I would have liked to see more about him. The idea of the movie was good, the problem is that it was developed in a very boring way. This movie should have lasted 75 minutes instead of its 100 because of the lack of a good script.

The movie is about a process server called Joe (Perry) who is given the assignment to serve Sara Moore (Hurley) with divorce papers, but after he does it she convinces him to serve her husband and to destroy her papers in exchange of one million dollars.

Only watch this movie if you are an extreme hard die fan of Matthew Perry
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M.Perry saves the movie
Affirmative_Dave3 October 2008
This movie is originally based on some good ideas. And many elements of it are not so predictable.

But, unfortunately the direction and the script are so bad, that all in all, the average result is a rather clumsy movie. Most of the actors do a lousy job (direction problem) and the lines do not match well the situations.

Nevertheless, thanks to Matthew Perry the movie is still watchable: 1. His enjoyable jokes, à la Friends. 2. His perfect play. 3. His match with E.Hurley.

Elisabeth Hurley is also enjoyable (and so sexy...).
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I was going to give this a 5, but.....
BloodyThorn14 August 2008
Being that it was a fairly cookie cutter screenplay, and I've seen better acting from both Hurley and Perry, I would have normally given it about a 5. A 5 being as low as I could go and still say that I actually liked the movie. It wasn't bad. It had it's cute moments, and Matt Perry, while not as funny as say his role in The Whole Nine Yards, it was still fun to watch. But I gotta say, what bumped it up to a 6 for me was the story's, or director's ability to get some serious skin time with Liz Hurley, in the most trashiest outfit you could come up with in a Texas setting.

It wasn't a great movie, but it was at least worth a watch, for more than one reason.
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OK Movie
adiwsusanto15 January 2008
I like Matthew Perry from his role in friends and who doesn't dig Liz Hurley sexy appearance & accent. The plot is simple & straight forward and you can foresee what would happen in the end. It's a classic situation where the victims will work together as a team to get back their common enemy. If you enjoy a simple movie, a good feel movie, Liz Hurley sex appeals & Matthew funny act, hen you would enjoy this. I watch this movie on VCD in 2002 and re-watch it again on DVD recently. The reason why I watched it earlier was because of Matthew Perry and the reason I re-watch it was an urge to remind me of what's this movie is all about. Yet, I think I have the same feeling both times. 5 out of 10.
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Unrealistic legal portrayal, bad acting, only Elizabeth brings anything to this movie.
Anthm Wright27 December 2007
I have not seen a Matthew Perry movie or show I have liked, mainly because I do not like Matthew Perry's acting. He is annoying and not funny to me.

Comedies are funny when they are based on some reality or are making fun of reality. This movie, however, was just plain ridiculous and a waste of time.

Elizabeth Hurley has been in much better and funnier movies, such as "Bedazzled" and "Austin Powers".

This movie used "service of process" as its plot. Whoever wrote the screenplay has no conception of the legalities involved and therefore the story has really no educational merit whatsoever. Serving Sara just was too stupid to be funny. It is the type of movie that some people will watch and think they may have learned something, like what is means to serve divorce paperwork, but will come away knowing absolute rubbish.

Lawyers like these kinds of movies because it keeps people stupid about the law.
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Funny Movie!
Brian T. Whitlock (GOWBTW)20 November 2007
Matthew Perry and Elizabeth Hurley serve up a very funny, and fine comedy romp in "Serving Sara". Perry plays Joe Tyler, a processing server who boss(Cedric The Entertainer) is more conniving than himself. He and his lackey Tony (Vincent Pastore) makes lots of money serving people. Upon making a serve, he meets Sara(Hurley) and gives him a offer he couldn't refuse. After getting his nose busted, the new partnership has begun. I like the part at the airport where Sara's jeans get mangled up at the conveyor belt. Then when they get to a cheap motel, she flashes the night auditor. The recipe of this team-up is revenge on her ex-husband(Bruce Campbell). Tony, Ray Harris' co-worker is more inept than helpful. He gets the paperwork done, but the time zone gives his the disadvantage. Revenge does have its price, but if it's right, it's a payoff. The result, living large and in charge! Great movie, great cast, so-so response from the critics. But I don't care! You got served! 3 out of 5 stars!
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a disappointing movie
muffin_muffle9 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Personally, I love Matthew Perry very much, but I have to say this movie sucks.The story is weak,until the end of the movie I still didn't finger out why "suddenly" Sara fell in love with Joe , and the supposedly funny parts in this film are ridiculous and aren't funny at all, it can only entertain a 8-year-old and incapable to make anyone above this age laugh at all. And apparently Matthew didn't give his best performance too,for most of the time, Joe behaves too frivolous and trying to appear smart, and he indeed seems clever enough only when compared to his adversaries' unbelievable absurdness, and i believe Matt is supposed to do a better job than this.
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did they consult any actual lawyers before making this?
dvgulliver14 July 2006
This film is bad because the entire plot revolves around service of process, and it makes no sense. Granted, I went to law school and got A's in my civil procedure courses. But even a layperson can see the flaws in this.

In most jurisdictions, you can complete service of process in a number of ways. You can hand the legal documents to the person. You can send them registered mail. You can post an ad in the paper. You can post notice on the courthouse door. You can leave the documents with any adult who resides at the house of the target. You can leave documents in a conspicuous location on the property of the target. You can serve a registered agent, which in many cases is the Secretary of State or similar office holder of your jurisdiction. You can even walk up to the person, say "I have legal documents for you," and drop them at his feet. Even if you don't hand-deliver them, you have served process.

There is a reason for this.

If, as this film portrays, you can't serve anyone unless they take the papers from you, it would be impossible to ever sue anyone because most people would never take anything from a stranger. That would make it to easy for people to avoid ever suffering any consequences for their actions. Husbands could avoid ever getting divorced, and therefore ever paying alimony.

So remember folks: if, in your real life, you are ever a defendant in a lawsuit, you can lose by default if someone leaves papers at your feet and you never show up in court! Knowing all this, the plot of the film is eviscerated. What is left, that is, bad acting, bad sight gags, bad everything, isn't enough to hold the film together in any meaningful way.

Avoid this movie.
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The Runs
jldmp129 June 2006
The only reason this exists is because of the success of "Midnight Run", but three things went horribly wrong.

"Midnight..." was a comedy built on a solid foundation, there was an entire back story (rival entities) that supported the smartly constructed platform. There's no foundation here beyond stereotypes. You can see the formula at work as this grinds out: the producers wanted this 'joke' or that 'funny scene', and they commissioned the writer to scrape a plot between those nodes.

The producers imagined that Perry's years on TV would have guaranteed an attendant audience; but this was plainly beyond the pale. Folks, comedy is difficult; spasms aren't enough. You need real pros to pull this off, people willing to invest themselves. Hurley? Nope. Cedric? Nope.

Elfman integrated a fine, fine musical narrative to accompany DeNiro and, Miller phones in a half-hearted hack job. A shame because Miller really is a capable instrumentalist/writer/producer. Thankfully, we have his work with alto sax wizard Sanborn with which to clear our minds of this annoyance.
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Absolute garbage...
EA20 June 2006
Rented it to see if Mathew Perry could act different from the angry, "the world owes me", brooding, dislikeable person he portrayed on Friends

Rated it a 1 because I've no other options. Too bad this system doesn't have minus signs.

Fast forwarded most of the useless gratuitous cursing and raging. Which was most of the film. Reduced the 1+film to around 20'. Even that was too much of a waste of my time for me. Beauty of watching a movie at home. One doesn't have to "sit" through a "B" (This one was a Z) hoping for improvement.

The story line was asinine.

All the characters had the same M.O. as Mathew Perry. The whole film was full of Mathew Perry's interacting with Mathew Perry. Everyone was worst than awful.

Mathew Perry was still doing same sch-tick he did on Friends...angry, bad mouthed, rebel with absolutely no cause but his own self involvement... no changes... obviously can't act. Get over yourself.
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A big smelly fart of a film
soybomb2-114 April 2006
oh lord, it was bad. it was so bad. some movies are so bad that they are good and provide many laughs, such as Black Dog or Legends of the Fall, but this went way beyond this, and for the first time in my life, i seriously considered suicide. I know that the comedy element in the above movies comes from their miserable attempt at profoundness and sentimentality, so this is not really comparable, since it is supposedly a comedy. it is not funny, with every passing attempt at humour you want something to die. Matthew perry has potential, as we have seen on "friends", and although he attempts the same style of humour here (how diverse), it comes off like a turd in the mail on your birthday. and Elizabeth Hurley, well what can you say? I cant even think of any words that come close to describing how bad she is. All in all the whole movie sucks, the best thing about it is the commercial breaks, if you're lucky enough to be watching it on a channel that has them.
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Pale Rip-Off
mcgee446829 March 2006
Let's take the framework of "Midnight Run," turn DeNiro's character into a process server played by, oh, I don't know, anyone that fills the leather jacket and rewrite Charles Grodin's fine character into, oh, I don't know, some hot chick whose butt we all want to stare at for 90 minutes since there is very little else of interest here. Rewrite the classic mannerisms of Marvin Doerfeller as a bumbling co-worker to be more Italiano and make Joe Pantolinano's well-acted, sleazy bail bondsman character into a black guy with a penchant for clever one-liners when the story begins to sag and the money shots of that butt begin to lose their luster.

This story was better the first time around, when it was, oh, I don't know, worthy of the screen.
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Not Such a Bad Comedy
RoodyMan28 January 2006
Frankly, the amount of stars this movie received on this site is sickening. I honestly found this movie to be an adequately comical film, and can't see how it only received 4.8 out of 10. Now, obviously it wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, but I did find myself laughing at it quite frequently. I really can't think of anything major that would yield such a low score. The acting was good, the cast had Mathew Perry, Elizabeth Hurley, Jerry Stiller, Cedric the Entertainer, a cameo from Mike Judge, and someone who I believe deserves to be in many more movies, Bruce Campbell. The story was sufficiently original, and the movie had, a brilliant, yet unforeseen twist towards the end. The only thing I could possibly think of for people giving this movie such a low rating, is that people tend to over-analyze comedies way too much. You can't expect a drama movie to be the same as a comedy, it just doesn't work that way. Personally, I would like to see this movie again, and feel that it deserves a better rating on this site than it obtained.
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Excellent movie that will make you laugh and feel good
Catherine_Grace_Zeh21 November 2005
SERVING SARA, in my opinion, is an excellent movie that will make you laugh and feel good. When Joe (Matthew Perry) got beaten by Allison (Nikki Ziering), I got a little queasy. This was because of how she did it. If you ask me, the way he met and fell for Sara (Elizabeth Hurley) was absolutely romantic. I especially loved the scenery in Texas. In my opinion, his boss, Ray (Cedric the Entertainer), and co-worker, Tony (Vincent Pastore), were absolute jerks. However, all in all, this film was very well done. Now, in conclusion, I highly recommend this absolutely charming romantic comedy that will make you laugh and feel good to any Matthew Perry or Elizabeth Hurley fan who hasn't seen it. You're in for lots of laughter, so go to the video store, rent it or buy it, kick back with a friend, and watch it.
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99 Minutes of Good Entertainment
Claudio Carvalho24 October 2005
In New York, the process server Joe Tyler (Matthew Perry) is assigned to deliver a divorce paper to Sara Moore (Elizabeth Hurley). Her wealthy Texan husband Gordon Moore (Bruce Campbell) is cheating her and also trying to take all their money for him. Sara offers one million dollars to Joe serving Gordon first, and he travels to Texas with Sara trying to accomplish his task. Meanwhile, the serving company sends Tony (Vincent Patore), the colleague and enemy of Joe, to serve Sara. A dispute begins with the oponents trying to serve the divorce papers first, to get financial advantages in the process.

I liked a lot this chase movie that slightly recalls "Midnight Run". There are many funny moments, Matthew Perry and Elizabeth Hurley show great chemistry and the IMDb User Rating of 4.6 is quite unfair. Every time that I see the beautiful and delicious Elizabeth Hurley, I recall the amazing choice of Hugh Grant for Divine Brown. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Serviço de Sara" ("Serving Sara")
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Not the worst movie ever made (as everyone made it out to be), but not good either.
MovieAddict201621 August 2005
I remember when "Serving Sara" came out I was in the process of moving to England and there were commercials on TV during my pack-out. Each one showed the scene where Elizabeth Hurley gets her pants torn off by Matthew Perry and says, "I said to help me, not undress me!" Of course it was a clever marketing scheme to get teenaged boys (and indeed any males) into the theaters in the hopes of seeing Liz Hurley in underwear for two hours, but they neglected to let audiences know as soon as she says this, she covers herself up with a suitcase and gets a new pair of pants.

The whole movie is like this. It's tricky and devious. The ads presented it as something it wasn't. One critic (was it that awful Earl Dittman of the non-existent Wireless Magazine?) said Liz Hurley was like (and I quote) "...Lucille Ball." Oh, right. Maybe if Lucille Ball had undergone hours of plastic surgery, looked anorexic, had a British accent, long flowing hair, had been unfunny, and single-handedly helped bomb every movie she starred in.

Liz Hurley is an awful actress and (I personally think) just so-so in terms of looks. (Any ugly person can look sexy with millions of dollars. Just look at Paris Hilton.) She's not the only fault of "Serving Sara." The script is like a crappy version of "Midnight Run." It's about bounty hunters and women being tracked down and ruthless guys hiring other hit men to take hit men out and... I honestly stopped caring about ten minutes into the film.

Matthew Perry (looking bloated, unhealthy and utterly bored) basically just mumbles through the whole film. I like Perry (at least on "Friends") but this is not his Big Breakthrough. (Neither was "The Whole Ten Yards," for that matter.) I don't think this is a totally hideous movie - I mean, it's not unbearable to watch. I managed to sit through it. But I was checking my watch a lot.

And then I recalled how, in England, once I arrived overseas, it went straight to video, never given a theatrical release: and I could totally understand why.
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Waste of talent...
DarthVoorhees21 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Serving Sara doesn't know what to do with it's story or characters.The movie is supposed to be a comedy but it doesn't generate any laughs so it has to rely on stupid jokes(bull masturbation) It shows it's signs of failure early on and it has to rely on clichés to keep the story going.The only real thing the movie has going for it is it's cast,Matthew Perry who is great at comedy,Elizabeth Hurley who can be funny,Cedric the Entertainer who carried the movie Barbership by himself,and Bruce Campbell who I rented the movie for.Yet the movie put's it's cast in stupid situations to provide cheap laughs.The problem here is the script which could be witty,but it has no real laughs.
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