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This year’s Royal Rumble was a bit different to normal as the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was on the line for the first time ever. The 1992 event saw a vacant title up for grabs, but this was the first time a Superstar had been forced to defend his gold against 29 other men.

Unlucky, Roman Reigns.

As well as the Rumble match itself, this was the pay per view that saw Dean Ambrose defend his Intercontinental Championship against Kevin Owens in a Last Man Standing match; The New Day defended their Tag Team Championships against The Usos; Kalisto challenge Alberto Del Rio for the United States Championship; while Charlotte and Becky
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10 Best Performers In Royal Rumble History (According To The Stats)

Sunday January 25th sees the official start of ‘The Road To WrestleMania’ with the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View event and the 28th annual Royal Rumble match.

Invented by Pat Patterson; the variation of a battle royal that is the Rumble match has gone on the become one of the most iconic matches in wrestling history. 30 Wrestlers entering at 2 minute intervals, everyman for himself, over the top rope elimination (where both feet must touch the floor) and the winner’s prize being the right to challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Wrestlemania will become almost a mantra for us on Sunday; the match is a unique experience and has often provided opportunities to see guys who wouldn’t usually be matched up wrestle each other.

The Rumble match is one of the few things that still feels special in modern wrestling; and is the
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10 Best WWE Royal Rumble Performances Ever

The Royal Rumble has long been one of the most interesting and exciting concepts created by the WWE and provides the opportunity for examples of showmanship and spectacle that most matches don’t. Since its inception in 1988, it has been won by some of the biggest stars in wrestling history, but it’s not always the winners that steal the show.

Pat Patterson is credited with creating that match and coming up with the idea to have entrants enter one at a time which leaves matches tending to last for at least an hour. Initially there were only twenty competitors, and once there were forty, but more often than not there are thirty superstars in a traditional Royal Rumble match.

The Royal Rumble match offers up-and-coming superstars to show off everything they can do, and main event players can remind people why they have that spot. More than any other wrestling match,
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