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Average PPV

Author: amanwhorocks from Czech Republic
18 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1. Tatanka Vs. Bam Bam Bigelow - Nice moonsault from BBB, rest was nothing special. 5/10

2. WWF Tag Team Championship: Champs (went first)-Quebeckers Vs. Bret & Owen Hart - Raven aka Johnny Polo at ringside :) Hart loses and Owen Turns on Bret. But the match was great, mostly because of Owen. 7/10

3. WWF Intercontinental Championship: I.R.S. Vs. Champ-Razor Ramon 6.5/10

4. WWF Heavyweight Championship: Champ-Yokozuna (went first) Vs. The Undertaker - No DQ, so 1 against 10 match and Taker lost, hmm not so much wrestling. 5/10

5. Royal Rumble: Scott Steiner, Samu, Rick Steiner, Owen Hart, Kwang, Bart Gunn, Diesel, Billy Gunn, Double J, Randy Savage, Virgil, Crush, Doink, Bam Bam Bigelow, Mable, Bob Backlund, Sparky Plugg, Shawn Michaels, Mo, Greg Valentine, Tatanka, The Great Kabuki, Lex Luger, Tenryu, Bastion Booger, Rick Martel, Bret Hart, Fatu, Marty Jannetty, Adam Bomb, Notes: Steiners aren't so much popular like in WCW, push for Diesel... 6/10

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A bit too high praised, and in all honesty? I think it's rather average.

Author: callanvass
21 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Royal Rumble 1994 wasn't anything special to me at all, neither was the Rumble itself. I always thought that Luger and Bret sharing the victory was a dumb decision, and I still stand by that. The title match is a bit over the top, and the only thing that memorable was Owen's infamous heel turn, and Diesel's dominant performance.

Your hosts are. Vince McMahon and Ted Dibiase. Ted actually does a competent job.

Tatanka Vs Bam Bam Bigelow. Big pop for the Native one. Many people dislike it, I was entertained by it, so sue me. It moved with a fast pace, and the two meshed well together. Tatanka picks up the victory.


WWF Tag Team Title Match.

The Quebecers|C| v. Bret & Owen Hart. People are so gullible. They actually believed Bret and Owen would reconcile. Very, very good tag-team bout right here, made even better due to the brilliance of the angle. Bret Hart was lucky he was so over at this juncture, because his actions truly were selfish on his part. In reality all Bret had to do was tag Owen, that's why Owen went nuts. You can actually sympathize with Owen, but Bret went for the Sharp Shooter on an injured leg.. Quebecers retain, and Owen kicks Bret's injured leg from underneath him, to HUGE heat.

Owen basically tells Bret...HE'S SEFLISH!.


Intercontinental Title.

Razor Ramon|C| Vs I.R.S. For some odd reason, J.R and Gorilla take over the announcing duties for this bout. Terrible match-up, that bored me pretty good to be honest. I.R.S wrestled different from his Rotunda persona, so. Overbooked finish has I.R.S win the title initially by HBK's love tap on the back of the head with the title, but Dave Hebner informs Joey Marella that villainous tactics had been used. Ramon inevitably wins it back.


Casket Match.

WWF Championship.

Yokozuna|C| Vs The Undertaker. Big pop for Taker. Not as bad I'd feared, but as soon as it picked up steam with a fairly decent brawling sort of style, the interference comes along. I can't even count how many people wailed away at Taker, for him to try to overcome the odds time and time again. Finally they put him in, and Taker is gone. Taker dies in the casket, stops to give a decomposition. Taker basically says he will not rest in peace. Cheesyish looking by today's standards, but back than people lapped it up.


Royal Rumble Match.

1. Scott Steiner 2. Samu|Flash back to Wrestlemania 9, when they faced The Steiners| 3. Rick Steiner 4. Kwang|Savio Vega| 5. Owen Hart|HUGE heat| 6. Bart Gunn. 7. Diesel. 8. Bob Backlund. 9. Billy Gunn 10. Virgil 11. Randy Savage|Big pop| 12. Jeff Jarrett 13. Crush 14. Doink The Clown. 15. Bam Bigelow 16. Mabel| Big "Woop, there it is" chant| 17. Sparky Plugg|Harcore Holly, making his WWE debut| 18. HBK|Eliminating Diesel to big heat, Diesel gets a standing O| 19. Mo 20. Greg Valentine|Huge return pop| 21. Tatanka 22. The Great Kabuki. 23. Lex Luger|Big pop| 24. Tenryu. 25. Bastion Booger|but he doesn't show| 26. Rick Martel 27. BRET HART!|Huge pop, still selling the knee injury| 28. Fatu 29. Marty Jannetty|Who of course goes after Shawn| 30. Adam Bomb|Vince says he will win the Rumble|. The final two are Bret and Luger, but both tumble out at the same time, leaving co-winners, which was an insulting decision in my opinion.

There was too much dead weight often during this rumble, with a real lack of star power as well. Diesel's dominance was fun and impressive, while Bret coming in was a nice moment as well. But the questionable decision-making here, really makes me scratch my head. Why didn't they have Owen remain and tussle a bit when Bret arrived? Why is Samu entrant #2, and Fatu #28?. Just really frustrating booking here, but it still was a somewhat decent rumble.

2 1/2 /5

Bottom line. I don't regret seeing it again, but it's nothing more than average as far as I'm concerned. The Brett and Owen stuff is classic, the rest you can take or leave. Worth a look, but that's pretty much it.


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Very good

Author: bh_tafe3 from Australia
6 March 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The 1994 Royal Rumble can be split into two parts: the first three matches which were dedicated to existing rivalries; and the last two matches which were all about Jim Cornette and Mr Fuji's attempts to keep the WWE Title on Yokozuna.

The night started off with the only once defeated Tatanka defeating Bam Bam Bigelow in a slow, but fun opener. Tatank had originally been scheduled to face Ludvig Borga, the man who'd ended his two year winning streak, but Borga had suffered an injury and so Bigelow, who had feuded with Tatanka in 1993, got the spot instead.

The big story going into the next match was the sibling rivalry going on between Bret and Owen Hart. Owen had been unhappy with Bret after a miscommunication between the two had led to Owen being the only Hart eliminated in their match against Shawn Michaels and the knights at Survivor Series. Owen requested a match to find out who was the better man, but Bret refused and instead formed a tag team with Owen. On this night they would face the Quebecers trying to win the tag team championship. Things didn't go as planned though with Bret suffering a knee injury in the match and then passing up an opportunity to tag Owen in before getting pinned. Owen then started beating on Bret's knee, blaming Bret for the loss and walking out on his brother, leaving him on the ground writhing in pain and apparently little prospect of competing in the Royal Rumble match later.

The next match on the card saw Razor Ramon defeating Irwin R Shyster to retain the Intercontinental Championship in a decent match. IRS was a reliable worker in the early to mid 90s, but never enjoyed singles success in his career.

This brings us to the big title match with Yokozuna putting the WWE Title on the line in a casket match against the Undertaker. The Undertaker had put Yokozuna on notice after sitting up following a banzai drop and then eliminating Yokozuna and himself from the match by count out. Yokozuna's manager Mr Fuji made sure that this would be the Undertaker's only title opportunity. Undertaker took total control of the match until a series of run ins from Fuji and Jim Cornette's cronies felled Undertaker. Eventually it took a 13 on 1 beat down to subdue the Undertaker long enough for Yokozuna to roll him into the casket and claim the victory. The Undertaker was then locked in the casket and wheeled out of the arena, only for him to appear on the titantron and threaten revenge before floating up into the rafters. At the time this was pretty cool stuff, but would come across as lame today.

The Royal Rumble was a match of two halves. The First half was all about Shawn Michael's bodyguard Diesel, who dominated the match, clearing the ring several times before finally getting eliminated after knocking out seven people. The rest of the match was about Fuji and his hired guns trying to ensure that any serious threat to Yokozuna's title didn't win the Royal Rumble. With Bret Hart injured and by no means sure of competing, Lex Luger looked the most significant threat to Yokozuna. And when no one came out at No.25 it was thought that Hart had been too injured to compete. Another number came and so that was it. It was Luger vs Fuji's lackeys, who surely couldn't beat all of them on his own. No.27 came around and out of the archway came...Bret Hart!! The crowd went nuts. Hart on one leg, stood with Luger and they eliminated all of Fuji's men until it was only them left. One of these two men, who'd been so close to beating Yokozuna in the past, would be facing him at Wrestlemania. They went back and forth and suddenly both guys went over the top rope together and their feet landed simultaneously on the ground. It was a draw. The result being that Yokozuna would be facing both Hart and Luger, the two biggest threats to his WWE Championship, at Wrestlemania X.

This was a really good night. Almost every match on the card had repercussions for Wrestlemania X. The storyline in the Rumble was unique and the matches were all fine. An entertaining event worth revisiting and it set up arguably the best WWE PPV ever: Wrestlemania X.

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Royal Surprise!

Author: BimmerDude from Chicago
7 January 2001

An event full of twists and turns. Owen Hart turns on his brother during their attempt to capture the tag team titles. The Hitman fights off a bad knee to limp to the ring and win the 30 match Royal Rumble. Great event - with the Undertaker involved in a casket match with Yokozuna and the Bad Guy Razor Ramon defending the Intercontinental Title against IRS.

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Royal Rumble '94

Author: reigunyu from North Carolina
8 January 2004

This is the show that set the stage for one of the best Wrestlemanias ever, Wrestlemania X. Going into the Rumble, Lex Luger was considered the favorite to win. Luger had defeated Yokozuna via countout at Summerslam '93 but was never granted a rematch because of a clause in the contract that Jim Cornette had weaseled in on behalf of Yokozuna. But the winner of the Royal Rumble Match automatically gets a shot at the WWF Champion at Wrestlemania whomever he may be, and that would override Cornette's stipulation. As a result, this is Luger's only chance at earning a shot at Yokozuna's WWF Title.

The Royal Rumble Match ends at : 55:32. **** One official thinks Luger has won it, another things Bret has. The announcers are split as well. Nobody knows who the winner is. After announcing Luger as the sole winner, then Bret (who got a much bigger pop), Howard Finkel announces that Lex Luger and Bret Hart are co-winners of the 1994 Royal Rumble. Both are disappointed, but shake hands. The Wrestlemania theme plays, and the Royal Rumble ends without a clearcut #1 contender for Yokozuna's WWF Title for Wrestlemania X.

One of the best WWF Royal Rumbles ever and a great lead in to Wrestlemania X another great EVENT!

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The best Royal Rumble ever!

Author: ( from Kingsville, Ontario
20 December 2001

People usually say things like the 1992, 1995, or 1997 Rumbles are the best, but Royal Rumble 1994 always comes to mind as the best Royal Rumble ever. It serves at the starting point for one of the most bitter feuds in World Wrestling Federation history; Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart. The incident with the Undertaker is cheesy and supernatural, but this is sports entertainment dammit! The events leading up to his "death" (10 superstars interfering in the match) is pretty cool which is revisted in 1998, and the most controversial finish of the Royal Rumble takes place here when Bret hart and Lex Luger and eliminated simultaneously thus having co-winners of the Rumble (which means double main event at WrestleMania X)!


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Memorable In More Ways Than One

Author: Big Movie Fan from England
2 December 2002

After the mediocre 1993 Royal Rumble, it was great to see a return to form for what has long been one of the WWF's favourite events.

The undercard was pretty spectacular. Tatanka had a reasonable match with Bam Bam Bigelow. Razor Ramon also had a decent match with the taxman Irwin R. Schyster.

Also on the undercard was The Undertaker VS the late Yokosuna in a WWF Title Casket Match (get your opponent in the casket to win). This was a good match memorable for about a dozen wrestlers interfering at the end.

The most memorable undercard match pitted Bret Hart and his late brother Owen Hart against WWF Tag Team Champions The Quebecers. This wasn't the greatest match ever but it set the ball rolling for the Bret Hart/Owen Hart feud which I still rate as one of the best feuds ever (Bret VS Owen at WrestleMania X was awesome).

Then we had the Rumble where for the second year in a row, the winner would receive a title shot at the following WrestleMania. It was quite a memorable Rumble in many ways; rising superstar Diesel eliminated the competition, heel Shawn Michaels acted like a coward for most of the match and the competition really got hot towards the end. As for the ending itself, it was bizarre because two wrestlers won the Rumble (they were Bret Hart and Lex Luger).

Classic WWF shows like this have been deleted on video/DVD due to the 2002 court ruling brought by the World Wildlife Fund against what is now World Wrestling Entertainment. However, if you can, do try and track this cracking event down.

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