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Ric Flair's One Man Show!

Author: Miyagis_Sweaty_wifebeater ( from Sacramento, CA
4 June 2004

Royal Rumble (1992) will forever be known as Ric Flair's one man show. A 42 year old Ric Flair put on a one hour plus performance in the W.W.F.'s main event of the Royal Rumble, the battle royale itself. The winner of the match won the W.W.F. undisputed World Heavyweight Championship title. He proved to everyone that he was the man and at his age he cold still perform at a high level. Many older stars (and newer ones) participated in the match. A couple of his old N.W.A. stablemates "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. It was like a who's who of wrestling. It was one hell of a main event. The promos before and after the match were priceless as well.

Highly recommended.

The main event of the Royal Rumble (1992) is availible uncut on the Ultimate Ric Flair DVD set.

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An entertaining night including arguably the best rumble match ever

Author: bh_tafe3 from Australia
19 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was the nature Boy's finest night in the WWE, surviving in the Royal Rumble match over an hour before winning the match and also the Undisputed WWE Championship. His words before and after the win, and the commentary of his friend and manager Bobby Heenan during the match made the night.

Well the story going into this rumble was that there had been evil shenanigans in a recent series of WWE Championship matches involving Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker. The Undertaker had half the WWE roster run out and interfere in the match where he defeated Hogan for the title at Survivor Series and Hogan himself had blatantly cheated to regain the title at the This Tuesday in Texas PPV a week or so later. So Jack Tunney had stripped Hogan of the title and put it up for grabs in the 30 man royal rumble match.

This memorable night began with some tag team action with the New Foundation: Owen hart and Jim Neidhart, a spin off of the original Hart Foundation with Bret Hart replaced by his younger brother, defeated The Orient Express. (I'd like to thank Kassa Naster for correcting me here as I originally had the New Foundation's opponent listed as The Rockers. Nice pick-up Kassa!) Good match. Owen really was very gifted.

Next up we get a recap of Bret Hart losing his Intercontinental Championship to the evil Canadian The Mountie. Bret had wrestled the Mountie despite being injured and was beaten after the Mountie cheated. The Mountie seemed proud of himself as he spoke to Sean Mooney backstage, but he had little to be proud of less than ten minutes later as Rody Piper absolutely destroyed him to win the title. Incredibly this was Piper's only singles title in the WWE. Not much of a match, but who cares? Next up the Beverly Brothers defeated the Bushwackers in a pretty long and slow match. The novelty for the Whackers had worn off by this stage and fans didn't really respond too well. This was followed by the Legion of Doom: Hawk and Animal losing to the Natural Disasters: Earthquake and Typhoon, by count out. But seeings as it was only a count out the LOD kept their tag team titles.

And finally we come to the big match of the night, the Royal Rumble. This was one of the more star studded Rumble matches ever with The British Bulldog, Ted DiBiase, Flair, Shawn Michaels, Tito Santana, Roddy Piper, Jake Roberts, Jimmy Snuka, Undertaker, Randy Savage, Col Mustafa (The Iron Shiek) Hulk Hogan, Sgt Slaughter and Sid Justice all participating. The Warlord set the record (since broken) for the shortest elimination in history, Sid Justice had the most eliminations with six, but Ric Flair not only became the first man to stay in a rumble match for an hour, he won the thing! The match ended with Sid eliminating Hogan as Hogan was trying to throw out DiBiase. Hogan then grabbed Sid's hand allowing Flair to throw him out. The crowd on the night was booing Hogan for acting like a sook, but it was later edited for the VHS release to fans booing Justice.

Jack Tunney then presented the WWE Championship to Flair backstage. Flair said "With a tear in my eye, this is the greatest moment of my life." THe truth of that statement is debatable, but it was certainly a great day for wrestling fans. They had seen an entertaining PPV with a tremendous Main Event and a new champion crowned.

The questions now were what was going to happen between Hogan and Sid after this ugly incident and who was Flair going to face at Wrestlemania?

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Hip to be Flair...

Author: BobbyUK from United Kingdom
6 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Here are the matches...

The New Foundation v Orient Express: It took Orient Express exactly one year to get another P-P-V appearance and this time against the newly formed New Foundation (Owen Hart and an out-of-shape Jim Niedhart). The match was good, showcasing some impressive moves by Owen. Owen balanced on the top ring-rope to get out of an arm-bar at one point. Mr Fuji yet again used his stick to good effect allowing Owen to charge shoulder first into it. Despite the high quality of the wrestling, there was little doubt as to who the winners were as Owen pinned Tanaka after the Rocket Launcher. This would be The Orient Express's last WWF PPV and, despite their success, The New Foundation would split shortly afterwards too. 6/10

'Rowdy' Roddy Piper v The Mountie: The match developed after Piper came to Bret Hart's aid after his recent loss against The Mountie (a 'high fever' contributed to this). Piper dished out most of the offence, making The Mountie submit to the sleeper-hold before using his own cattle prod against him. Despite the poor match it was nice to see Piper finally wear some gold. 4/10

Bushwhackers v Beverly Brothers: This match was given too much time. A huge portion of it involved The Bushwhackers playing to the crowd before they do their typical Bushwhackers-get-beaten-up routine. Their assistant at ringside, a misfit called Jamison, got attacked by The Genius during the match. We were finally put out of our misery when The Beverly Brothers pinned Butch after a double axe-handle. After Bushwhackers lost the match, they finally got hold of The Genius allowing Jamison to get a measure of revenge. What felt like forever, Jamison finally kicked The Genius in the shin giving The Bushwhackers a moral victory of sorts. Horrendous. 1/10

Legion of Doom v Natural Disasters: An awful plodding, lumbering match with a controversial ending tacked on the end for the sake of it. The Legion of Doom are limited when they wrestle bigger opponents than them because most of their attraction is seeing them throw people about. The Natural Disasters beat Legion of Doom by count-out. Apparently, despite Jimmy Hart's long period of time in the WWF, he still hadn't worked out that the WWF titles don't change hands via a count-out or disqualification. Hart made a big deal about it in a backstage interview saying he was going to call his lawyers to reverse the decision. Yawn... 2/10

Royal Rumble 1992: For the first time, the WWF title is on the line after the controversial matches involving Hulk Hogan and Undertaker making the title vacant and the focus is on mainly one man - Ric Flair. Flair starts off at No 3 and continues to the end taking quite a beating in the process. Some excellent performances this year involve British Bulldog who picked No 1, Shawn Michaels, 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper, Irwin R Schyster and even 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan (though it was a little difficult to track down Duggan because he looked quite similar to Piper in matching blue trunks). The main upset of the night was Ted Dibiase getting eliminated in less than 2 minutes. He never did have much luck after taking on 'Sensational Sherri' and only regained his fortunes when they parted company. For me, the main highlight of the night was Roddy Piper racing to the ring to get at Ric Flair half-way through, attacking him like a madman until Jake Roberts came out. I would have preferred to tease a Piper victory at the end by having him be the last person Ric Flair eliminate to win the Rumble. Sid Justice showed his dominance at the end after receiving a late number and 'Machoman' made an error jumping over the top rope after eliminating Jake Roberts forgetting he was in a Rumble. I personally think that was a botch as Undertaker made sure Savage was tossed back into the ring to save face. Flair finally eliminated Justice with outside help from Hogan to win setting us up for one of the best wrestling promos the WWF ever had featuring an overjoyed Bobby Heenan, Mr Perfect and a delirious Ric Flair. 7/10

The WWF would give the roster a real spring-clean after this Royal Rumble. For various reasons Greg Valentine, Haku, The Barbarian, the late Texas Tornado, Nikolai Volkoff (thank God), the late Hercules, Col Mustapha (originally The Iron Sheik), Jimmy Snuka and The Warlord departed from PPV status though some of these wrestlers would return as cameos in later Royal Rumbles/PPVs.

One important development was the crumbling of WWF Hulkamania which started in my opinion just after Wrestlemania VII. Hogan, just like in Royal Rumble 1989, whined about getting eliminated by Sid Justice and in retaliation eliminated Justice from the outside. The difference between 1989 and 1992 was, despite Justice trying as hard as he could to be heel, Hogan was booed for eliminating Justice. Times were changing and I am not sure Hogan was ready for that response which, along with the upcoming steroid trials, sparked his retirement bout at the next Wrestlemania. Talking about eliminations, is it pure coincidence that Hogan eliminated Warlord three times in a Rumble in four years? A shame really because I think Warlord could have been groomed to be a real contender if pushed right.

One thing that is talked about a lot when mentioning Royal Rumble 1992 is the quality of the commentating. Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon expertly told the story of Ric Flair in such a humorous way that, in some respects, was better than the wrestling at times. An entertaining Rumble marred by some terrible undercard matches.

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One of the better Rumbles

Author: Yourfriendan from United States
21 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was one of the better Royal Rumbles that the WWF put on. The internet was not yet a household item at this time, so it wasn't as easy to know who was going to win the match. In so many other Rumbles everyone knew or had a pretty good idea who the winner was going to be. In 1993, it was pretty evident Yokozuna was going to win. In 96, HBK making his dramatic return and main event push was pretty obvious, same with Triple H in 2002. In 98, the WWF's roster was pretty thin and anybody with half a brain knew that Stone Cold Steve Austin was going to win. But in this particular Rumble the winner was not obvious from the start. And this wasn't like other Rumbles where one third of the participants were either glorified jobbers or people brought in from outside the WWF just to fill a slot. Here you had Hogan, Sid Justice, Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Undertaker, Macho Man, Sgt. Slaughter. All of whom were viable candidates to win the Rumble. Future talent like Shawn Michaels and Davey Boy Smith also had major roles in the Rumble. I was very disappointed that Ted Dibiase got eliminated in the opening minutes of the match as he was one of my favorites growing up. This rumble also marked the final PPV appearance for longtime 80's WWF mainstays like Nikolai Volkoff, Greg Valentine, Haku, Jimmy Snuka, and the Iron Shiek (goes by Col. Mustafa at this event). All in all, just some great action as the WWF was in a transition period from the Rock N' Wrestling era of the 80's to the Bret Hart/HBK generation of the 90's. Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan are still my all time favorite commentator duo. Heenan's cheer leading for Flair was classic. I love it when Flair comes out at #3 and Heenan goes on and on about it not being "Fair to Flair." Truly Flair stole this rumble by winning it from the #3 position. At that time, it seemed like an impossible task. Before then, the rumble winners were all guys who had late draws. But this was one of Ric Flair's greatest wrestling performances ever.

The under card was decent. Roddy Piper winning the IC title is a must see. The crowd absolutely ate it up. And the tag title match between LOD and the Nautrual Disasters was also pretty good, but nothing special. Now the other tag matches were really not all that good. Teams like the New Foundation, the Orient Express, and the Beverly Brothers never got over with the fans. And while the Buschwackers were loved by a lot of fans, they were never taken seriously as legitimate tag team contenders. And were really used as comic relief for their WWF career.

All in all, a pretty good PPV for the WWF. Not the best, but certainly worth a look. If you are a Ric Flair or Roddy Piper fan this event is a must have. Fans of Hulk Hogan should skip this PPV as what went down at this event was the beginning of the end of the Hulkamania era in the WWF.

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Very good. Excellent even.

Author: ( from Dallas
22 April 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


In all respects, this one was very good but not quite as good as the year before.

The opening tag team match between the New Foundation and Orient Express was exciting, but doesn't quite measure up to the Rockers and Orient Express. This was the only time the New Foundation faced the Express; the Express and the Rockers had the thing down to an art by the time of their Royal Rumble match.

As far as comparing the title changes from '91 and '92, I think everyone was more satisfied with Rowdy Roddy Piper dominating the Mountie than with the Slaughter-Warrior match. Piper was truly inspiring here, standing up for Bret Hart and becoming the first wrestler to perform in both the undercard and main event of a Royal Rumble. The end of the match is great, as he throws away his wild man persona and smiles broadly about his first WWF title win. In my opinion, he was the true star of this Rumble.

The two other tag team matches were diverting.

Now, the Rumble had only a few great performances, and for this reason, I don't put it in as high regards as the one from the year before, which had about fifteen. Still, it was one of the great ones. The set-up was perfect, letting the second-tier wrestlers (Davey Boy Smith, Shawn Michaels, Tito Santana, Big Bossman, Kerry von Erich) have their moments; then giving the stage over to the top level (Piper, Savage, Undertaker, Sid Justice, Hulk Hogan, Skinner). This was Ric Flair's WWF highlight, and it's good that they made it unique to his great WCW moments. In WCW, he had great singles matches; here, he had a great match with 28 other men.

Perhaps I'm too old school. This was, after all, part of a much different era from the year before. So it's definitely worth it to buy the video if you can find it.

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Woooooooooooo! Tha Naycha Boy!

Author: andy4u2call from L'Anse, Michigan
8 August 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*possible spoilers*

This is, without a doubt, the greatest Royal Rumble match there ever was, or ever will be, for several reasons...First, you have Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan doing the commentating, which is extremely silly at times (Heenan almost has a heart attack during the rumble match, hoping that Ric Flair is not eliminated), and of course, Flair's hour-long performance leading to his incredible victory (thanks to Mr. Hogan). Just incredible to watch, over and over again. And while the undercard features non-spectacular, but exciting matches, the rumble match steals the whole show. It is a definite must-see.

The stipulations of the rumble match were simple...whomever ended up winning the 30-man free-for-all would automatically become undisputed WWF Champion, and Ric Flair drew #3...and he had some TOUGH competition ahead. There were many familiar faces in the match, Hogan, Santana, Valentine, Snuka, Michaels, Piper, Duggan, Roberts, etc. But while the veteran Royal Rumblers continued their glory in the ring, there were also a couple of impressive debuts in the 30-man contest...such as Irwin R. Schyster, a solo Shawn Michaels, and oh yes, Ric Flair. Talk about a debut...

Flair draws #3, Heenan goes nuts, and we're only about 2:30 into the whole match. The commentary from then on up is hilarious, ya gotta hear it. And while Flair comes to the ring, Ted Dibiase is leaving the arena after being eliminated, and he ended up the only competitor that Flair was never in the ring with. A little later, a solo Shawn Michaels enters at #6, and he would impress and entertain. He was one of the true stars the first half of the match, faking eliminations and doing his own version of the "flair flop." Flair must do at least a handful of his own during the fight, it's really silly. Irwin R. Schyster was also impressive in his rumble debut. He entered around the halfway point of the match and ended up hanging in there and taking punches from everyone until the end, despite never eliminating anyone. Pretty impressive.

Even more impressive though, was the man who eliminated IRS (by his tie), near the end of the rumble: Roddy Piper. Piper had already wrestled a match earlier on the show, against the Intercontinental Champion, the Mountie. It really wasn't that much of a match, but the crowd was deafening, they just loved it, especially when Piper pinned the Mountie for the 1-2-3 and the IC belt. The crowd just went crazy. Piper, in the rumble match, was in contention to win for a good 35 minutes, it was truly a great performance, but it was all for naught, as he was thrown out by Sid Justice near the end.

And speaking of the end...Wooooooo! It was down to Savage, Hogan, Justice, and Flair, pretty good final four. Pretty DAMN good. Savage was thrown out quickly, and Justice managed to toss out Hogan, but Hulk never left the ringside, and he grabbed on to Sid's arm, and Ric comes up from behind and (with Hogan's help), eliminates Sid to conclude the greatest royal rumble match in the history and future of wrestling. I'd give it a 10/10. Bravo! With Flair's victory, he was dubbed "the 60-minute man," for his 60+ minute (actually 59:15) performance. It really is something to watch, I love it.

So, wrasslin' fans who have never seen this pay-per-view before, I strongly suggest you do so IMMEDIATELY. I guarantee you'll love it to death. Thank you WWF for such a great show! Wooooooo!

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one of the best events ever! (spoiler)

Author: Sugar Salvador from Toronto, Ontario
27 April 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

wow, I watched this one live as a kid and my heart was beating. Owen Hart carried the opener to a great match. It was good to see Piper finally get a title. Beverlys and Bushwhackers sucked. LOD and Disasters was not bad but LOD should have gone over. Ric Flair killed it in the Rumble it's the best performance in Rumble history. His confrontations with Piper, Valentine, Bulldog, Hogan and so many others made that match. Savage running around like a maniac looking for Jake Roberts was also great. The ending was done really well upsetting me and I was 9! If Hogan could've made me mad at 9 there must have been a lot of mad people. It's too bad that for whichever reason Sid didn't get the big face push he deseved at the time he would have been over the top. It was an outstanding event

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Greatest Rumble ever

Author: iceman69 from San Diego
9 May 2001

This to me was the greatest Rumble ever. Not only was the Rumble match itself one of the longest and in my oppinion one of the most unpredictable as far as who would win e.g. Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sid Justice, Randy Savage, Undertaker, but it was perhaps one of Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan's greatest commentary masterpieces. It was their commentary that even made matches such as the Bushwackers vs the Beverly Brothers which would normally be a sleeper matchup quite entertaining. Definitly worth at least one view for the hard core, long time, wrestling fans.

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Higher Stakes, But Inferior Character Angles

Author: zkonedog from United States
12 March 2017

In reviewing the four previous Royal Rumble installments before this one, one of my chief complaints on every single one of them was the event was used more as a vehicle for Wrestlemania than as a stand-alone event. Well, this changed with Royal Rumble 1992, where the WWF World Championship Belt was at stake for the winner of the big Rumble.

Unfortunately, what with the decreased popularity of Hulk Hogan (one can only be on top for so long) and the utter failure of the Ultimate Warrior character to carry that torch, there really were no interesting plot angles to keep things fun and interesting. The WWF still didn't quite know what to do with Randy "Macho Man" Savage, the Hulk-Sid Justice feud was never all it was hyped to be, and Ric Flair as a major participant in the WWF have to be kidding me. It just goes to show how desperate the company was at that time to procure top-tier athletes and entertainers.

Thus, although the stakes for this Royal Rumble were higher than they had ever been before, the entire event fizzled due to lack of interesting characters or impressive athletes. The preliminary matches are almost unwatchable, the Rumble features genuine excitement only for about every fifth or sixth participant, and even the broadcast booth isn't as strong as it once was, this time populated by Gorilla Monsoon (always very good) and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan (a terrible "negative man" compared to Jesse Ventura).

Unless you are a huge WWF fan and are watching all the events in order, this is one you could easily skip, as it will leave you unsatisfied and feel like a huge waste of time.

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Arguably, the best Royal Rumble in history.

Author: callanvass from victoria b.c canada
21 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Live from Albany, NY

Attendance: 17,000

Your commentators are Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby Heenan

The New Foundation (Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart) Vs The Orient Express (W/Mr. Fuji)

The New Foundation wins. This wasn't as good as I remembered it to be. That being said, It's still a fairly fun opener with a fair amount of excitement. I just expected more.


Intercontinental Championship

The Mountie (C) (W/Jimmy Hart) Vs 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper

Piper wins the title by putting The Mountie to sleep. This match is more about the moment than the match itself. It was Piper's first ever title win. It's a great moment for sure. Interestingly enough, I heard Piper never wanted to become WWF champion. I didn't hear of the reason.


The Beverly Brothers (W/The Genius) Vs The Buswhackers (W/Jamison)

The Beverly Brothers win. This was a horrible match! It's repetitive, there is way too much stalling, and The Bushwhackers antics get old very quickly. The only good Bushwhackers match I've seen was when they were in the NWA as the Sheepherders.


Tag Team Championship

The Legion of Doom (C) Vs The Natural Disasters (W/Jimmy Hart)

The Natural Disasters win by countout. This is another bad match. You can't do much when The Natural Disasters are in there, but still, It moved really slowly and the crowd didn't seem to be that into it.


Sid Justice, Hulk Hogan, and Ric Flair are the final three. Sid eliminates Hogan fair and square. Hogan tries to pull Sid out until Flair sneaks up from behind and tosses Sid to win the Royal Rumble. This might just be the greatest Royal Rumble of all time. It's loaded with star power and Itt has so many epic things about it. Flair's amazing performance will never be forgotten. Bobby Heenan's amazing commentary during the match won't be forgotten either. (That's not fair to Flair!) It's also known as the day fans started turning on Hulk Hogan. Hogan acted like a spoiled child after being eliminated and quite a few fans booed him for it, chanting for Sid instead. Vince and Hogan were so upset over Hogan getting boos, they edited it out in future releases. You can see the original version on the WWE Network.

***** (5/5)

This PPV deserves somewhat of a high rating due to the Rumble itself. It's a memorable show just because of that. As I said, Flair's performance is incredible. In all honesty, though? The Rumble and Piper's title win are the only worthwhile things on this show.


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