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  • A drama revolving around characters whose lives are transformed one summer at an exclusive East Coast country club.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Timmy Price is a perhaps 14 year old boy from an upper class neighborhood. His father (Dylan Baker) plays golf but never teaches his son a thing about the game, and when Timmy tries to hit the ball, his father has nothing kind to say about his attempts. Timmy tries hard to please his father to no avail.

    The Foxchase Country Club that his father belongs to is a little piece of heaven on earth, and the members of the club are all seemingly upstanding gentlemen. At his father's suggestion, Timmy lands a job as a caddy at the country club where he gradually learns the rules of the game. He makes friends with other caddies including a boy named Jamie Bryne (Justin Goncalves) and slowly learns that the country club is not the paradise it seems.

    Timmy begins to golf on his own and shows promise. Timmy learns through another club member of a former amateur champion Foster Pearse (Gary Sinese) who gave the golf game up immediately after his first win. His father takes Timmy to meet him. He asks Foster to coach Timmy, who has "a kink at the top of his swing." Foster turns him down at first. Timmy returns on his own and uses the beach as his driving range. The former champion grudgingly shows some respect as he watches Timmy hit ball after ball for the pure pleasure of hitting. Foster offers key suggestions that help improve Timmy's swing, and Timmy gradually draws attention as he begins to golf and consistently lowers his handicap to par. He enters the Junior Championship and bests the previous champion, winning the tournament.

    Timmy covets the trophy and tells Foster that he wants to win more trophies. Foster finally reveals to Timmy that he gave up the game because he didn't earn the single trophy he won in his only championship tournament. He tells Timmy that he began the game with a Titleist 1 and ended it with a Titleist 3. On the 17th hole he could not find his ball in the rough, and rather than take the stroke penalty and lose the match, he dropped another ball. Sick and mad at himself on the way home, he purposely drove off the road and was seriously injured in the accident. He encourages Timmy to see that there is more to the game than merely winning.

    Jamie, one of Timmy's caddy friends, is invited by one of the club members Richard Norton (Greg Wood) to his home for swimming, where he molests Jamie. The member threatens to get Jamie's alcoholic father (Michael Della Femina) fired if he tells anyone. When Jamie tells his father, his father sides with Mr. Norton. At the Gala celebrating TImmy and his father's win of the club's father/son championship, Jamie finds his father's gun and shoots up Mr. Norton's Rolls Royce Jamie never caddies again and his father is fired from his job at the club because judges, the district attorney, and a Congressmen are members.

    Timmy goes on to play the game for the pure love of the sport, joining other regular golfers at first light to chase the ball for the enjoyment of the game.

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