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Los Angeles Times
Brave and admirable for the trust that it puts in a viewer's intuition and willingness in going along with it right through to its rewarding finish.
One glance at the cast should be enough of a recommendation for any film lover -- it's Winger's first time on the screen in seven years, and Howard deserves a nod or two if only for getting his wife back in front of the camera where she so clearly belongs.
It's an impressive movie, pointing to Howard as a promising new director.
Too long (and it sure ain't taut), but it brims with passion.
Boston Globe
It's messy, but in the end satisfying, a film worth making, a journey worth taking.
Chicago Tribune
There's a sass and bite to Winger's acting, a grinning intelligence, unabashed sexiness and total immersion that make her one of the movies' few hipster female stars.
Entertainment Weekly
Howard luxuriates in writerly misery as Barlow, and the participation of the filmmaker's real-life wife, Debra Winger, as Barlow's ex gives the scenes between the two of them an unfakeable erotic charge.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The cast is so oddly interesting you wish you could see them doing something less wasteful
I don't know if Howard had fun directing, writing, and starring in this thing; but he had to have gotten more masochistic pleasure out of it than the audience does.
The A.V. Club
The junk-shop surrealism ultimately gets the better of everyone's good intentions.

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