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5 Sep. 1997
The Visitor
Kipper lets a lost baby goose stay at his house and they soon become friends.
12 Sep. 1997
The Umbrella
Kipper tries to use an umbrella as a fishing pole and an adventure ensues.
The Seaside
Kipper and Tiger take a trip to the seaside.
Nothing Ever Happens
Kipper find a magic set in the attic on a rainy day and adorable magic ensues.
Pig's Present
Kipper has the perfect present for his friend Pig, a hamster. But Kipper's attachment to the hamster makes him unwillingly to give up the cute little critter.
The Rainbow Puddle
Kipper tries to help a frog find his way home.
The Butterfly
Kipper learns about blending and mixing colors while trying to catch a butterfly.
The Bleepers
Can Kipper fix an alien spaceship to help the Bleepers return home?
31 Oct. 1997
Snowy Day
Kipper and his friend Tiger enjoy a fun filled day of playing in the snow.
7 Nov. 1997
Pig's Cousin
Kipper, Pig, and Arnold visit the park for a fun filled day but Arnold is more interested in feeding the ducks than he is in playing.
14 Nov. 1997
The Paddling Pool
Will Kipper successfully get his pool set up?
21 Nov. 1997
Tiger's Torch
Tiger and Kipper go camping and Tiger brings along his new flashlight. Is something lurking in the dark or did the scary story they read just leave them spooked up?
28 Nov. 1997
The Conker Tree
Can Kipper and Tiger save a kitten that they found in a tree?

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