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Season 5

9 Dec. 1999
Tiger's Joke Box
Pig with a blue mouth from eating a blue sweet, Kipper with a black eye from a telescope with an inked eyepiece, Jake itching from itching powder - Tiger has fun with his joke box but the joke is on him when the others decide enough is enough!
9 Dec. 1999
Tiger's Rocket
Tiger's very excited when his new rocket arrives. He's not so excited when it refuses to take off. With a bit of help from Kipper and Sock Thing, everything works out fine.
10 Dec. 1999
The Jumble Sale
Pig suggests Kipper takes some of his unwanted things to a jumble sale. He points out that if Kipper gets rid of old stuff, he will have more room for new stuff. Kipper is almost convinced until he realises his precious comics have to go.
10 Dec. 1999
Water Water Everywhere
Kipper and Tiger are having great fun with the hosepipe and paddling pool. Unfortunately Tiger didn't attach the hosepipe to the tap properly and suddenly there's water everywhere.
13 Mar. 2000
Pig's Shop
Pig sets up a sweet shop with Arnold as his assistant. Kipper says he'd like one of each but Pig wants to be paid. He says he'll take a conker in exchange for a gobstopper. But he's made the same offer to Tiger - and in a game of conkers with Kipper, it turns out Tiger's world beating conker is, in fact, a gobstopper on a string.
Hide and Seek
Kipper plays a game of hide-and-seek with Mouse.
10 Dec. 1999
The Costume Party
Tiger decides to invite everyone to a fancy dress party. Kipper, Pig and Jake don't know what Tiger's going to be dressed as - but the invitation says no one is to come as a pirate!
20 Mar. 2000
Hedgehog Watch
Tiger is spending the night at Kipper's house. They're on hedgehog watch but everytime the hedgehog turns up, they're doing something else and don't see him. Then they find a bite taken out of a donut. Kipper knows he didn't do it. Tiger didn't do it. So who did?
20 Mar. 2000
Tiger and Kipper go to the park to try out Tiger's new roller blades. Tiger crashes and hurts his thumb. He tells Pig he's so badly injured he can't use roller blades anymore and Pig can borrow them. But Pig is quite happy on Kipper's roller skates and does a ballet dance to show them.
20 Mar. 2000
Mouse's two cousins come to stay at Kipper's house. At first it seems like a good idea, although Kipper is confused as to which mouse is which. But the cousins are always hungry and they make a lot of noise. Kipper and Mouse would like them to go - but how do they set about it?
The Flying Machine
Kipper decides to make something out of old bits and pieces he finds lying around. He thinks he's making a flying machine, but in fact it turns out to be something much more useful for a hot day.
Arnold's Drum
Kipper Tiger and the others are having a picnic on Big Hill. Arnold's so busy banging on his new drum he doesn't even want a sandwich. Tiger goes to hunt bugs and get away from the noise. He gets stuck in the root of a tree but luckily he has taken a biscuit tin with him to put the bugs in and finds himself drumming too as he beats on it for the others to come and rescue him.
27 Mar. 2000
The Key
Kipper finds an old key and remembers it's for a clockwork mouse in his toybox. His friend Mouse is unimpressed - it's not like a real mouse. Kipper decides the two mice should have a race and when the clockwork mouse wins, Mouse has had enough. She decides to hide the key.

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