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Season 6

27 Mar. 2000
The Holiday
At the seaside Tiger just wants to read his book. Kipper keeps interrupting him so Tiger tells him to go for a swim. Kipper plays ball with a friendly sea lion but Tiger doesn't believe him. He finishes his book and Kipper starts reading - now he wants to be left alone. Tiger meets the sea lion too and soon all three of them play happily together, book forgotten.
4 Sep. 2000
The Big Race
Kipper, Tiger and Pig decide to have a race. The prize is one of Pig's chocolate cakes. Tiger goes on his tricycle and ends up in the duck pond but Kipper keeps running. Arnold gets a lift with Jake on his scooter. Guess who gets the chocolate cake?
4 Sep. 2000
Arnold on Wheels
Pig leaves Arnold with Kipper and wobbles off on his bicycle. Kipper lends Arnold his first bike and, with the help of stabilisers, they have a wonderful ride round Big Hill. Pig can't believe its Arnold hurtling towards him on his return - a better bike rider than Pig will ever be.
4 Sep. 2000
Pig's Sweater
Pig is very proud of his new purple woolLy sweater and shows it off to Kipper. Arnold spots a big red arrow, and then another, and they follow them into the woods. Pig doesn't notice he has caught his sweater on a branch. The arrows were Tiger's idea and he laughs at them from a tree he's hiding in. Then he realises they're lost. The unraveled wool from Pig's sweater leads them back home.
19 Jul. 2000
Buried Treasure
Jake has lost something in the park - it's a surprise so he can't tell Kipper and Tiger what it is. They find a treasure map signed by Bluebeard the pirate and follow the clues. When they all meet up again Kipper and Tiger realise Jake lost the map. The treasure hunt was to be a surprise for Kipper's birthday, but Jake's even go the date wrong!
19 Jul. 2000
Clay Time
Kipper finds Tiger messily trying to make a clay pot on his new potter's wheel. They decide to make some pots together and Tiger tells Kipper how difficult it is. Pig gives Arnold a ride on the potter's wheels thinking it is a car without wheels. They find the pots Tiger and Kipper have been making and think they're chocolate cookies. Tiger has some explaining to do.
19 Jul. 2000
The Purple Park Monster
Kipper hears a rustling noise in the park. It's Tiger looking for the Park Monster. Kipper says there aren't any monsters in the park but Tiger says it is just a game. Then they see something large and shadowy in the grass... they set a trap for it using sweets but it turns out the monster is someone they know quite well.
25 Sep. 2000
The River Trip
Kipper, Tiger and Jake are having a day on the river. It takes ages to do up their lifejackets and Tiger loses his cap. Jake rows them in a circle and Tiger does a special knot to tie the boat up when they stop for lunch but it comes undone and the boat drifts away. By the end of the day they are glad to be back on dry land.
25 Sep. 2000
The Robot
Kipper is waiting for Pig and Arnold at the duck pond when a small friendly robot clanks out of the water. At Kipper's house it tries a piece of bread, a milk shake and some chocolate cookies but when Kipper introduces Hippo, to his horror, the robot eats him too! Happily Kipper and Hippo are reunited at the duck pond.
25 Sep. 2000
The Missing Tape Mystery
It's Arnold's birthday and he's got some great presents. Pig has given him a cassette player - but the tape is missing. They want to play musical chairs - who has the tape? Everyone thinks everyone else has it until Tiger asks some searching questions. And the tape is in Tiger's.... well, that would be telling wouldn't it?
2 Oct. 2000
Kipper the Hero
Kipper thinks the Wonder Dog books are great and decides to be Kipper the Super Dog. His blanket becomes a cape and his bike a Super Bike. Now he needs someone to rescue. He makes Arnold's kite fly when there's no wind. But he becomes a real hero when he saves Jake's kitten. Tiger wants to be a hero too. Pig asks him to rescue Arnold's kite - it's stuck in a tree - but Tiger's not so sure when he sees how tall the tree is.
2 Oct. 2000
The Magic Carpet
A magic carpet, complete with three wishes, turns up in Kipper's house. He wishes himself and Hippo to the moon to meet the Bleepers. The carpet tips Hippo off when they reach the moon and the Bleepers find him and wonder what he is and how he got there. When Kipper turns up the Bleepers wonder how he got there. He tells them about the carpet but they laugh. He gives them a ride right round the moon and at last they believe him.
2 Oct. 2000
The Farm
Kipper, Tiger (wearing his proper farmer's boots), Pig and Arnold are off to the farm. Arnold finds a large white egg and makes a nest for it in his buggy. The others tease him, but soon the egg hatches and a duckling appears. It joins it's mother duck and six brothers and sisters and soon Kipper with Arnold on his shoulders, Tiger slipping in the mud as he carries the buggy, and finally Pig, join the end of the fluffy procession.

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