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Season 2

14 Oct. 2000
Lost in Time
When Buzz travels into a Black Hole, Zurg uses it to trick him into thinking he is in the future and collect all of his secrets in his latest attempt to destroy Star Command.
21 Oct. 2000
Rookie of the Year
Mira, Booster, and XR are all nominated for the 'Rookie of the Year' award. Zurg steals a new matter transporter whilst the three become more competitive with each other to impress Buzz the most, leaving them in more than a sticky situation.
28 Oct. 2000
When NOS-4-A2 attacks an energy base, Buzz and his team come to the aid of an old friend (Ty from Buzz's academy days), but when NOS-4-A2 attacks XR, Ty jumps in and gets bitten by NOS-4-A2. Later at night he mutates into a werewolf like creature.
4 Nov. 2000
Rescue Mission
When the LGMs receive a faint transmission to construct a matter transporter so that Buzz can go and save a queen, he finds himself helping small creatures that are living somewhere a little too close for comfort.
11 Nov. 2000
Star Smasher
The Rangers are at an LGM invention review when Zurg's Hornets attack. At first the attack seems random and easily repulsed when they discover one of the LGMs is missing. Zurg has kidnapped the LGM with independent thought. He extracts the information for the Flux Gravity Capacitor which is essentially a large trash compactor. He uses it to attack Capital Planet's sun and create a Black Hole which will suck Space Command and the planet into oblivion.
18 Nov. 2000
Enemy Without a Face
The Rangers are caught in a gravity field of a planet. It turns out to be an ancient defense system and the planet seems devoid of life. Soon they discover they are not alone...there are two survivors of an ancient war left alive and they are intent on killing each other. It seems they are being manipulated by parasitic creatures which bring out aggression and anger from their hosts. Soon the Rangers are overcome by the creatures and begin fighting amongst themselves. Only robotic XR is immune.
25 Nov. 2000
Good Ol' Buzz
After Team Lightyear defeats Torque, they encounter a time-traveling elderly version of Buzz Lightyear, who comes to the present to prevent an event that would lead to the death of Mira Nova.
2 Dec. 2000
Return to Karn
After the president of the Galactic Alliance is attacked by Zurg, Mira, being in charge of her security, decides to land her ship on Karn, where, apart from the obvious challenges of wildlife and terrain, they also have to face betrayals and Zurgs schemes.
9 Dec. 2000
Speed Trap
The Rangers must stop a dangerous freighter stuck on full throttle heading for Capital Planet's sun.
16 Dec. 2000
Holiday Time
Buzz and the gang must help Santa save the holiday from the Evil Emperor Zurg.
23 Dec. 2000
Opposites Attract
Gravitina, smitten with Buzz, gives him a big head in an attempt to make him love her. The Rangers set out to shrink it back down to size.
6 Jan. 2001
Ancient Evil
The LGMs discover a space mummy with warnings of a great evil but when Warp Darkmatter tries to take it, the mummy drains him of his life force and escapes to conquer the whole world.
13 Jan. 2001
To counter a new kind of threat, the LGMs give 42 a new systemic upgrade, but what the team does not realize at first is that the upgrade is actually an AI with a feminine personality.

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