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13 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Makes you want to throw up over and over and over and over and over and over...and over...

Author: Lando_Hass from The Thuderdome, b**ch!!
24 July 2003

Now, I have never seen the first Mangler movie, but after viewing part 2, I know that it has almost no relation to the first movie at all. First off, before I start my review, I would like to say that Mangler 2 is the second worst movie of all time (the first movie being Killjoy). I was browsing through the channels at 4:00 in the morning, looking for something to watch. As I scan through the guide, I see this.Mangler 2. I really wanted to see the movie, because I heard it was awful, and I wanted to see if it was as bad as everyone said it was. I pressed ok, and I was so lucky, the movie just started. It was the second worst movie experience EVER. First off, the story of the first movie wasn't very good, but it was a good old-fashioned horror, and it was from legendary Stephen King. But, what the writers try to do with Mangler 2, is they try to use computers to make the movie at least seem a little smart. They used computers and viruses and crap like that to try and override the fact that the plot was awful. I was constantly searching through the guide to find something else on, but there wasn't! The acting is what you would call wretched, the actors give little or no life to the characters, but the bad acting might have improved if the script wasn't filled with ridiculous lines. Speaking of the script, I would like to say that this movie wins second place for worst script ever written. The characters have no personalities, they are all just a bunch of walking, talking clichés. The movie itself tries to be funny, but fails. For example, just when a character is about to be killed off, the computer monitor says in big text, YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK. That was obviously a pathetic attempt to get a laugh or a smile. After you're stomach and mind finally get over the terrible script and acting, you will cringe at the constant re-playing of techno music in some scenes. In a part of the ending, a girl shoves a knife between the strap of her pants, and begins to walk with an angry look in her face. This is one of the scenes that make you want to yell obscenities at the TV, and throw something at it as well. This scene is also example of pathetic choreography: The techno music plays-the girl walks into frame.she walks out of frame.the camera is now in front of some other building.girl walks into frame.and then out of frame, and the repetition of that just makes you laugh at how stupid and witless it is! I've seen the trailer for the first film. I can already tell that it has lots of gratuitous blood and gore, but this movie just has blood, there's nothing special or appealing. The deaths are cheesy and clichéd. Now, horror movies these days call themselves horror, but they're not horror. The writers of this movie thought that if they added blood, that people would call it a horror movie. No. This movie does not deserve to called a horror movie because it has ABSOLUTELY no chills at all. You'll laugh more than you'll scream. Bottom line, the acting is wretched, the script makes you want to throw up, the constant re-playing of techno music makes you laugh and cry, the awful choreography makes you point at laugh at the TV screen, and the lame-ass "chills" makes your heart beat slower, and not faster. Take it from me, if you're looking for a good straight-to-video B horror movie, look somewhere else. Hell, if you're looking for some entertainment, go watch paint dry because it'll sure as hell be better than this garbage. It's awfulness matches right up to Killjoy, also a straight-to-video "horror" movie. Mangler 2 is a disgrace to the world.

Overall score: A big fat 0 out of 10.

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10 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

Hilarious (ly bad)

Author: morilibus from Canada
18 April 2007

It's amazing what kind of movies are made when monkeys write the script. There was a scene in the movie where a guy tries to be really philosophical about the periodic table, saying that it's a language written by aliens. For example, they communicate with molecular formulas... "Take Silicone for example, it's used to make computers faster, but put it into a woman's body, and that speaks in much different ways." The element on the periodic table is Silicon. I'm pretty sure if you put that in a woman's breast area, it would kill her. Silicone and silicon are two completely different things.

Nice going, ya dunce.

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9 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

Ugh. Good thing I didn't pay to rent this.

Author: capkronos ( from Ohio, USA
21 May 2003

While most of her peers are away on break, a student genius (Chelse Swain) plans to get revenge on the stern dean of her school (Lance Henriksen) by developing a computer virus that will shut down her high-tech campus long enough to give her and her stupid friends some time to party. Instead, the plan backfires when the computer system takes on a mind of its own, traps the group inside and starts killing them off by manipulating and controlling the electric wiring.

Chelse Swain (THE VIRGIN SUICIDES) fails to convince us she can tie her own shoelaces, let alone is a genius, and the talented Henriksen is sorely wasted as the human heavy, who's eventually transformed into what looks like Plughead from the CIRCUITRY MAN films.

Highly implausible plot, amateurish acting, insipid dialogue, painfully annoying characters and offscreen murders mean don't bother with this "sequel," which is completely unrelated to the 1993 Tobe Hopper film.

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5 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

They call this a sequel to Tobe Hooper's, uhm, masterpiece? Seriously?

Author: (Vomitron_G) from the Doomed Megalopolis of Blasphemous Technoids
26 May 2010

Holy Macaroni! This one really is as bad as everyone says it is. Poor Lance Henriksen! This truly is one of the worst movies I ever saw him in. This movie should have been called "The Cables of Death" or whatever, because it has nothing to do with the original "The Mangler" (1995) and all we see is some cables and wires moving around once in a while. At least in my country DVD distributors had the sense to re-name it "Virtual Death" (a more stupid & more fitting title). All killings are off-screen and there's no real tension whatsoever throughout the whole movie... And that stupid, cheap electro/techno soundtrack... Ow, aw, ugh! On to the points: One point because this movie makes "The Mangler" look incredibly good (and the original one needs that, in my humble opinion), if not to say excellent! One point for Lance Henriksen hanging on cables with wires running through his head and body near the end. One point for Daniella Evangelista doing a lot of running dressed in a tiny red bikini, making her boobs go up and down and up and down and up and down and... wooow, what a fascinating sight that was. There you have my generous rating for "The Mangler 2" explained.

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4 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Why? Why God why?

Author: elcabio
11 November 2002

This movie has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It's an unwanted sequel, unbelievably stupid, no horror, no laughs, and no gore. OK, I admit that I missed the first 15 minutes. Thank God. But what does this movie have to do with the original? Why was it even rated R? Nothing happened! Talk about low budget! And how about a computer that taunts the token black guy before killing him. Nothing like a race conscious computer! Good grief. If this review stops at least one person from watching this movie, it would be worth it. I would give this movie 0/10 stars if possible.


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5 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

By the time a character in The Mangler 2 says "useless piece of American garbage" you'll know exactly how he feels, absolutely awful film.

Author: Paul Andrews ( from UK
1 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Mangler 2 starts with a rebellious teenager named Jo Newton (Chelse Swain) being sent to a private school by her displeased billionaire Father (Ken Camroux) after breaking into one of his hi-tech computer lab thingy's & hacking the main computer, or something like that. Headmaster Bradeen (Lance Henriksen) holds a school assembly (consisting of about 50 students) to inform everyone that while they have been away on their spring break the school has been fitted out with the latest computer system called M2K from 'Newton Industries' that will safeguard the students needs & safety. As it happens everyone is going away on a geography trip, everyone that is except the five head prefects, Jo, Dan Channa (Will Sanderson), Corey Banks (Miles Meadows), Will Walsh (Dexter Bell) & Emily Stone (Daniella Evangelista) who have to stay behind because of a practical joke played on the schools website which 'degrades' the school & it's pupils. Bradeen specifically accuses Jo so as revenge she downloads a virus called the 'Mangler' & infects the schools brand new computer systems with it. Before long Bob the maintenance man (Jeff Doucette) has been murdered by the schools computer as it decides to kill everyone currently within it's walls...

Written & directed by Micheal Hamilton-Wright The Mangler 2 has no connection to the previous Tobe Hooper directed The Mangler (1995) & is truly one of the worse films you will ever have the opportunity to witness. It's absolutely abysmal on every conceivable level you care to think of. The script is so slow & boring it could probably put most people into a coma, Bob the maintenance man isn't killed until the 36 minute mark so that means there is 36 painful, dull, uneventful & frankly god awful minutes before anything that even approaches horror takes place. Up to this point it's just totally unnecessary chit chat & character development that instead of making the viewer care about these people does exactly the opposite, I hated every single annoying, unfunny spoilt brat in The Mangler 2 & it's been a while since I've hated every character in a film. I mean take Jo for instance, besides being a sort of anti-hero she is always in a mood but what has she got to be in a mood about exactly? Her Father's a billionaire, life can't be that bad for her surely! So you just sit there hoping they will be killed off in very painful ways, well you can forget about that as almost all of the murders, of which there aren't many anyway, are off-screen, incredibly dull & bland. There is no gore in The Mangler 2 just a burned guy & a few splashes of blood, really that's it, in fact there isn't an effect in The Mangler 2 that you couldn't create at home with a bit of fake blood. From a technical point of view it ain't bad but the direction sucks, director Hamilton-Wright fails miserably to create any tension, atmosphere, scares or anything that resembles entertainment. How can a computer control things which aren't electrical like a washing machine lid or a wheelchair? How can it makes wires come alive & wrap themselves around people? How was this film ever allowed to get past the script stage (if there was a script)? Why are the characters so dumb? Why don't they just stand out in the open where there are no electrical appliances? Why do they split up & constantly argue? Why don't they just walk out of the door instead of having to run across the roof? Why has no one got a mobile phone? Doesn't everyone have mobile phones these days? The unbelievably mushy ending when the annoying character who started it all in the first place finds a new found appreciation for her Father & they both live happily ever after just compounds the fact that I wanted to slit my wrists after suffering 90 odd minutes of this crap, Micheal Hamilton-Wright bow your head in shame! A quick word about the acting, first everyone's terrible & really unlikable. Second, oh dear what on Earth was Lance Henriksen thinking?! This piece of straight-to-video, or maybe it was made-for-video?, turgid rubbish really blots his copybook as far as I'm concerned. A special mention goes to the highly irritating & annoying techno music that director Hamilton-Wright insists on abusing our ears with. According to the IMDb The Mangler 2 had an estimated budget of $4,000,000, all I can say is that where did the money go because it's a cheap looking film with few effects & actor's. Currently almost 70% of the votes on the IMDb give it 1 star which it fully deserves & I honestly can't see what anyone would get out of The Mangler 2 in terms of entertainment. Apparently there is a yet another sequel called The Mangler Reborn (2005) at which I shudder at the mere thought. There really is nothing that I can compliment The Mangler 2 on, it is one of the very worst films it's been my misfortune to endure & generally speaking it is just an astonishingly bad film that I hope you never have to sit through & if you already have then I feel your pain...

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Painfully boring.

Author: Mike_Noga from United States
2 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Have you ever heard about those services that edit out all the "questionable parts" of a movie so that "moral, unpstanding" people can "enjoy" them? Have I used enough "Quotation marks" already in this "review"? I bring this up because this "horor" movie reminds me of one of those edited masterpieces after the editors have finished it off, except this movie was that bland and uneventful to begin with. I knew I was in trouble when the kids were joking about porn titles and they used the most hackneyed, unoriginal and tame parodies of porn titles I'd ever heard. Come on guys, you can't even think up an interesting or funny porn title parody? They used old ones that have been around for years. And they committed the cardinal sin of B-movies: It wasn't stupid, it was BORING! And Oh Lance Henriksen! You used to make movies like "Man's Best Friend" and "Near Dark". Didn't anyone ever teach you to invest?

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Author: NeverAgain85 from Ireland
14 January 2009

Simply one of the worst movies you could pick out of your video store..

Jo Newton uploads the mangler virus into her schools computer which controls the whole school. Lance Henriksen stars as the headmaster who seems pretty obvious in his face that he cant stand this movie. The schools computer starts eventually starts killing everyone one by one. Jo is basically the Rebel Child, and her friends include the Jock, The hot girl, The funny guy, and the black guy, all with overly used clichés and who are all stereotypes you will find in a slasher/horror movie...but this a horror movie? no its not, Im not sure what is is,but for a 15 cert here in Ireland its the biggest pile of feces laid to man. A lot of questions need to be asked about this, but ill just raise the important ones:

Why is Chelse Swain so angry in this movie? What has she to be angry about? Why did Lance Henriksen star in this movie? Why??? Why was this movie even made?

There is no blood or gore in this movie, just a few stupid deaths,one by electrocution and others off screen. A few references are made to other sources,like on the computer after one of the kids dies " You are the weakest link" and an stupidly amusing Spice Girls quote by Henriksen "tell me what you want,what you really really want"


What were they thinking?! :(

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Very Bad....

Author: David Hart (dhart-2) from Boston, MA
25 October 2003

This is a story about a teenager who deliberately downloads a virus to take down the new school computer security system. What she doesn't realize is that it is out to kill everyone.

Where this film goes wrong is in everything that has to do with the physical universe. A combo of wires and mechanical doors moving by themselves, cold water pipes suddenly becoming scalding hot (for those who don't know, cold water pipes, especially sprinkler pipes, are physically isolated from hot water pipes in every building), and a computer turning a human into a cyborg.

Most of these are forgivable in movies that involve possession or paranormal. But these have no place in a computer/virus horror movie. The only believable scenario involves an electric fence. Though, why anyone would install an electric fence around a school is beyond me.....

All of the characters make the usual horror movie mistakes: splitting up, going back for more, not pulling the plug, etc. The acting is okay, considering the script...

Only watch this if you are totally bored out of your mind. This would be a perfect film for Mystery Science Theatre 3000 to lampoon....


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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

1/2 *

Author: RaimiFan665 from Los Angeles
26 November 2002

D: Michael Hamilton Wright S: Lance Henriksen, Chelcie Swan, Phillipe Bergeron.

This is the story about a girl who hates her school and her morally incorrect father, who happens to be a rich owner of a computer software company... go figure. So she tries to destroy his company but instead gets sent to a private school, which looks more like a teen drug house then a school. Which now she hates as well, so she of course, as to destory that by installing a menacing computer virus called "THE MANGLER" then the software goes on a ridiculous killing spree, pulling the plug on all her friends... it's just too bad he didn't pull the plug on this movie.

Overall very boring and un-entertaining film, now believe me I had very underdoggish hopes for this movie, hopefully like some direct-to-video horrors, (i.e; The Dentist) would have a somewhat convincing story line. But instead it desides to take another direction digging and burying itself into a shallow grave. Now is the movie bad, Yes, is it horrible, Maybe... is it the #3 worst movie of all time, probably not. You people need to check the movie How High out. Beware in this movie Lance Henriksen doesn't even give a good performance.

Co-starring: Dexter Bell, Daniella Lavengsta, Will Sanderson, Miles Meadows.

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