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Kate Winslet Had a Brilliant Reaction to Being Reminded About Her Music Career

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Kate Winslet Had a Brilliant Reaction to Being Reminded About Her Music Career
Did you know that Hollywood's head girl, Kate Winslet, once had a top 10 single? Back in 2001, Kate voiced the character of Belle in the animated film Christmas Carol: The Movie, and for the role she was required to sing. The filmmakers took advantage of Kate's popularity at the time to release one of the songs, the ballad "What If?", as a single. And though it reached a very respectable number 6 in the UK charts (not to mention hitting number 1 in Ireland, Belgium, and Austria!) it seems like Kate doesn't want to be reminded of her brief foray into pop music. During an interview with BBC Radio 1's Greg James, Kate was forced to listen to a snippet of the song, which she said her husband also uses to torment her during the worst possible moments. Though Kate took it all in good humor, she did ask Greg to "turn it off!
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A Christmas Carol: the best and worst adaptations

Odd List Robert Keeling Dec 20, 2012

We delve back into more than a century of A Christmas Carol movies to find the best and worst adaptations of Dickens' festive tale...

Charles DickensA Christmas Carol, the classic story of a time travelling pensioner who sees dead people, is a festive fairytale which has itself become part of Christmas folklore. In terms of favourite Christmas tales, Rudolph and Frosty may wrap up the children's vote, but for most people, it's Dickens’ seminal work which would get the nod.

The story was written by Dickens in order to tackle the relatively new issue of urban poverty, and in particular the growing underclass of impoverished townsfolk produced by the Industrial Revolution. With the rapid shift away from conventional farming and trade practices, and with the rise in new technological advancements, many people were suddenly without work and without the necessary skills to find a job.
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DVD Playhouse--January 2011

DVD Playhouse: January 2011


Allen Gardner

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (20th Century Fox) Sequel to the seminal 1980s film catches up with a weathered, but still determined Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas, who seems to savor every syllable of Allan Loeb and Stephen Schiff’s screenplay) just out of jail and back on the comeback trail. In attempting to repair his relationship with his estranged daughter (Carey Mulligan), Gekko forges a reluctant alliance with her fiancé (Shia Labeouf), himself an ambitious young turk who finds himself seduced by Gekko’s silver tongue and promise of riches. Lifeless film is further evidence of director Oliver Stone’s decline. Once America’s most exciting filmmaker, Stone hasn’t delivered a film with any teeth since 1995’s Nixon. Labeouf and Mulligan generate no sparks on-screen, and the story feels forced from the protracted opening to the final, Disney-esque denouement. Only a brief cameo by Charlie Sheen,
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Warehouse 13 Review: "Secret Santa"

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From Scrooged to Christmas Carol: The Movie, nothing sets the holiday spirit like the telling of the story of how a grumpy Christmas Miser changes his ways and finds joy in the holiday.

While this week’s special Warehouse 13 episode was more like “Scrooge lite,” it was still able to remind us what's important at the holidays.

I’ll say up front that SyFy very specifically-stated (in multiple places) that "Secret Santa" would not address anything related to Myka leaving on the September finale. Knowing this made it a bit easier to sit back and enjoy the episode.

Much like the recent animated version of A Christmas Carol - where Jim Carey did all the part - this installment featured workaholic Larry Newly as both the grumpy Larry Newly and the apparition/fun-loving “Larry Noodle” a.k.a. “Santa Newly.”

As reported in August, Judd Hirsh played Artie's father
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Algar to Head High Point Media Group

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Irish Producer and former CEO of the Irish Film Board, Michael Algar, talks to Iftn on his recent appointment as the Director of High Point Media Group, Ireland - the Irish office of independent distribution and sales agency - High Point Media Group. In conjunction with his new appointment at High Point Michael Algar works as an independent producer and voice director as well as running the Dublin based animation company Keg Kartoonz. Michael was the first ever CEO of the Irish Film Board and between 1976 and 1982 he was Managing Director of Pan International Films, a subsidiary advertising company of McConnells. His producing credits cover factual and music videos along with feature films including 'Joseph - King of Dreams', 'Christmas Carol: The Movie' and the animation series' 'Budgie the Little Helicopter' and 'Fado Fado'.
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Celebrate the Oscar winners Boxwish style

Morning Boxwishers. So what did you make of last night’s Oscars? Did you manage to stay up all night fuelled by Red Bulls ala Jim Carrey in Yes Man or did you switch on the TV/ radio/ Interweb this morning to find out all the gos on Hollywood’s big night? A big, hearty Boxwish congrats to all the winners – Kate Winslet as best actress for The Reader, Sean Penn as best actor for Milk and Slumdog Millionaire for everything else, and to show our love for each of the films lucky enough to nab one of the coveted Academy Awards we’re celebrating them Boxwish style.

Congratulations to… Slumdog Millionaire for winning best picture, best director for Danny Boyle, adapted screenplay, cinematography, sound mixing, film editing, original score and original song.

Celebrate by… Nabbing the soundtrack by A. H. Rahman which is a ha-yuge seller and features best
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Winslet Records A Single

Winslet Records A Single
Actress Kate Winslet has secretly recorded a single - and is aiming to top the Christmas charts. Kate has recorded the track What If? for her latest film, according to Britain's Mirror newspaper. The song was produced by Steve Mac, who has recorded hits for Westlife, Boyzone, And 5ive. The film is an adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, which also stars Nicolas Cage, Jane Horrocks and Simon Callow. A source close to the film says, "This was just a one-off, but people are so excited. It's a terrific ballad. EMI will certainly hope to tempt Kate back into the studio again - she has a lovely voice." Winslet has asked that proceeds of the song be donated to the NSPCC and the Sargeant Cancer Foundation For Children.

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