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This game show, on the Fox Sports Net cable network, tests a person's knowledge of sports trivia. Initially, three contestants play two rounds, answering questions they choose in various categories related to sports. In the first round, questions are worth 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 points. In the second round, point totals are doubled. On most shows, a celebrity athlete is introduced to ask the questions in one of the second-round categories. At the end of two rounds, the contestant with the lowest score is eliminated, and the two remaining contestants meet in the "face-off". Before the face-off, a home viewer who has played the on-line version of the game gets a chance to answer a question about his favorite team or sports figure. In the face-off, a category with several possible answers is announced, such as "Boston Celtics Retired Numbers". The player with the lower score after the first two rounds answers first. Players alternate answering, building up points, until a wrong answer (...

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