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14 Apr. 2008
Missing Persons: Part 1
A Basque terrorist, an Algerian revolutionary, and a ruthless IRA agent are the keys to solving a cold case.
15 Apr. 2008
Missing Persons: Part 2
Reoorrists from Ireland, Algiria, and Basque country help Boyd and his team solve a case.
21 Apr. 2008
Sins: Part 1
The head warden of a prison for sexual predators, who was decapitated years before, is discovered and there is no shortage of perverted and kinky suspects.
22 Apr. 2008
Sins: Part 2
When Sociopathic-sadistic serial killer convict Kelleher, who is dying of cancer, escapes from prison, he takes prison psychiatrist Dr. Hooper with him for unclear reasons.
28 Apr. 2008
Duty and Honour: Part 1
A mummified hand is discovered in the woods and linked to a military academy in the area that trains mercenaries to fight in Iraq.
29 Apr. 2008
Duty and Honour: Part 2
After a witness in Boyd's ongoing murder investigation is killed by a sniper, the team scrambles to work through the remaining suspects before anyone else suffers the same fate.
5 May 2008
Skin: Part 1
The dessicated, mummified body of a young man who was a member of a racist skinhead organization is found in ventilation shaft where he was murdered in 1990.
6 May 2008
Skin: Part 2
Boyd and his team find themselves in a race against time as they pursue racist skinhead Jim Brown and his young hostage in order to find out who murdered Sam seventeen years earlier.
12 May 2008
Wounds: Part 1
The decomposed remains of a murdered man is found in an abandoned tunnel formerly occupied by protesters during the 90s.
13 May 2008
Wounds: Part 2
The team discovers that the death of one of the group's members in 1995 and subsequent deaths can be attributed to a Navajo sweat lodge ritual attended by all the principles.
19 May 2008
Pieta: Part 1
The bodies of a mother and son are found in a mass grave in Bosnia, but evidence shows the boy was not Bosnian although his mother was.
20 May 2008
Pietà: Part 2
The team discovers that even though the war crimes occurred a decade earlier the deaths they're investigating are intertwined with s current drug deal.

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