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18 Sep. 2005
Towers of Silence: Part 1
A mummified body discovered in a derelict airplane in an Arizona scrapyard after seven years has mutilations that match those from another body found in a water tower.
19 Sep. 2005
Towers of Silence: Part 2
The cold case mutilation murders of two Indians, a recent prison suicide, Zorarosterism, and a seven year old robbery at Heathrow Airport is linked to the manufacture of counterfeit drugs and a shadowy international pharmaceutical cartel which tries to recruit Boyd as a covert operative.
25 Sep. 2005
Black Run: Part 1
The team revisits the murder conviction for a dirty cop obtained eight years earlier by Boyd when he discovers the inmate is dying of cancer.
26 Sep. 2005
Black Run: Part 2
Despite his suspension for a hit-and-run charge, Boyd and the team continues to pursue the Vine case.
2 Oct. 2005
Subterraneans: Part 1
Boyd and the team discover that two decomposed bodies -- one a suicide and the other a murder victim -- are linked to the same man, a medical researcher.
3 Oct. 2005
Subterraneans: Part 2
Boyd and his team are convinced that Dr. Nick Henderson has committed the two cement factory murders but proving it will be difficult.
9 Oct. 2005
Straw Dog: Part 1
Thirty years after Grace Foley helped send Tony Green to prison for the murder of young men, a copycat tries to force her to recant her stand on the case.
10 Oct. 2005
Straw Dog: Part 2
The interrogation sessions of the desperate drug addict who snatched Grace's purse and a lovesick ex-con help lead Boyd and his team to the kidnapper/torturer of a young man.
16 Oct. 2005
Undertow: Part 1
The team's convinced that a non-violent criminal about to be released from prison is responsible for a series of attacks/murders of women, but can they prove it?
17 Oct. 2005
Undertow: Part 2
Prime suspect Steven Hunt drowns two more girls despite being kept under surveillance by the Team.
23 Oct. 2005
Cold Fusion: Part 1
A murder case that Spencer worked on whilst at the Atomic Energy Constabulary is under review. DNA evidence that's been untestable until now looks set to reveal the murderer of two anti nuclear campaigners in the 1980s. It turns out not to be the man convicted of their deaths twenty years earlier. Meanwhile, someone inside the team is making every effort to destroy the new evidence. And all the signs are that it is Spencer himself. But events take a bizarre turn when a package for Spencer turns out to be a gas bomb which misses its intended target and renders Felix ...
24 Oct. 2005
Cold Fusion: Part 2
The anti-terrorist squad has Boyd's HQ under lock-down, and the team is quarantined until the substance that affected Felix can be identified.

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