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Not nearly as good as the original, but an ok movie.
LebowskiT10006 May 2002
I knew this movie couldn't be nearly as good as "Tremors", and probably on the same level as "Tremors 2: Aftershocks", so I wasn't expecting anything great. I saw this film more out of curiosity than anything... and I got pretty much exactly what I expected. The movie isn't anything great, but it's got some cool stuff in it.

I thought it was funny that they managed to work in a mention of just about every character from the first film as they could, and if they didn't mention them, they actually showed them in the film. I thought it was also funny that they had more people returning to the 3rd installment than they did in the 2nd installment. The only returning characters in part 2 was Michael Gross and Fred Ward. The 3rd installment had Michael Gross, Ariana Richards, Tony Genaro, Charolette Stewart, and Bobby Jacoby. They even had one returning actor (John Papas) who was in part 1 as one of the construction workers that got killed, and played one of the Feds that got killed in this film. I guess that only makes sense though, since part 2 takes place in Mexico where as this film takes place back in Perfection, Nevada, where it all started. But, in any case, it still struck me as interesting.

One thing that I really liked about this film was Ariana Richards. Wow, has she grown up! She looks absolutely incredible, I'll definitely need to keep an eye out for future work.

I have to say I liked the new design of the next phase of the "Tremors" (or if you must, "Graboids"). I liked the idea of having the "Tremors" fly, but they way they (they being the film-makers) did it, was pretty stupid.

I was also less than stoked about the computer animated worm-tremors. What was that? They looked way too cartoon-ish and just plain weird. Anyhow, I didn't like that, but I didn't really care a great deal, cause the movie is full of problems.

All in all, this is an OK movie, but nothing too get excited about. I would DEFINITELY recommend watching "Tremors" first, then watch "Tremors 2: Aftershocks", and if you're still interested, go ahead and watch this one. Thanks for reading,

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More mutating monster fun!
BA_Harrison8 September 2006
In the third installment of the Tremors series, survivalist Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) returns to the desert town of Perfection, Nevada, to find that the subterranean terrors are back and wreaking havoc once more. This time the beasts evolve a stage further: from the 'Shrieker' (seen in Tremors 2), they transform into flying creatures, nicknamed 'Ass-blasters', because of the unusual manner in which they propel themselves into the air.

Tremors 3 is another fun dose of B-movie monster mayhem, albeit one slightly marred by the notable absence of the main stars of the first movie (Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward) and the inclusion of some rather ropey CGI effects.

Bacon and Ward may be missing, but several of the supporting characters from the first Tremors film make a welcome comeback: Mindy Sterngood (Ariana Richards, who is all grown up now and looking rather foxy!), Nancy Sterngood (Charlotte Stewart), Miguel (Tony Genaro), Melvin Plug (Robert Jayne) and, of course, good old Burt, loaded to the nines with firepower.

The script won't win any awards, but fans of the Tremors series don't expect Shakespeare—they want 'Graboid' action, and 'Graboid' action is what they get! There is some excitement involving an albino 'Graboid' (nicknamed El Blanco), but most of the story revolves around the appearance of the 'Ass-blasters'. An exciting showdown in a junkyard between the 'blasters and three of the Perfection residents is the highlight of the film.

This episode definitely has enough laughs, monster action and gloopy effects to keep fans of the series happy. I just wish that they had stuck with the traditional 'Graboid's, rather than using those dreadful computer generated monstrosities.
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Lighthearted, silly fun
Shawn Watson29 April 2004
I really wasn't expecting much from a third in the series even tho Tremors 2 added so much more imagination. So I was pleasantly surprised when this turned out to be so much fun.

It begins with a rather cool opening scene in which Burt Gummer (still in Mexico) takes out zillions of Shriekers with a massive machine-gun tank thing. After returning home to Perfection Burt must deal with new graboids, new shriekers and another metamorphosis...The shriekers turn into Ass-Blasters, flying creatures with rocket propelled farts. As the town (and the returning, surviving cast from the first film) is besieged by all forms of these animals, Burt and his pals must figure out increasing desperate ways to destroy them.

There's loads of energy and self-referential humor and the locations have a more dark/sophisticated look to them than in the previous 2 films. A light-hearted tone is still in check tho. There's even one teriffic scene in which Burt is swallowed by a Graboid and taken halfway across the desert. I paniced, I honestly thot we'd lost him. Turns out he's okay in the end.

Fred Ward is definitely missed tho his abscence is explained (Earl and Grady went to make a Graboid amusement park) but Michael Gross is simply irreplaceable as the eccentric and paranoid Burt Gummer. And Ariana Richards is so much more cuter now that she's grown up.

Tremors 3 is the best presented Tremors movie on DVD. The 1.85:1 anamorphic picture looks great and the Dolby 5.1 is reasonably lively with lots of bass during the tunnelling scenes. A fair amount of extras come along too.
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Ass Blasters R Us!
Spikeopath23 September 2014
The third movie in the Tremors series of films is adequate entertainment for the fans. Michael Gross returns as Burt, who in turn returns to Perfection to find it a tourist haven of Graboid fans. Into the mix is a nefarious real estate deal that threatens the very existence of the townsfolk. But of course, the Graboids and their mutated offspring don't care about such things.

If not expecting too much then this serves up some good straight to video fun. The formula remains the same, with Burt the paranoid saviour of Perfection getting some good lines, while the return of characters from the first film is a splendid bonus for the fans. There's some snarky asides to the perils/cheats of tourist traps, and the real estate rape of the land angle is driven home without over kill. Safe if undemanding creature feature fare. 6/10
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billybrown414 October 2001
Tremors came out when I was ten. It is one of my all time favorite horror/comedies with it's sharp, script, funny (intentionally) dialogue, and likeable characters that you can identify with. It seems like, whether people are horror fans are not, they enjoyed Tremors.

In 1995, a Kevin Bacon-less sequel went straight to video and found it's audience very easily. The effects were just as good, it had two major characters returning, and the script was a lot of fun and had a few suprises.

When I heard that there was going to be a Tremors 3, I was kind of excited but a little concerned too. Most franchises tend to tank out by part three. Well, not the case here. In Tremors 3: Back to Perfection, you get Michael Gross as Bert Gummer returning to his hometown of Perfection. Anyone who saw the first two remembers Bert as the gun-wielding, overly paranoid, survivalist who always seems to have the right gear for the job. Bert has made a career of hunting these things over the last decade and now he feels that it is time to head home for a while. Little does he know it, things aren't going to be just that easy.

I won't give away much for the plot, but I will say that this is every bit as enjoyable as the first one. If you enjoyed the first and second, then stick this in your DVD player and kick-back with a beer. Also, it's PG rated. A lot of people are scared off by this, but let me tell ya, there's nothing here to worry about. Just a good clean (is sometimes slimy) time. Check this one out and hope for a Part 4.
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The title is apt...
mentalcritic14 April 2002
Tremors 2 found itself coming up rather short in the character development phase, and setting the action in a deserted rural area of South America (or was it Central America? the film doesn't exactly make you care either way) didn't help. So the production team for Tremors 3 took things back to the small, quirky town of Perfection, Nevada, in the hopes of getting back the interaction that made the original such a classic.

In all honesty, this was a smart move, although it is not a hundred percent successful. The size of the cast appears to be somewhat reduced in this effort, possibly because of the absence of the two men that made the original so hilarious, namely Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward. Michael Gross does a very good job of assuming the lead, but in terms of serious acting (yes, this is partly necessary even for a film like this one), he is seriously outclassed by those two. However, it is absolutely wonderful to see the remains of the original cast again after such a lengthy absence. Melvin is a particular delight to see again, and his involvement will leave those of us with memories of deserted hellholes in the middle of nowhere chuckling.

The new genus of the monsters is also quite hilarious, all the more so because it is based on the behaviour of real insects. Unfortunately, the CGI for the Graboids is a lot less convincing than the practical effects that were used in the original film. That's not entirely surprising, but still disappointing. But like I've said in my comments about the previous two films, the human factor is the most important one here, and Tremors 3 gets that element right unlike its most immediate predecessor.

All in all, I'd give Tremors 3 a nine out of ten for concept and execution, but a minus two for the acting. So that works out to be about a seven... whether or not you think that's fair, I couldn't care less, which is the sort of attitude that makes films such as this one great.
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Silly, but good campy fun.
vip_ebriega10 February 2007
My Take: A decent TV sequel.

This sequel lacks the monster movie flavor of the original, but still kinda enjoyable, mostly by the fans of the series. This film is quite like a reunion for the cast of the original "Tremors". Michael Gross returns for the role of Burt Gummer, and so does some of the original cast including Ariana Richards, Tony Genero, Robert Jayne and Charlotte Stewart as the townies of Perfection, which has become famous all over the world as habitat of the giant graboids. But their re-appearance in the town isn't all attraction, when they begin to change again.

Although not as excellent, "Tremors 3" emerges as a funny, skin-crawling sequel. The comedy is fine, and the action is fast. But the special-effects aren't of much realism. The creatures look just like a couple of cartoons on a real background.

Anyway, it's not one of those bad sequels, "Tremors 3: Back to Perfection" is still fun, even for the young viewers.

TV movie rating: *** out of 5.
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Lame Sequel
Claudio Carvalho7 November 2013
In Perfection Valley, Nevada, Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) is paranoid with the Graboids and their evolution Shriekers. The small time crook Desert Jack Sawyer (Shawn Christian) swindles tourists with his partner simulating the existence of Graboids. When the deadly worms return to the town, Burt is forced to team-up with Jack and the trader Jodi Chang (Susan Chuang) to fight back and save their lives.

"Tremors 3: Back to Perfection" is a lame sequel straight to video of the franchise. This flick seems to be a Sci-fi production with terrible story and special effects. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "O Ataque dos Vermes Malditos 3: De Volta à Perfeição" ("The Attack of the Damned Worms 3: Back to Perfection")
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rooboy8420 March 2002
I really wanted to enjoy this film. And i mean I really wanted to. Unfortunatley I never felt like I could thourouly enjoy it. Tremors 3 is the worst of the 3 movies. And except for Michael Gross and a few others the acting was terrible. They used about 2 or 3 tremors shots from the original tremors which I thought sucked. Plus the audio didn't give any suspense as there was hardly any. It was good that they made a new unique monster but actually El Blanco looked less convincing then the graboids did in the first Tremors. Computer effects like that just make them look more fake. It was a bit entertaining, but not worth the money.

Such a dissapointing movie in a great trilogy.

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Another fun romp
David Edward Martin9 December 2001
Warning: Spoilers
I'm sitting here watching the flick for the second time in 12 hours and... well, it's a nice "pop in the VCR and just have fun" flick! TREMORS was an incredibly pleasant surprise that still holds up well after lotsa viewings. TREMORS 2 built on the original nicely, with it's exploration of both Graboid biology and the effects the Graboid invasion had on the survivors of Perfection. TREMORS 3 continues on that line, making the trilogy a sort of mini-series, "The Adventures of Burt Gummer." I liked the discreet self-referential comments in the film. A visitor calls the giant worm a "Tremor" and is told "They're called Graboids." Or Jack's rifle-- "It's not real, I got it off some movie guy." Or Burt's bitter self-recrimination "What kind of a supreme being would condone such irony?"

The thing about the Tremors series I really like is it' portrayal of likeable characters and eccentrics suddenly stuck in ludicrous but lethal situations. Sure there is a lot of gunfire (none aimed at people or anything real) but gore? Nothing you can't see on prime time TV. Oh, the third film continues the running joke that people blowing up the critters get pelted by meat chunks.......

It was really nice to see how much of a reunion this flick was. The series writer/creators S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock brought back Ariana Richards (who is looking a lot like Kirsten Dunst here), Charlotte Stewart, Tony Genaro, and even Bobby Jacoby. And unlike some reunion flicks (say, Ariana's token appearance in Jurassic Park 2), everyone has something to do here. That Melvin, the clueless teenager is now Melvin, the opportunistic yuppie, makes wicked sense.

BIOLOGY LESSON (spoiler alert) I'm pretty sure this film makes a complete trilogy, as we now have every part of the Tremor megaworm's life cycle.

(1) Graboid: hatches from an egg, and grows to a mature length of 30 feet. Mostly subterranean and uses sonar to detect prey. Upon maturation, the graboid gives birth to six Shrierkers, who tear their way out of the body, killing the Graboid.

(2) Shrieker: a short-duration bipedal form about the size of a big dog. Shriekers are relatively deaf and use thermal sensors to detect prey. Shriekers contain more embryonic Shriekers within their digestive tracts. If an environment is suitable and provides Shriekers with enough food, they spontaneously release an embryo, whic grows to full size within hours. After a period exceeding 24 hours, the Shreiker form undergoes metamorphosis and sheds its skin.

(3)Assblaster: a bipedal form with stubby glider wings. Assblasters retain the thermal sensors. The digestive tracts produce highly flammable liquids that enable the Assblaster to fly by short rocket blasts. These are probably the final form, as Assblaster lay eggs. This form makes sense then, as a means for Tremor Megaworms to spread out as far as possible.

One question remains for a hypothetical Tremors 4 to answer-- what is triggering these appearance now? And how long does it take for the egg to hatch and grow into a mature Graboid?
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Best of all
bige_z14 July 2001
Warning: Spoilers
If you have seen the previous Tremors movies, you will probably agree with me that the first of these was better than the sequal. The original Tremors was great. It had a creative plot and good acting, and even though is wasn't much of a super horror flick, it still was pretty intense. Not to say that the second one wasn't any good. The second one was entertaining because of the added characters, (whose names I forgot) but added a little bit of a tension reliever to all the questions formulated about why is the Graboid doing that noise?Is it okay? What came out of it? Who's gonna get gobbled up next? Is the story over yet? I wonder if there'll be a part three? Well, there is, and like I said, it is the best one yet. In this film, the battling of the "Graboids" and the little ones with legs which keep getting smarter, (with a little surprise during the film) against the humans, or vice versa, takes place back in the town of the original Tremors. I dont want to be a spoiler so I will just conclude by saying that this is a much better film than the second one, surpassed all my expectations by actually being better even than the first one, and if you are going out to rent some movies for you and yours, this would be a great choice. You cannot leave this world without viewing this film, a redemtion of the first sequal. 9/10 - could have used a little more intensifying background music to make the scary scenes more horrorific, but hey, its a video sequal to the sequal
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An example to all who would make sequels...
mhfca14 April 2002
I never saw the original TREMORS in the theatre, but caught it on USA Network and SCI-FI Channel...and see it and the sequel TREMORS II every chance I can. Each film is little more than pure fun for fans of monster and suspense films, but with TREMORS III, the whole package is nearly complete.

There are many of the characters from the first film and, of course, Burt Gummer...but unlike any other sequel I have seen to date, this one actually builds from the continuity of all the other films, from the books being sold to the bottle of booze in the wall to the closing scene, and the tone of the film is absolutely pure to the originals...something that can be said of only a very few sequels.

I would *strongly* recommend screenwriters, persons who adapt from prior works, directors and producers to see these films as a guide on "how to do it right".

I agree with another was a big mistake not to have released this to theatre. And if S.S. Wilson can do it, he should go ahead with the logical fourth and final sequel from this. Who knows, it might make for an interesting reunion movie, too.
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Absolutely incredible!!!!
Bethwagstaff23 May 2003
I saw this movie, and i loved it! It is so good! The graphics are astounding, i know they knew what they were doing.


This movie is horrible. Absolutely not scary, not funny, and the graphics were pure crap. Don't ever see this movie unless you want to hurl,

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fun, but mildly disappointing
MichaelM244 October 2001
The original TREMORS was a terrifically-fun film, and TREMORS 2 was an equally-fun sequel that captured everything from the original. Now we have TREMORS 3, which I've been anticipating ever since first hearing about it. Now that it's here and I've had the chance to see it, I have to say I'm a little disappointed. First, the bad points. No Fred Ward. I would love to have seen him return, and I'm not sure why he didn't unless he just felt like leaving the series behind. Also, the plot surprise this time around involving the Graboids is something of a disappointment. I won't ruin it for those who haven't seen it yet, but the discovery is less enjoyable that discovering the Shriekers in TREMORS 2. And we don't get to see much of the Graboids beyond a few minutes of screen-time scattered throughout the film. I would have liked a little more Graboid action. Now the good points. Michael Gross. Burt Gummer is back and better than ever, opening the film with a sequence in which he takes out a whole herd of Shriekers in Argentina with a high-powered dual-machine gun rig on the back of his truck. The action soon returns to the town of Perfection, Nevada, location of the first film, completely recreated for the film and looking identical to the setting in the original. Shawn Christian's Jack (like Christopher Gartin's character in TREMORS 2) could have easily been a terrible sidekick character, but is a character who's as likable as the others and well-played by Christian. Also nice is the return of those who lived in Perfection in the original film (those who survived, at least). Kevin Kiner's score is very different from the previous two, featuring a combination of driving synth rythyms and traditional orchestral scoring. A soundtrack would be most welcome. And thanks to having the same writers as the first two (an extreme rarity among sequels), the film has many references to past events that fans will delight in picking up and remembering. I enjoyed TREMORS 3, but felt it fell a little short of being completely satisfying like the other two. If only the big surprise had been something different (and better), this would be a flawless film. It's fun to watch and I'm sure I'll watch it many more times, but I wonder how long it will take before the surprise grows on me and I began to fully except it and like it. With the surprise being what it is, I'm not sure I would look forward to a TREMORS 4 (even though I'd probably watch it anyway) because it would have to continue the surprise. But this it's a must-see for TREMORS fans, because it does maintain the sense of fun and suspense found in the other two and is technically well-made, something that cannot usually be said for direct-to-video sequels (and second ones, at that).
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big gun
nodrogsimpson17 November 2005
when el blanco came to Burt's house Burt takes the gun from t2 and goes outside but doesn't use it. now for the rest of the film he never uses it again when he knows it could rip through 6 shriekers (if there standing side by side) and could probably do the same thing to the perfection shriekers. now what i want to know is why not? i mean it could kill shriekers with a single shot so why not use it on the ass-blasters? even if he missed the concussive force could give them one h**l of a headache and probably ground them making them easier targets for his spear/potato gun

Life is short, so lets get drunk
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great fun!
willywants26 June 2004
Third Tremors movie takes us back to the small Nevada town of Perfection where local resident and adventurer Burt Grummer returns after traveling abroad and killing carnivorous worms called "Graboids" (introduced in the first movie) and their offspring "Shriekers" (introduced in the second movie) to life in his home town and must deal with some crooked land developers, a thrill-seeking guy named Jack Sawyer looking for wealth in this potential tourist town, and eventually dealing with a new strain of Graboid worms that metamorph into their second Shrieker phase, and whom unexpectedly morph into their third stage for another harrowing battle against Burt and Jack in the desert surrounding the town. I can't believe some people don't like this film. It's easily the second best entry in the series, beat only by the original tremors. Michael Gross is still good as gun-ho burt gummer and the new supporting cast (As well as some familiar faces from the first tremors film) all give 150%. Special effects look very good for what they must have cost and good old perfection valley hasn't changed... 8/10.

About the DVD: Universal studios has released a very impressive DVD for this third sequel in the tremors franchise. Sound and picture are crisp as one could wish, stereo surround soundtrack is wel-mixed and the picture is spotless as far as I could see. For extras were are treated to a excellent "making-off" featurette which has cast interviews, on location footage, special effects brake-downs, and more. It's a excellent in-depth production featurette thats lends much respect to the DVD. we also get a trailer, production notes, cast and crew notes, and more. Now that's a DVD for ya! My rating for the DVD: 10/10.
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The Graboids are back yet again...
Rattrap0078 October 2001
Yup, those giant nasty carnivorous worms are back once again. Again they strike at the poor town of Perfection Nevada. I loved the first two. When I first saw this at the store, I thought. Oh no. Bet they screwed it up this time. Well I passed. Some of my friends had bought it and recommended it. So About 1 week after it's release, I bought it. I have zero regrets.

True this film is missing Burt Ward and Kevin Bacon. But as we learned in the second one, Bacon ran off with the geologist from the first movie. Well in this film we learn Grady and Earl created Monster World, a Graboid theme park.

But like I said you don't really miss them since you know what happened to them. This time around takes place 11 years after the first movie. Burt Gummer is still paranoid. He just returns from an 'Shrieker', aka the evolved form of a Graboid, extermination run in Argentina (the opening of the film). We see Chang's daughter now runs the general store and sells many different types of Graboid merchandise. Mindy and her mother still live in Perfection. Mindy had to drop out of college because they couldn't afford the tuition. There is a new guy in town, He runs a "Graboid Safari" tour. It is all just a scam. But all hell is about to break loose. No sooner than does Burt arrive home, then Graboids show up. So once again it is humans Vs. Graboids!

I loved this film. I laughed my butt off through out the entire film. This is as good as if not better than the first two. Only problem is some of the effects shots are not as good as they could be. Aside from that I'm VERY pleased with this film.
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Everything one should expect from a sequel.
jawsiv29 September 2001
When faced with the third installment of any film series (especially a direct-to-video series) it seems one should always ask, "Is this really necessary?". The answer will undoubtedly come back, "No, not even a little." With that understood, it is hard to fathom how Tremors 3 turned out to be so entertaining. The budget it obviously fractions of the first film's, and all the big stars have jumped ship, even the lukewarm attraction of Fred Ward is vacant this time around. However, undaunted and oblivious to these shortcomings Tremors 3 rolls along giving us an hour and a half of pure popcorn entertainment. This time around we have old militant/survivalist Burt Gummer returning to Perfection, Nevada after wiping out Graboid activity in Argentina. Soon after his return Graboids start popping up in his old homstead, causing all the same and many new problems for our heroes. Tremors 3 benefits from the return of most of the surviving cast from part one and two new characters who are much more interesting and far less annoying than the new characters offered up in the inferior Tremors 2.

While good characterization and familiar faces definitely add to the enjoyment of the movie, what really buoys Tremors 3 above mediocrity is the sheer inventiveness of the script. Every method of dealing with Graboid/Shrieker menace from the first two films is attempted and eventually deemed fruitless through a new evolution in the life cycle of the creatures. Watching the film, it seemed like it was going to fall on its face, or paint itself into a corner awaiting a deus ex machina. This, thankfully does not happen. What does is full of suspense, surprises and just enoughs laughs to let you know that underground, mutating, precambrian carnivorous slugs are nothing to take too seriously. 7/10, Well worth the four dollar rental fee.
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Tearin it up!
Don-BMiddy22 August 2001
I just got through watching this flick and it was amazing!!! I aint big on straight to video myself, but this knocked my socks off. Some of my friends rented this with a bunch of other movies, which were all crap. So eventually we get to Tremors 3, I laughed naturally cause I had seen the first one, and it was pretty good but to think after one straight to video sequel this one could even be bareable would have been insane of me. Yet still be friends popped it in and suddenlly I found my self glued to the TV, its funny, its scary, its action, its adventure, its everything you could want in a REALLY FUN MOVIE!!! So listen up, even though from the outside it may look cheesy, DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER, or a movie by its box. Check this one out, I promise you wont regret it.

BMiddy, 1
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best one yet
kai ringler27 September 2008
Michael Gross returns as survivalist Burt Gummer, and boy does he do it in a big way,, in the opening scene,, he is in a tank with a 50 mm gun on the turret killing shriekers.. i loved this one, and think that so far this is the best one out of all of em,, here's why,, the creatures evolve yet again,, this time they go back to Perfection Valley,, some of the characters from the first one are back this time. something hilarious happens to Burt but i can't give it away,, but trust me , it's epic. he is funnier than ever in this one,, to me what the creatures do in this one is something else,, and now you have all 3 creatures in this one, the shrikers the a//blasters, and the original graboids,, plus throw in a tour guide,, Desert Jack,, who tries to rip off the locals, by faking graboid attacks in the valley,, all in all i just laughed my ___ off the whole entire movie,, it's definitely a keeper for me.
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Good Movie!
killbill_2828 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Tremors 3: Back to Perfection is the second squeal to the 1990 monster movie classic. Michael Gross returns as Burt Gummer with a few of the stars from the first movie returning too. But sadly there's no Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Finn Carter, Reba McEntire or Christopher Gartin. Brent Maddock one of the writers from the first two movies takes the helm of director and S.S Wilson returns to the producers seat after Tremors 2. Sadly Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr didn't return to do the films special effects giving the right to someone else to handle. This is the first movie in the series to use CGI even though the effects are good they sometimes like pretty lame and even using footage from the first movie, showing people that the movie was low budget. Also this movie hasn't got any gore in it. Tremors 3 is more a action/comedy movie then a horror/action movie like the first two. Overall Tremors 3 looks like a B-grade movie from the cover but its a good entry in the series.
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