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Sex & Nudity

  • Some female characters wear outfits that reveal their belly.
  • Parts of the film involve Ram and Sita being in love with each other, and lead a romantic affair before Sita gets kidnapped.
  • A man asks a woman "what perverse tongue poisoned your mind".

Violence & Gore

  • Fantasy violence throughout.
  • Some flying demons attack several people. A man is hit in the back by an arrow. Another man is dropped into a burning house, it is implied he would have burned to death.
  • A Godzilla-sized female monster attempts to attack some human characters, but is hit in some places of her body by some arrows, without any problem. Until she gets hit in the head, then she burns up in a disturbing matter.
  • Many flying demons are killed in several scenes throughout the film, many times by arrows, throwing, crushing, etc.
  • In one scene, one of the flying demons is cut in half, but there is no blood.
  • An elder man dies by a sickness.
  • An angry man pushes a woman on the floor. Another man drags an elder woman to the younger woman and threatens her to "cleave her filthy brain in two" until another stops him from doing it.
  • A female character attacks Sita, but is stopped by a Ram.
  • A man throws a knife at a female character and cuts her nose. She says her nose is bleeding, but we see no blood.
  • A flying demons disguised by a golden deer is hit by an arrow and tells Ram something before dying.
  • Blood is seen oozing from Nikumbhila's cave like waterfalls.
  • Sita is kidnapped by a villain.
  • A vulture attempts to fight a villain, but is cut in the foot and falls down from the sky. Little blood can later be seen on the foot. He is seen dying later.
  • A tall monster attacks two men, until it's eye is cut with some green blood splattering, then it falls backwards and dies.
  • A monkey throws an enemy on an unseen villain, who blows fire on one of the witnesses.
  • A monkey's tail is set on fire, and used to set a whole village in fire. Nobody is seen killed.
  • A monkey is swallowed by a sea creature, but breaks loose from the inside and later cuts it in pieces. Green blood seen when the fight takes place under water.
  • One of the elder slaves is briefly seen whipped by a slave driver.
  • There are lots of battle sequences later in the film, in which lots of monkeys and enemy creatures are killed. Many are killed by arrows, crushing, throwing, falling, burning, etc. Characters fight each other, resulting with death on some of them. Many of these scenes may be kinda intense, but there is nothing particularly graphic.
  • Many monkeys are seen injured, a dark hole can briefly be seen on one of their bodies. The dead monkeys and enemies are burned.
  • A man is swung around by a monkey and hits his head on rocks, and thrown into water, finally dying.
  • A man is hit in the chest by an axe, but no blood.
  • A oversized man is hit by multiple arrows without giving any sign of pain.
  • The same man makes a mud ball with monkeys in it and throws it at other monkeys. One is seen crushed by the ball, while the others in it seem to survive.
  • The oversized man attempts to eat some monkeys, when a group of monkeys catapult a stone on his hand.
  • The oversized man almost crushes three annoying creatures to death with his bare hands, and throws them into a group of monkeys.
  • A man threatens to kill a flying demons with his sword if it doesn't obey his orders. The same creature is later hit by an arrow and falls to death, before the fight between two human characters begins.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some of the violence, particularly the battle sequences, may be intense for younger children. But nothing too graphic.
  • The sight of blood oozing from Nikumbhila's cave like waterfalls could be disturbing for some younger children.
  • Suggested rating: PG-13 for fantasy violence throughout.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man cuts an oversized man in the right knee, with little green blood seen. Then he stabs him in the chest, killing him.
  • When lots of monkeys overrun a village, some of the captives who are being freed can be seen having some red bruises.
  • Sita is stabbed to death, and little blood can be seen on her. But it turns out to be an illusion.
  • A monkey's wound can be seen in close up, when it's healing fast due to herbs.
  • Several characters are hit by arrows, and some blood can be seen on some of them. They survive when they get cured by herbs.
  • In a climatic fight, Ravan's head is chopped off. A new head grows up and looks like a green brain in the beginning. This head is chopped off too, and multiple heads grow up at once and Ravan grows bigger. After a kinda intense fight, he is cut in pieces, and you can see some meat and bones. Not overly gory, but it is the most graphic scene in the entire film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The climatic scene involving Ravan could frighten younger children, mainly because of how his new heads grow up from his headless body in a kinda disturbing matter.

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