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Rolling Stone
Like Vardalos and Corbett, who play their roles with vibrant charm, the film, directed by Joel Zwick, is heartfelt and hilarious in ways you can't fake. It's a keeper.
New Times (L.A.)
It's light fantasy, but lovely and astute.
New York Daily News
Vardalos is a breath of fresh air. After all the little nipped and tucked bunnies we've been seeing onscreen for so long, we forget what real women look like.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
With Corbett's laidback persona nicely countering Vardalos's authorial performance, the picture radiates a pure affability that's awfully attractive. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a very slim movie that succeeds on its own modest terms without pretense or apology.
It's a buoyant comedy with more warmth and generosity of spirit than anything else in theaters right now.
Funny without out ever making fun, Vardalos mixes elements of ethnic stand-up, Cinderella romance and Bridget Loves Bernie-style situation comedy, all grounded in something very real.
Charlotte Observer
Vardalos is of Greek ancestry, which makes stereotyping permissible: She can tease Greeks, just as Italians can safely mock Italians or Jews can poke fun at Jews. But isn't it demeaning to reduce your heritage to clich?s?
An amiable, offhanded comedy about ethnic identity and last-chance romance.
Portland Oregonian
Watching it is like filling up on baklava: Later you may feel really guilty, but you don't exactly complain while it's going on.
Entertainment Weekly
The wedding, which turns the very concept of ''Greek'' into the sort of hideous, pandering clichés that look rejected from bad Jewish and Italian sitcoms.

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