Lantana (2001) Poster


Plot Keywords

psychiatrist neighbor
secret marriage
children gay
grief doctor
shoe dead body
trust homosexual
mannequin underwear
helicopter unemployment
mother son relationship girl in panties
disappearance men's bathroom
loyalty missing person
civil rights music band
crying bartender
pearl earring singer
adulterous wife cell phone
news report police arrest
crime scene pay phone
countryside death
counselor jealousy
nightclub salsa dancing
microphone gay man
fondling calling someone an idiot
flowers blonde
doggystyle sex woods
loneliness love affair
extramarital affair law professor
unfaithful wife stalled car
fear corpse
blood dancer
baby carriage fornication
hitchhiker cigarette smoking
collision dance instructor
kiss wine
theft academia
dancing mother daughter relationship
nylons drinking
drug use dance teacher
handcuffed divorce
jogging police
photograph partner
sydney australia smoking pot
liar one word title
automobile accident police detective
cleavage bar
cheating unfaithfulness
friendship adultery
marijuana therapy
infidelity earring
urination raid
flashback answering machine
character says i love you scantily clad female
teenage boy temper
rain nipples visible through clothing
hitchhiking police station
scratch drink
dance class tears
confidentiality rear entry sex
forest phone booth
tv news tape recording
restaurant friend
thief sex
police officer evidence
love police car
family relationships therapist
lust anger
body bag search
tape recorder copulation
father daughter relationship one night stand
breasts deceit
murder of daughter coitus
pantyhose tattoo
audio cassette father son relationship
band isolated place
saying thank you dance studio
telephone call marital separation
death of daughter betrayal
black panties beating
arrest husband wife relationship
urinal topless female nudity
murder cafe
lie writer
siren homosexuality
running sexuality
drug bust latin dancing
leg spreading speech
coward singing
detective passion
police raid confession
salsa music cheating wife
f word watching tv
crying man bed
australia car trouble
panties whiskey
death of wife investigation
bare breasts boredom
based on play

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