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So bad it's funny.

Author: llamatron from Australia
13 December 2003

This movie is perhaps the worst film I've seen in the last few months. The acting is bad, the script is bad, everything about it is bad. I've never seen so many cliches thrown into 90 minutes of footage. The "plot" as such is pretty lame, the "acting" is forced and laughable, and the characters are boring and uninteresting. However, this movie is actually pretty funny. Funny to laugh at. Only watch this film if you want something to mock.

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Hit the town, see me at the club

Author: mr_blue_veins from Detroit, MI
30 September 2004

This was as great flick! Even if you just take it as a tour of the LA nocturnal scene, it's worth a watch. And it is a really accurate character study of the types you meet when rolling from club to club. Acting was great, especially Navarro. I wish E.R. would have him on every week. And despite some bad choices, I've always loved Lou Diamond Phillips.

It doesn't have the flash that a big budget would have been able to throw in, but I was amazed at what a low-budget indie was able to pull off. I mean, look at how many great locations they were able to pull together. Yeah, maybe it was a different in Australia, but here in the U.S., it was on the nose. Good job, filmmakers.

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don't be so harsh!!!

Author: jallsop from United Kingdom
24 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i've read some other reviews of this, and to be honest i think they are being really harsh. for starters, if you watch a Lou diamond Phillips movie, you know what you're gonna get, don't get me wrong i love him dearly, in fact he's the only reason i watched 'knight club', but you know you are not about to see a part of Oscar winning cinematic history! Secondly, even if you do watch this without really understanding what you're getting into, it's not that bad. OK, so the characterisation is a bit poor, and the 'climatic shoot out' and quests for revenge mentioned on the back are gross exaggerations, bordering on down right lies! the film is also kind of lacking a satisfactory ending, leaving a lot of questions unanswered. but ignoring all this, its a bit of fun, and there is enough going on to keep you interested. plus Spineshank make a fairly dodgy cameo in Hollywoods 'hottest club'. All in all i'd have to say, not really your typical Lou movie, its not gonna change your life, but it might give you something to do on a Saturday night.

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An intriguing film

Author: writerguy222 from Studio City, CA
17 August 2004

I don't know what that other user is talking about, but this film was a compelling look at the ups and downs of a group of people in LA. As someone in LA, a lot of the stuff that happened in the film was true to life. And the can't get any better than that! Lou Diamond Phillips (who granted, has done some bad films in the past) was great in this film. And Lochlyn Monroe, a very underrated actor in Hollywood right now, did just as good a job as Phillips did. Even Glenn Plummer did well, considering some of the horrific films he's had to overcome in the past. I'd say definitely give this movie a chance. Pop some popcorn, get in your favorite chair, and sit back for an enjoyable ride.

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You Need The Same Skills

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
10 November 2011

Knight Club is a group of trained security people, aka bouncers which Lou Diamond Phillips heads who do the security at various Hollywood clubs. A young aspiring actor Lochlyn Munro whose career is going nowhere fast hooks up with Phillips and his group and he does real well at first. Lou's part is similar to what Patrick Swayze was in Road House.

It's all in the attitude and the skills you need to defend yourself and maintain order. Acting is about fakery and convincing people you're something you're not and that's half the job as a bouncer. Munro who got dumped by his girlfriend is soon awash in feminine pulchritude.

But it all goes to his head and Munro who starts as a nice kid from Wyoming takes a mighty big fall.

There seems to be a real sharp division of opinion on this film, people either seem to like it or hate it. For myself it's not Citizen Kane, but both Munro and Phillips give good performances in the parts of a kid and his mentor who fall out with bad consequences for the former.

It will never be listed among the great films for Lou Diamond Phillips, but it's not half bad.

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Bad... just plain bad.

Author: Enchorde from Sweden
20 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Recap: A young man named Gary that wants to become an actor gets a job as a bouncer to pay his bills. Soon he finds that he is good at it and rises to second rank in Knight Club, a team of bouncers led by Gueron. But as Gary realises his value the success goes to his head. He gets cocky, and leaves Gueron's team for Gueron's hated enemy Krukov. There Gary gets a well paid job as head bouncer, but he can't handle the money and popularity. He betrays his friends and starts doing drugs. He is at the top of the world, and all he can go is down...

Comments: A really bad movie. First of all, the story was lame and really predictable. 5 minutes of watching, and you knew the entire story; you just needed the details verified. It also lacked humor and suspense, and I really don't know what the movie expected to offer.

And to be kind, the acting was not the best I've seen. Of the main cast only Lou Diamond Phillips was OK - not more. To be honest, I have a hard time thinking of anything good about the movie. OK, the casting was pretty good, Munro and Phillips and the others somehow seemed right for their roles. Some has suggested it is so bad it is funny. To me, it wasn't even that. It was just plain bad.

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What a great little movie!

Author: Will Grimes from California
9 August 2004

I found the story line riveting and full of unexpected twists and turns. I wonder if a different movie was released in Australia. This is a great indie film. The script tells a great story that is about actors, but which really reflects on the temptations all of us face. Lou Diamond Phillips did a great job and is supported by a strong cast. I really enjoyed the cinematography and the overall story line. The best thing is the direction which is smooth and stylish. The editing is nicely paced and the soundtrack really helps move the story along. For a low budget film the production values are great. It feels like you see all of Los Angeles, and much of it at night. I think it is a really good example of a the genre of actor's stories which includes a host of other films. More people should see independent films like this.

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