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Undertaker vs Kane

Author: OzzyCash from Nashville, Tennessee
3 October 2000

Al Snow, one of the best actual wrestlers ever, takes on Marc Mero. Ken Shamrock takes on Mankind, my personal all time favorite. The pathetic Rock takes on Mark Henry. Undertaker takes on Kane as Austin referees the match. See the event and every WWF event!

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I was there! October 18, 1998 from 6:00 PM until 10:30 PM at the Rosemont Horizon was the best PPV ever seen by man...

Author: Paul J Mason from Chicago, IL
4 January 2004

I have been to plenty of WWF events in Chicago since 1996, but this was the best PPV I have ever seen. The pyro, the action, the length. This card was flawless in almost every way. Some may say that my comment is biased knowing I was there, but seriously, you try watching Sunday Night Heat and the PPV live, while getting your billboard shown twice, and saying it sucked after that infamous line "YOUR FIRED!" (of course, the act goes on).

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Forgettable card, pity...

Author: amanwhorocks from Czech Republic
7 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1. Al Snow Vs. Marc Mero - Al cleanly defeated Mero in an ordinary match 7/10

2. DOA Vs. L.O.D. - Shouldn't be on PPV. 5.5/10

3. WWF Light Heavyweight Title Match: Christian Vs. Champ-Taka Michinoku - Christian's PPV debut and immediately become champ. 6.5/10

4. Val Venis Vs. Goldust - Gratuitous thing for me. 6/10

5. WWF European Title Match: Champ-D-Lo Brown Vs. X-Pac - New champ, but again too ordinary and long match 6.5/10

6. WWF Tag Team Championship: Champs-New Age Outlaws Vs. The Headbangers - That was decent. 7/10

7. WWF Intercontinental Championship: Champ-Ken Shamrock Vs. Mankind -Mankind deserved better. 7/10

8. Mark Henry Vs. The Rock - Yeah, Henry Beats Rock:) 7.5/10

9. WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: Kane Vs. The Undertaker - Austin take the referee spot and it ended with total mess. 6.5/10

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Things get weird

Author: bh_tafe3 from Australia
22 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Steve Austin got himself fired, X-Pac got himself the European Title and Vince McMahon debuted a beloved catch phrase in a pretty poor show.

Well, this show sucked, so lets get this over with. The night began with Al Snow getting his turn at making Marc Mero look like an idiot, even with Jacqueline at ringside he was no match for the leader of the JOB Squad.

Next saw LOD 2000, a short lived combination of the ill fated Droz (read my review of the Breakdown PPV for a more detailed explanation) and the formerly great NWA tag Team the Road Warriors Hawk and Animal defeat the Disciples of Apocalypse, who were a bit of a fore runner to the biker Undertaker, though he was way cooler. DOA never achieved much success and were not great wrestlers. This match was not great.

Next match saw a rare PPV match for the Light Heavyweight Title (the most recent one had been at Wrestlemania 14 in March). Defending champion Taka Michinoku putting his belt on the line against Christian, who was having his first PPV match and winning. The Light Heavyweight Title never really took off in the WWE and would be a joke title by the end of the year, just as would happen to the Cruiserweight Title 9 year later. This was probably the best match of the night so far, and it was not all that good.

Next saw Dustin Runnels, back to being Goldust and avenging his loss to Val Venis at the previous PPV. This was a decent match. Terri's explosion at her husband for "ruining her life" was a highlight.

Next up saw the latest match between D Lo Brown and X-Pac in their feud for the European Title. X-pac had won the title from Brown and then lost it back. Here he would win it again in an average match with a nice finish, X-Pac countering a leaping shoulder block with a bronco buster to get the pin.

Next up saw the New Age Outlaws retain the tag team titles by disqualification against the Headbangers. The most memorable part of this was Road Dogg introducing the Outlaws. Not a good match, and haven't you read that a few times in this review? Next came a memorable match as Ken Shamrock defeated Mankind to retain the Intercontinental Championship. The match is well known for the ending where Mankind, caught in the Shamrock ankle lock with no hope of escape, gave himself his own mandible claw move and knocked himself out. Shamrock snapped when the referee announced he'd won by mandible claw and beat up the referee.

The next match advanced the Rock as a singles wrestler in spit of losing to his former Nation of Domination crony Mark Henry. The Nation had just kicked out the Rock and the crowd was firmly on his side, even after the loss, though he had not embraced the fans and officially turned good. Henry wins thanks to interference from D Lo, another former Nation member.

Brings us to the main event in which Kane took on the Undertaker for the vacant WWE Title with former champion Steve Austin as guest referee. Austin had lost the title at the previous PPV when Kane and Undertaker had pinned him simultaneously and had been forced to be the guest ref here. McMahon told Austin that if a new champion wasn't crowned he would be fired. The two have a pretty ordinary match until Paul Bearer, who had been affiliated with Kane walks out and smashes him with a chair. Austin refuses to count the three, much to the Undertaker's annoyance. Austin stuns Taker when the big man complains, counts down both men and declares himself the winner. McMahon appears on the screen and utters the famous line "You're FIRED," for the first time. Austin commends McMahon for his courage, and walks out, apparently unemployed, and still no champ crowned.

What next??? Hopefully a better show than this one.

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