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I recommend it!
bk-1213 March 2003
I saw this film along with 600 other people, at its premier in Newport, Rhode Island. People laughed and a lot of people cried because the movie evoked emotions in everyone. I enjoyed the film very much and found that the audience could identify with the characters. The story of Morris Bird III and his somewhat dysfunctional family never failed to keep me throughly involved in the story, right up until the sad, but uplifting ending. I recommend it! Pearl Gonzalez
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Absolutely Beautiful
erinlungs21 July 2004
I too thought this was going to be the Aussie version but I was totally surprised and also amazed at this beautiful film. My sister and I sat and watched this together and by the end we were in tears as it was so touching and so well done. I think it is worth taking the time to see it. It deals with human emotion from the eyes of a 17 year old boy who comes from a dysfunctional family yet still finds it possible to rise above this and see life for what it can be. The best friend was an added bonus making light of a bad situation and keeping things linked. If not for anything else watch this for the amazing views shown throughout. See it for yourself as I did and and you may be pleasantly surprised.
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Excellent tear-jerker
tm031 June 2004
I went to the world premiere of SWIMMING UPSTREAM in Newport RI, but I missed most of the third act because my lady friend was slobbering so loudly. And well she should. SWIMMING UPSTREAM is the heart wrenching story of a 17 year old boy who is stricken with terminal leukemia and how he deals with this tragedy. Brilliantly written and directed by Robert Emery, the film is set in Bristol RI where it was also filmed. Emery does an excellent job of keeping the film ever poignant without letting it become maudlin. The cast is headed by newcomer Matt Czuchry who delivers a stellar performance as the unfortunate youngster. The fine supporting cast is headed by Michael Moriarty and Kelly Rutherford as the young man's father and sister. Elisabeth Harnois delivers yet another Oscar caliber performance as the boy's girlfriend. For my money, this little gal is far and away the best actress of the current crop of starlets. And what a cutie pie! SWIMMING UPSTREAM is a beautiful film. Truly beautiful. Don't miss it.
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Intelligent storytelling
se-213 March 2003
I had the pleasure of seeing this film. Thank goodness for filmmakers who are not afraid to tell real stories. To give the plot away is to ruin the film for anyone who can appreciate intelligent storytelling. I will say that parts of it are sad, but it is about life and how we all touch each other, one way or another. Two-time EMMY winner Michael Moriarty turns in a wonderful, mature performance. I recommend it for all ages, from twelve on up.
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Lovely family drama that we can all relate to.
se-29 July 2004
This film is full of heart. I enjoyed the cast and the story line. This is a story that almost any adult or teenager can relate to. The small new england town is beautiful. Morris is the main character and has many issues to deal with at a young age. His girlfriend and his sister are the people who help his growth. His father is trying to make up for all the bad times. Morris has a best friend played by Ben Savage who shares all the ups and downs with him. There are laughs and there are tears too. It is easy to get involved in this story and just enjoy it. I hope others can enjoy this film too.
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Compelling & Beautifully Acted Story
Aqtania-111 November 2006
This film is a very moving and thought provoking story about a young man's tragic misfortunes. It is also a lesson in life on how to deal with life's setbacks. First of all, if possible, see the film from the uncut DVD. The television version is heavily edited and loses some of the film's subtle story power. This film should be required viewing for anyone suffering from domestic parental problems or alcohol abuse. The acting is quite impressive here. Matt Czuchry gives a very memorable, believable and heart wrenching performance as Morris. This gifted, athletic charmer is suddenly confronted with a life altering tragedy that coupled with problems at home would be too much for most people. What a wonderful, smooth, beautiful performance Czuchry gives here. The viewer is on Morris' side throughout, pulling for him all the way. This is an early role for Czuchry but his natural acting talent is clearly visible. The supporting cast all contribute well too. Kelly Rutherford is excellent as Morris' sister and has a very nice on-screen chemistry with Czuchry. Michael Moriarty is very effective as the father engendering both hate and love from the viewers during this film. Ben Savage and Matt Czuchry have a great scene that shows the love and friendship that can be so deep between childhood friends. All the other actors were also excellent. This surprisingly moving film was totally enjoyable to watch. The dramatic story coupled with a message of strength, hope and love is a good message from which we can all learn. I came away with an admiration for the strength of Morris Bird III and a deep appreciation for the considerable acting talent of Matt Czuchry. Very well done here.
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Great Film!
prairiedances11 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I was presently surprised by this film. The acting and writing while a little campy at first grows into a beautiful story. An early Matt Czuchry gives a moving and heart wrenching performance as Morris and seemingly normal teenager who's life is altered dramatically. Ben Savage does well as his best friend- Savage has a talent in comedy. Kelly Rutherford and Moriarty lighten up the screen with moving performances. Especially the last moment between father and son. I liked Elisabeth Harnois from "My Date with the President's Daughter" and she does a good turn here but the storyline between her and Morris has been overdone. Buy the DVD now out and not the edited version on the TV. Personally, I think the alternate ending found on the DVD works better for the film and not the original ending.

One thing that I disliked about this movie was the music by Steven P. Wolf. It was horrible and distracted the viewer from what was occurring on screen. The soccer game which is suppose to be an important part in the film had me wishing it would end just so the sappy, overpowering music in the background would stop.

Great movie though, worth seeing.
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Overdone plot, but sensitive and real acting
jcservant74 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw this movie at my mom's on Lifetime Movie Network. I expected another one of those dreary, sad, depressing, and just plain down movies. I was pleasantly surprised. Michael Moriarity is just plain good with that unique voice of his, and his portrayal of the drunk dad was quite well done. I was also impressed with the acting ability of Matt Czuchry, and I have always liked Ben Savage. The scene where they are talking about love is one of the best ways I have ever seen that two male friends can profess to love each other. It was a private moment, and the long camera shot of them running to each other, and then Ben telling Matt that he loves him, and then the embrace.. what can I say, it was moving and well done. Perhaps being a gay man, it is something that I once experienced, and was moved.
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equigley24 September 2004
I also made the mistake of thinking that I was going to see the 2003 Swimming Upstream with Geoffry Rush. This was worse then a lot of student films that I have seen. The script was forced, the acting was subpar and the editing annoying. It was so slow that I just managed to force myself into staying. But I always give a movie a chance, so I suffered until the very end. Apparently there was a memo out about this movie, because my friend and I were the only ones in the theater. Why didn't somebody send me this memo?!?! That is why I'm posting, as a warning to others thinking of shelling out good money to see this. I just hope that you actually got to this page, and didn't get trapped like I did by looking at the wrong "Swimming Upstream." P.S. Sorry to the cast and crew if you are reading this. I know that you worked hard to make this. I know what goes into making a movie... keep trying!
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Possibly THE worst movie of 2002
dushkufan9 April 2004
CRAP! I accidentally watched this film-thinking that it was the Swimming Upstream that was released in 2003. I seriously regret wasting an hour of my life sitting through it. Shame on whoever gave this junk an award. I thoroughly loathed this film-in fact I didn't see it through to the end. After an hour I could no longer stand it. I am disgusted that people are amused by such a lousy script-which tries and fails to rip off a dozen other human interest stories and such BA-AD acting. PAINFUL. I rate it 1 star out of 10. An amateur could make a much, much greater movie.
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