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MPAA Rated PG-13 for language and crude sexual humor

Sex & Nudity

  • Frequent mentions of whore and sexual innuendo.
  • You see a baby boys penis briefly.
  • Boy wakes up with a erection seen as a tented blanket and again when pressed against a girl's posterior. Drunk female attempts to "have" the male and it is implied they would have sex.
  • Asian woman called "punani" and "putang".
  • Bubble boy mud wrestles with two woman in bikinis. Rating of sex & nudity: 4/10
  • Drawn pictures are shown of male and female anatomy when the religious group is showing him their bible and discussing how they need to get rid of their sexual urges.

Violence & Gore

  • A young man in a bubble is hit hard by a moving bus and he flies some distance before hitting the ground, he is hit by a car and flies into a train car, he is thrown from a car and crashes through a billboard, and he is dropped out of a plane and lands in Niagara Falls: he goes over the falls and floats to the surface. A man of very small stature strapped into a child safety seat is tossed out the window of a moving car (he rolls around grunting before coming to a stop). A young man head-butts a man, he flies through the air, hits a train car and lands on the ground. A restaurant catches fire, with a young man in a bubble trapped inside; he is pulled out before he is harmed. A town explodes and people run through the streets. A truck hits a cow (we see it lying dead on the road), another truck drives through the dead cow cutting it in half and spraying blood and tissue on a man sitting nearby, a motorcycle gang drives through the bloody mess of cow guts, and then a bus drives through what remains spraying more blood and tissue on the sitting man. A woman holds a gun on a store owner who is restrained with tape and lying on the floor. Two trucks collide and a woman is thrown on the windshield. A man tears the roof off a car. A young man hits himself in the crotch with a bat after waking up with an erection. Many people shove each other and fight. A man threatens a young man in a bubble with a knife, a man threatens a busload of people with a knife, and a man talks about wanting to cut a man's heart out. A dream sequence shows a woman being eaten by a dinosaur, but she's fine a minute later. A young man falls on the floor and he appears to be dead, a taxi driver appears to have died at the wheel of his taxi -- the car continues going. A young man in a bubble runs from a car, a truck, and a busload of people chasing him. A young man yells out of frustration, a woman yells in anger, a woman yells at and threatens someone on the phone, and a woman yells at and slaps her husband on the arm. A vulture lands on, pecks at and chases a young man in a bubble, and a man with a stick hits the bubble repeatedly. A young man tumbles down stairs while encased in a bubble, and a crowd at a concert bounces him and the bubble in the air. A young man steps in some dog excrement (there's a squishy sound). A woman makes anti-Semitic remarks, a group of people taunt and make fun of a Hindu man, and we see a trainload of people who are referred to as "circus freaks": one man has a beak shaped nose, one man has flippers for hands, one woman can twist herself into a pretzel, a couple appears to be attached at the head, and a man is very tall, has really large ears and hands. A woman stabs a ball with a knife, an ice cream truck drives recklessly, we see people running and screaming, and a bus runs over a motorcycle.


  • 1 obscene hand gesture, 9 sexual references, 2 scatological terms, 7 anatomical references, 16 mild obscenities, 2 religious exclamations, insults and name-calling including some in a foreign language

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Teenage girl gets drunk and attempts to climb inside the bubble room.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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