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Mr. Showbiz
The bubble-kid moms can whine all they want, but Bubble Boy is a liberated movie --liberated from tastefulness, of course, but also from logic, suffering, consequence, and temperance.
Austin Chronicle
It's a shame if the controversy surrounding Bubble Boy distracts people from what a smart, subversive, and genuinely good-hearted film it is.
This movie has a sweetness at its core.
Though there are some funny sequences, the frothy Bubble Boy evaporates without delivering enough belly laughs.
Boston Globe
There's always been room for rudeness in humor. In fact, it can be invigorating. But Bubble Boy goes through the motions of being outrageous when all it's really got is a rage to conform to formula.
Miami Herald
Belongs to that genre of movie that works hard to achieve a certain twisted and demented wit.
New York Post
Fitfully funny at best, it's a sophomoric, facetious road comedy.
Baltimore Sun
It seems that in the movies, at least, there is a limit to how far low expectations can take you.
Hard though this antic farce tries to be outrageous, its satirical jabs at American culture are obvious and juvenile, as is the use of Jimmy's plastic bubble as a goofy metaphor for fear of life.
New York Daily News
The bubble-boy niche is thankfully small. John Travolta began his career playing one in a TV movie, but this movie will undoubtedly finish off the genre for good.
Entertainment Weekly
After enduring only a few minutes of this shrill debacle, you'll feel more trapped in the theater than Jimmy is by his bubble.

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