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Austin Returns: Rock Becomes Champion: (Recap)

Author: wwe reporter from Vancouver, B.C.
30 June 2002

Match 1: Tag Team Championship Match X-Pac & Road Dogg vs. Edge & Christian RoadDogg got on the mic and told Debra no disrespect towards her mic work but he was going to do his own introduction for him and X-Pac. X-Pac sucks chants right off the bat. Match started off with Edge and Xpac going at it. Both men exchange hammerlocks. Xpac shoves Edge down and gives him some crotch chops. Spinning heel kick by Edge. Xpac leaves the ring to regroup. Xpac tags in RoadDogg. Edge with a head scissors takeover on RoadDogg. Christian tagged in and pounds on RoadDogg for a couple of near falls. Xpac tagged back in only to be powerslammed by Christian. Christian tried ten shots to the head of Xpac in the corner but RoadDogg came over and pulled Christian off. Xpac and RoadDogg double team Christian while the ref has his back turned towards Edge. Xpac does the bronco buster on Christian. RoadDogg gets a two count after two kicks to the back of Christian's head. RoadDogg does the juke n jive on Christian followed up by the shake, rattle, and kneedrop. Christian and RoadDogg have a mid-air collision after a double crossbody. Edge comes flying off the top with a headbutt on RoadDogg. Christian goes for a cover but only gets a two count. Christian double reverse ddt's RoadDogg and Xpac. Edge tagged in and spears RoadDogg. Xpac hits Tori by accident, Edge almost gets a three count on Xpac. Christian hit Xpac with the ring bell and covers him for the pin. Xpac was busted open. Winners and still tag team champions: Edge and Christian

Match 2: Light Heavyweight Championship Match Scotty Too Hotty vs. Dean Malenko Match starts off with Scotty hammering on Malenko. Scotty hits a dropkick for a two count. Side headlock suplex by Scotty. Scotty tried coming off the ropes for a bulldog but Malenko clotheslined him in the process. Malenko dropkicks Scotty's knees out from under him. Malenko starts working on Scotty's legs by dropping elbows on him. Malenko wraps Scotty's leg around the ring apron. Malenko continues his assult on Scotty's legs with matwork submission maneuvers. Malenko backs Scotty into the corner and kicks on his legs. Scotty almost got a pin with a rollup. Malenko sent him back down to the mat with a clothesline. Malenko knocks himself and Scotty out of the ring. Scotty trips Malenko up on the ring apron. Superplex off the top by Malenko. Scotty does a backslide on Malenko for a two count. Scotty counters a powerbomb and comes off the ropes with a bulldog on Malenko. Scotty follows up with the WORM. Malenko with a butterfly powerbomb for a two count. Powerslam by Malenko for a two count. Malenko goes up top, Scotty follows him up. Malenko countered the superplex with a ddt and gets the pin. Winner and still light heavyweight champion: Dean Malenko

Match 3: Acolytes vs. Bull Buchanan & Big Boss Man Match starts off before the Acolytes can get to the ring. Inside the ring, Bradshaw ddt's Bull then follows up with a shoulder block from the top. Bull clotheslines Bradshaw. Bradshaw gets right back up and spears him. Faarooq and Bossman tagged in. Faarooq with a two count on Bossman after a clothesline. Faarooq throws Bossman to the outside for Bradshaw to work on. Bradshaw tagged back in and knocks Bossman out to the floor where Faarooq works on him. Faarooq tagged back in. Bossman knocks Faarooq down and tags in Bull. Quick tags by Bossman and Bull with the double team on Faarooq. Bull clotheslines Faarooq, Bradshaw breaks up the count. Bull with a reverse chinlock on Faarooq. Faarooq picks up Bull and slams him to the mat. Bradshaw tagged in and hits a running shoulder block. Bradshaw with a ddt on Bull. Bull hits a superplex on Bradshaw for a two count. Clothesline from hell by Bradshaw on Bull, Bossman breaks up the count. Bossman hits Bradshaw in the face with the nightstick. Bull hits Bradshaw with a scissors kick from the top and gets the pin. Winners: Bull Buchanan & Big Boss Man

Match 4: Hardcore Championship Match Tazz vs. Saturn vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Crash Holly Unlike WrestleMania, this match ends when Crash defeats somebody or one of his five opponents beats him. Match starts off with Saturn suplexing Crash. Hardcore powerbombs Crash. Tazz with a suplex on Crash, Saturn makes the save. Crash tries to leave the arena, all the wrestlers follow him. So Crash starts climbing the steel Backlash structure in front of the entrance. Jeff Hardy swings off the steel structure with a head scissors takeover on Saturn. Hardys start double teaming Tazz. Hardcore hits Crash with a 2x4. Tazz hits Crash with the angry man's clothesline. Hardcore hits Crash with a street sign. Tazz starts attacking Crash again, Hardys interupt. Crash with a dropkick on Tazz. Crash with a sunset flip on Saturn, Tazz breaks up the count. Hardcore beats on Crash with an extension cord. Every time somebody makes a pin attempt somebody else breaks the count. Tazz with a suplex on Crash. Jeff Hardy with a legdrop with the cookie sheet on Crash's face. Jeff hit a springboard moonsault on Crash but the count was broken up. Hardcore hits Crash with a superplex. Saturn with a variation of the brainbuster on Crash. Hardcore slams Crash on a chair. Hardys bring a ladder in the ring and clothesline almost everybody with it. Hardys irish whip Hardcore into the ladder. Jeff sets up the ladder and does the sawnton bomb off it on Crash. No pin attempt as the Hardys start fighting for the pin. Tazz puts Crash in the tazmission, Saturn makes the save. Hardys knock Tazz and Saturn out. Crash rolls over on Tazz and gets the pin. Winner and still Hardcore Champion: Crash Holly

Match 5: Kurt Angle vs. Big Show Angle does some mic work before the match. Says that if the Big Show had his three I's he wouldn't be such a big disappointment. Big Show comes out dressed up like Hulk Hogan, old theme music and all. Big Show does all the Hulk Hogan poses, rips shirt off, and ear to the crowd routine. Then the Big Show gets on the mic and starts talking like Hogan. "Listen here brother..blah, blah, blah...24 inch pythons"...Match starts off with Angle attacking Show. Show no sells all of Angle's moves like Hogan would. Show did the big boot and leg drop but Angle kicked out! A big Hogan chant broke out. Loudest Hogan chant in years! Big Show gets mad and gets down to business. Chokeslam on Angle for the pin. Winner: Big Show

Match 6: Dudley Boyz vs. T & A Match starts off with all four going at it. Buh Buh starts chasing Trish around the ring until Test stops him. Albert backs Dvon into the corner with some kicks. Dvon clotheslines Albert for a two count. Buh Buh with a flying clothesline on Albert followed up by two elbow drops for a two count. Buh Buh backs Albert into the corner and smacks on his chest then tags Dvon in for a double team suplex. Dvon hits the crotch shot on Albert from the top. Albert with a big scissors kick on Dvon. Test whips Albert into the corner on Dvon. Dvon with a nice shoulder block on Test for only a one count. Test gut-wrench powerbombs Dvon. Test backs Dvon into the corner with kicks and the foot to the throat. Test and Albert double slam Dvon for a two count. Albert powerslams Dvon, Test comes off the top on Dvon for a two count. Dvon with a swinging neckbreaker on Test. Dvon tags Buh Buh but the ref doesn't see it so Test and Albert continue their double teaming. Test knocks Dvon down with a hard clothesline for a two count. Albert walks into Dvon's foot. Dvon with a sunset flip off the top on Albert. Albert powerbombs Dvon for a two count. Dvon with a superplex on Albert. Buh Buh finally tagged in anc cleans house momentarily. 3-D on Test for a two count. Albert powerbombs Buh Buh, Test misses an elbow off the top. Dvon throws Albert to the outside. Buh Buh gets distracted by Trish on the ring apron. Test hits Buh Buh with a big foot to the face for the pin. After the match Buh Buh grabs Trish while Dvon gets out the table. Trish starts kissing Buh Buh. Buh Buh pretends to fall into his trance but instead grabs her, and then powerbombs her through the table. Buh Buh with a big smile on his face after the powerbomb. EMT's and officials come out to help Trish and stretcher her out of the arena. Winners: T & A

Match 7: European Championship Match Essa Rios vs. Eddie Guerrero Eddie and Chyna drive a 57 Chevy into the arena all the way to the ring. Eddie opens the trunk to take off his tuxedo and starts getting into his wrestling gear. While he's dressing they show promos leading up to the match. Match starts off with Eddie dropkicking Essa. Tilt a whirl slam by Essa. Eddie comes back with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Essa hiptosses Eddie then drops an elbow on him. Essa tried coming off the ring apron but Eddie caught him and slammed him to the floor. Eddie throws Essa out to the floor, Chyna gets her shots in. Dropkick by Essa followed up by a missile dropkick for a two count. Essa launches Eddie with his feet into the ropes. Chyna gets in another shot on Essa. Eddie went for a powerbomb on Essa, Lita climbed to the top to stop it but Chyna pushed her off. Essa with a springboard moonsault to the outside on Eddie. Essa with a suicide plancha over the top rope to the outside on Eddie. Eddie hits a superplex on Essa. Eddie hits Essa with a brainbuster then goes up to the top. Essa runs up and arm drags Eddie off the top. Essa tried a moonsault but Eddie got his knees up. Eddie with an airplane spin into a neckbreaker on Essa for the pin. After the match Essa dropkicked Eddie into Chyna. Then Lita stripped Chyna down to her bra and panties. Eddie didn't seem to care and neither did Chyna as she did a few sexy poses. Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Match 8: Intercontinental Championship Match Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit Jericho did some mic work before the match. Match starts off with Benoit and Jericho backing each other into the corner. Both men exchange side headlock takeovers and then chops to the chest. Jericho with a drop toe hold on Benoit. Benoit with two belly to back suplexes on Jericho. Benoit then suplexes Jericho out to the floor. Benoit dove through the ropes to the outside for a headbutt but he missed and his head hit the floor hard. Benoit dropkicks the steps into Jericho. Back in the ring Benoit catches Jericho with a knee to the mid section. Benoit kicks Jericho down in the corner. Benoit catapults Jericho face first into the top turnbuckle. Benoit puts the abdominal stretch on Jericho. Jericho catches Benoit with a reverse elbow then hits the lionsault. Jericho didn't go for the pin right away as Benoit caught him slightly in the move. Benoit kicks Jericho down in the corner again. Jericho with a spinning heel kick on Benoit. Jericho with a bullgod on Benoit for a two count. Jericho hangs Benoit out to dry on the ropes. Jericho charges at Benoit but Benoit swats his feet away. Benoit goes to the top and Jericho follows. Benoit counters Jericho's suplex. Jericho powerbombs Benoit twice for a two count. Benoit puts the crippler crossface on Jericho. The hold is broken after Jericho made it to the ropes. Jericho puts the Walls of Jericho on Benoit. Benoit made it to the ropes and the hold is broke. Jericho hit the ref by accident with a crossbody after Benoit ducked. Benoit goes for the IC title and nails Jericho. Benoit revives the ref but only gets a two count. Benoit snap suplexes Jericho on the IC title. Benoit misses a flying headbutt and lands on the belt that Jericho was holding up. The ref saw it and disqualified Jericho. After the match Jericho puts the ref in the Walls of Jericho. Winner and still Intercontinental Champion: Chris Benoit

Match 9: World Wrestling Federation Championship Match Special referee: Shane McMahon The Rock vs. Triple H Before the match started Vince got on the mic and told everyone to look at their program that they bought. He said it reads "card subject to change." Vince says Austin will not be making it here tonight. Match starts off with both men trading punches. Rock hits HHH with a snap reverse elbow. Rock counters an early pedigree with a back body drop. HHH with a neckbreaker on Rock. HHH sends Rock to the outside and follows him out. HHH slams Rock into the ring steps and then the announce table. Vince grabs Rock and throws him into the ring post. Back in the ring HHH kicks Rock down in the corner. Into the ropes and HHH hits a high knee. All the while Shane keeps making fast counts for HHH. HHH suplexes Rock then hits him with a knee drop for repeated two counts. Rock starts fighting back but HHH puts him in a sleeper hold. HHH keeps Rock grounded for several minutes with a reverse chinlock. Rock drops HHH across the turnbuckles. Rock starts fighting back. Rock and HHH clothesline each other at the same time. Vince hits Rock with the title belt. HHH makes the cover but Rock kicks out at two. Rock explodes out of the corner with a clothesline on HHH. HHH hits Rock with a facebuster. Rock comes back with a ddt but Shane refuses to count. Rock knocks Shane out of the ring, then HHH knocks Rock out of the ring. HHH sends Rock into the ring steps. HHH pounds on Rock's head at the announce table. Rock counters a pedigree on the announce table with a low blow. Rock then double rock bottoms Shane and HHH through the announce table. Rock is the first to get to his feet and drags HHH back to the ring. Vince comes in the ring and hits Rock from behind. Rock goes after Vince but HHH stops him with a low blow. HHH puts the pedigree on Rock but there is no ref as Shane is still out. Patterson and Briscoe run out in ref uniforms to make the count but Rock kicks out. Patterson and Briscoe start attacking Rock. HHH joins in and starts pounding on Rock's head. Vince grabs a chair and nails Rock square in the head. Austin's music hits the arena! Austin nails everyone with a chair. Austin hits a homerun on HHH's head and then walks away. Linda McMahon and Earl Hebner come down to the ring. Linda shoves down Stephanie. Rock with a spine buster on HHH followed up by the people's elbow. Linda orders Hebner in the ring to make the count. Hebner counts to three and Rock gets the pin. Winner and new WWF World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock

I really liked this PPV because Austin came back for the first time, and the Rock finally won the WWE Championship. This PPV derserves an A

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Three Brilliant Matches On This Card

Author: Big Movie Fan from England
28 June 2002

Backlash 2000 was a brilliant event throughout packed with action and there were three really great matches on the event which stood out.

The Big Show (dressed as Hulk Hogan) came out and had an entertaining comedy match with Olympic Hero Kurt Angle. The Big Show was great when it came to impressions and he was spot on as Hulk Hogan here.

Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho had an awesome match; they are two of the WWF's best stars (even today) and they put on a good show there.

The Rock and Triple H also had a match for the WWF Title. The Rock and Triple H have had countless matches and I believe this was their best match. They both put on a cracking fight for this event.

Check out Backlash if you can.

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This was a really good PPV

Author: amanwhorocks from Czech Republic
6 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1. WWF Tag team Title Championship: Road Dogg/X-pac Vs. Champs-Edge/Christian - Great opener and well worked finish. Retained. 8.5/10

2. WWF Light Heavyweight Championship: Scotty Too Hotty Vs. Champ-Dean Malenko - A lot of technical wrestling, quite boring in some parts. But in complete-good. Malenko retains. 8/10

3. Big Boss Man/Bull Buchanan Vs. Acolytes 7.5/10

4. WWF Hardcore Championship: Champ-Crash/Hardcore Holly Vs. Tazz Vs. Hardy Boyz Vs. Perry Saturn - Somehow Champ retained. 7.5/10

5. Kurt Angle Vs. Big Show - Big Show played Hogan and his taunts. I almost became wet how I laughed. 8/10

6. Dudley Boyz Vs. T&A - T&A won and Dudley went with Trish through the table. 7/10

7. WWF European Title Match: Champ-Eddie Guerrero Vs. Essa Rios - Eddie cleanly retained in an High-fly match. Too bad that crowd was not into it. 8/10

8. WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Chris Jericho Vs. Champ-Chris Benoit - Best match of the night. They put effort and sweat. Pity cuz of DQ ending 9/10

9. WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: Champ-Triple H Vs. The Rock - HQ title match, Stone Cold have to come to let the Rock win. 8.5/10

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Author: james ( from New York, New York, USA
6 August 2002

A World Wrestling Federaton Pay-Per-View with the following matches: WWF Tag-Team Championships: Edge & Christian vs. X-Pac & Road Dogg with Tori; WWF Light-Heavyweight Championship: Dean Malenko vs. Scotty 2 Hotty; Bull Buchannon & the Big Boss Man vs. Acolytes; WWF Hardcore Championship: Crash Holly vs. Tazz vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Perry Saturn; Big Show vs. Kurt Angle; T & A with Trish Tratus vs. The Dudley Boyz; WWF European Championship: Essa Rios vs. Eddie GuGuerro; WWF Intercontinental Championship: Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho; WWF Championship: Triple H with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley & Vince McMahon vs. The Rock with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Shane McMahon was the special guest referee.

it was OK

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Stone Cold in the Rock's corner

Author: OzzyCash from Nashville, Tennessee
4 September 2000

Every WWF pay per view event is good don't listen to the critics. Backlash took place on April 30th in Washington DC. This was the first ppv without Foley for the WWF. There was a 6-man hardcore match, the Big Show beat the crap out of Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero & Chyna took on Essa Rios & Lita, who was a heel then, Benoit took on Jericho, and in the main event the Rock faced HHH and Stone Cold made somewhat of a comeback by helping out the Rock hitting the McMahons and Brisco and Patterson with chairs, overall a good event.

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