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Plot Summary

  • Phil and Beth meet at the beach and shortly exchange tintypes, which they wear in lockets. When she spots the locket on his fob and asks "Whose picture is that?" the catch sticks and he cannot prove it is hers. They quarrel and separate. Each determines to commit suicide, but the water is too cold. Fortunately, Jean the Vitagraph Dog acts as an intermediary and they are soon reconciled.

    - Written by boblipton
  • Phil, with his dog Jean, is spending his vacation at the seashore. They are seen walking on the sands; Phil's hat is blown into the water and Jean fetches it safely back to his master. Tired with his long walk, Phil lies down on the beach and falls asleep. Jean steals away, and while trotting along the shore sees an old bathing hat in the water, gets it and carries it to Phil. Jean, encouraged by the petting he received when he rescued his master's hat, has evidently got the habit. Phil pats his dog's head and continues his nap. Besting at another point on the beach we see Beth, a pretty girl, who is dreaming sweet dreams in the Land of Nod. Jean is looking about for new adventures; seeing the young girl's hat lying beside her, Jean picks it up and takes it to the source of his previous commendations. To say that Phil is surprised at the presentation of the hat is putting it mildly, and he determines to find its owner. His dog soon leads him to Beth, who is previously awakened by the barking of the dog, but pretends to be asleep. Phil comes cautiously forward, and when he sees the girl he is smitten with her charms, but refrains from disturbing her; he silently leaves the hat and noiselessly gets away. This is a disappointment to Beth; she had hoped to become acquainted. To accomplish this she throws her hat into the water and screams. This brings Phil and Jean back; the hat is recovered and Beth is profuse in her thanks. Acquainted, they now stroll along together and become friendly. In the course of their meandering they pass a photograph gallery and agree to have their tin-types taken, which they exchange. Beth, at the hotel, is seen in her room cutting out Phil's face from the tin-type and placing it in her locket. Phil is also seen doing the same thing with Beth's tin-type, putting it in his watch charm. They meet again. Sitting together on the beach with Jean at their feet, Phil proposes to Beth and she accepts him. He wants to know what is in her locket; she wants to know what is in his. She says she asked first, and they have a real lovers' quarrel and part. Jean is taking it all in, but, of course, says nothing. Phil, in despair, despondently strides the beach, takes his watch with fob and locket from his pocket and throws it on the sand, smites his breast and acts as if he contemplated suicide. Jean picks up the watch and fob and runs off in the direction Beth has taken. Beth, in her loneliness and agitation, is gloomily looking at her locket, unloosens her hair, takes off her shoes and stockings, throws her locket aside and behaves as if she, too, were seized with the suicidal mania. Jean now appears, places Phil's locket near Beth and takes her locket to Phil. The two lovers look into each other's locket and behold their own faces. It does not take very long for them to get together, make up and renew their betrothal with caresses and kisses and sweet converse as they sit underneath an umbrella on an isolated rock far out in the water, presenting a very novel situation.

    - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis


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