The Quiet American (2002) Poster

Plot Keywords

love vietnamese
vietnam american
saigon french
communist british
reporter journalist
murder general
police inspector police
friend dancer
mistress politics
1950s betrayal
love triangle u.s. foreign policy
diolacton hotel continental saigon
slaughter phat diem vietnam
secret wire service
medical aid note
marching band vietnamese general
demonstration political party
political rally sense of smell
heat bicycle
polio birthday
father son relationship anniversary
song singing
singer hong kong
politician reference to ho chi minh
legless corpse typewriter
french soldier professor
boston massachusetts sister sister relationship
running out of gas london england
friendship clue
nightclub card playing
opium smoking egomaniac
explosion prostitute
taxi dancer dancing
telegram grenade
boat river
knife photographer
camera london times the newspaper
newsreel footage topless female nudity
bare breasts female nudity
nudity restaurant
colonialism colonial war
democracy alcoholic
kidnapping dead body
death passion
gun machine gun
watchtower subjective camera
montage flashback within a flashback
flashback rickshaw
sampan fire
dog drunkenness
drink drinking
liar french indochina war
umbrella rain
unfaithfulness adultery
pipe smoking drug use
ambush jealousy
propaganda atrocity
letter older man younger woman relationship
sex infidelity
child murder walking cane
sprained ankle moral ambiguity
set up corpse
double identity cover up
melancholy lie
conspiracy spy
anti war killing a dog
revenge milk bar
vietnam war terrorism
massacre journalism
bunker smuggling
political assassination extramarital affair
dance hall brothel
morgue opium den
indochina newspaper
concubine drugs
american abroad asian
assassination political thriller
communism british expatriate
cia medical envoy
deception nonlinear timeline
bomb car bomb
stabbing divorce
car trouble love at first sight
opium cafe
voice over narration ankle injury
foreign correspondent military
southeast asia american foreign policy
based on novel

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