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A Great PPV (Recap)

Author: wwe reporter from Vancouver, B.C.
30 June 2002

Match 1: Intercontinental Championship match Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho Before the match Kurt told the crowd that he would become the Euro-Continental champion. As usual, Chyna did her bazooka blaster entrance before Jericho came out. Jericho then got on the mic and called Angle a jackass. Y2J said he had a "I" of his own- The Intercontinental Championship. Y2J chants as soon as the bell rang. Match starts off with a shoulder block by Angle. Angle slapped Jericho. Jericho clotheslines Angle then chops him into the ropes. Angle with a drop toe hold on Jericho. Jericho elevated Angle over the ropes out to the floor. As Angle was trying to come back in Jericho hit him with a springboard dropkick. On the outside Angle slammed Jericho's face into the announce table. Angle whipped Jericho into the steps. Jericho countered with a moonsault off the steps on Angle. Angle hit a belly to belly suplex off the top on Jericho for a two count. Angle pounds Jericho down in the corner then hits a suplex for another two count. Angle sucks chants. Angle locks on a reverse chinlock. Jericho hit a double arm hook into a backbreaker on Angle for a two count. Angle comes back with a belly to back suplex for a two count. Angle grounds Jericho again with another reverse chinlock. Angle with a arm bar takedown on Jericho for a two count. Angle pounds on Jericho in the corner again. Jericho hits Angle with a spinning heel kick. Jericho follows up with a bulldog on Angle. Jericho then hits Angle with a flying forearm for a two count. Jericho countered Angle's huricanrana but may have hurt his elbow. Angle locks on a arm bar submission. Jericho gets to the ropes. Angle hits his olympic slam but Jericho kicks out! Angle goes out to the floor and gets his belt. The ref tried to take the belt away. This enabled Jericho to lock on the walls of Jericho. Angle made it to the ropes to break the hold. Jericho kicks Angle out of the ring. Jericho slams Angle face first into the announce table. Angle raked Jericho's eyes then knocked him down. Jericho knocked Chyna into the steps by accident. Jericho suplexed Angle back into the ring. Jericho went for his moonsault but Angle raised his belt up and Jericho landed on it. Angle then makes the pin. Winner and new Intercontinental Champion: Kurt Angle

Match 2: Tag Team Championship match Dudley Boyz vs. New Age Outlaws Dudleys did a backstage interview before this match and RoadDogg and Mr. Ass did their usual mic work on their entrance. Dudleys attack before the bell even rings. RoadDogg does his juke n jive on Buh Buh. Buh Buh counters with a full nelson into an atomic drop. Dvon came off the second rope hitting RoadDogg with a low blow. Buh Buh chokes RoadDogg on the ropes. Buh Buh backs RoadDogg into the corner and slaps his chest. Buh Buh clotheslines RoadDogg. Dudleys with back and forth tags. RoadDogg superplexed Buh Buh off the second turnbuckle. RoadDogg finally tags Mr. Ass and Mr. Ass cleans house. Buh Buh hit Mr. Ass in the shoulder with a lead pipe. Ref gets knocked out. Dudleys hit 3D on RoadDogg and make the pin. After the match RoadDogg and Mr. Ass exchange some words. Winners and new Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boys

Match 3: Mark Henry vs. Viscera Match starts off with Henry attacking Viscera first. Henry knocks Viscera down with a big shoulder block. Viscera clotheslines Henry out of the ring. Viscera whips Henry into the ring steps twice. Fans start to chant boring. Back in the ring Viscera gets a two count. Viscera hits Henry with a samoan drop. Mae Young comes down to ringside. Viscera with a belly to belly suplex on Henry. Viscera knocks Mae down and goes for the splash but Henry knocked him down with a shoulder block. The cameras were knocked out during the ending of this match but they did show the replay. Henry powerslammed Viscera for the pin. Winner: Mark Henry

Match 4: To determine the #1 contenders for the WWF Tag Titles Edge & Christian vs. The Hardys Terri Runnels is back as she escorted the Hardys to the ring. She was also shown on Sunday Night Heat seeking protection from the aPa. After both teams make their entrance the Acolytes make their way to the ring to watch Terri's back. Match starts off with Jeff and Edge going at it. Jeff misses a corkscrew moonsault off the top. Hardys with a double leg drop on Christian. Matt and Christian exchange chops to the chest. Matt clotheslines Christian to the mat then pounds on his face. Jeff hits a springboard leg drop on Christian. Hardys double pancake slam Christian to the mat. Christian hits Matt with a neckbreaker. Edge finally gets tagged in and clotheslines both Hardys. Christian flies out of the ring onto Matt. Edge works on Jeff a little bit then tags Christian back in. Christian front face slams Jeff into the mat. Christian tags Edge back in for a double team in the corner. Christian drop toe holds Edge who's head falls right into Jeff's groin area. Edge piledrives Jeff for a two count. Edge locks on a reverse chinlock on Jeff to ground him to the mat. Jeff fights back and hits Edge with a huricanrana. Edge catches Jeff in mid air and turns it into a powerbomb that had a horrible landing for both men. Christian powerslams Jeff for a two count. Edge and Jeff hit each other in mid air with a double handfull of hair that puts both men down. Matt comes off the top on Edge with an elbow. Jeff gets a two count out of it. Jeff hits Edge coming off the top with a dropkick with a dropkick of his own. Matt with a swinging neckbreaker on Edge. All four men in the ring now. Matt slams Christian and both Hardys go to the top and connect on Christian. Edge makes the save. Edge catches Jeff with a spear in mid air. Matt with an inverted atomic drop on Christian. Terri gets on the ring apron and shoves Jeff off the top turnbuckle. Terri then slaps Matt. Christian drives Matt face first to the canvas for the pin. After the match Matt grabs Terri by the hair wanting a answer. The Acolytes attack the Hardys then leave then laying as they leave the ring. Winners: Edge and Christian

Match 5: Tazz vs. Big Bossman w/ Prince Albert Match starts off with Tazz and Bossman fighting in the aisle. In the ring Bossman hits Tazz in the corner with a big splash. Tazz with a suplex on Bossman. Tazz locks on the tazzmission. Prince Albert comes in and attacks Tazz. Ref calls for the bell. Prince Albert powerbombs Tazz. Bossman hits Tazz in the ribs with his nightstick. Prince Albert continues his assult on Tazz. Tazz tries to fight back but can't overcome the double team. Tazz still keeps fighting back. Finally Bossman breaks his nightstick over Tazz's head. That looked bad. Tazz will still not stay down! Finally the officials come in and break things up. Winner by DQ: Tazz

Match 6: No holds barred Kane vs. X-Pac Match starts off with Xpac attacking Kane to no prevail. Kane comes back with a backbreaker on Xpac. Xpac and Tori try to leave. Kane goes after them and slams Xpac into the security railing. Xpac hits Kane over the head with a trash can. Kane and Xpac fight through the crowd and then back to ringside. Kane drops Xpac neck first over the railing. Xpac hits Kane right in the face with the ring bell. Paul Bearer starts to attack Xpac. Tori makes the save then Bearer chases after her. Xpac crotches Kane on the ropes after a dropkick. Xpac then hits the bronco buster. Kane sits back up then clotheslines Xpac. Xpac drokicks Kane in the knee. Xpac takes Kane down with a sloppy back heel kick. Kane counters a spinning toe hold. Xpac hits Kane with another spinning heel kick. Kane catches Xpac coming off the top but Xpac low blows Kane to get out of it. Kane takes a x-factor then gets back up. Kane comes off the top with a clothesline on Xpac. Kane then one arm chokeslams Xpac. Tori gets in the ring and Kane gives her a tombstone piledriver. Kane grabs the ring steps but Xpac dropkicks them in his face for the pin. Winner: X-Pac

Match 7: Six-man tag team match Too Cool and Rikishi vs. Benoit, Saturn, and Malenko Match starts off with all six men going at it. Rikishi hits Malenko with a leg drop. Guerrero tried to get a cheap shot but Rikishi took care of him. Saturn knocks down Sexay with a shoulder block. Saturn puts Sexay on the top but Sexay counters and hits Saturn with a missile dropkick. Sexay with a bulldog on Benoit for a two count. Too Cool do a double elbow drop on Benoit. Benoit hangs Scotty out to dry on the ropes. Scotty does the moonwalk then tags in Rikishi. Rikishi followed Benoit into the corner with a clothesline then sat on his face. Malenko dropkicks the feet out from under Rikishi. Rikishi superkicks Saturn then tags in Scotty. Scotty hits Saturn with a bulldog. Scotty was about to do the worm but Malenko stopped that. Benoit backdrop suplexes Scotty for a two count. Benoit drop toe holds Scotty and then Malenko dropkicks Scotty in the face. Saturn drives his knee in Scotty's face for a two count. Saturn and Malenko double team Scotty. Benoit gets tagged in and chops on Scotty. Malenko drives a knee across the collar bone of Scotty. Benoit and Scotty go down at the same time after the back of Benoit's head smacks Scotty right in the face. Rikishi gets the tag and cleans house for a bit. Rikishi hits Saturn with his sit-down Rikishi driver. Scotty calls for the worm and then executes it on Saturn. Malenko with a chop block on Rikishi. Rikishi with a belly to belly suplex on Benoit. Malenko once again chop blocks Rikishi. Sexay hits his hip hop drop on Saturn but Benoit makes the save with a headbutt. All six men going at it now. Malenko stomping on Rikishi inside the ring. Rikishi does his sit-down Rikishi driver on Malenko. Rikishi pulls Malenko into the corner and hits him with the turnbuckle buttsplash for the pin. After the match Too Cool and Rikishi do their dance routine. Winners: Too Cool and Rikishi

Match 8: For a shot at the WWF Champion at WrestleMania Big Show vs. The Rock Match starts off with a staredown and then Rock slapping Big Show in the face. Rock hits a side russian leg sweep then comes back with a ddt for a two count. Rock went for the rock bottom early but Big Show elbowed Rock in the head and sent him to the outside. Rock whips Big Show into the ring steps. Big Show throws the Rock into the crowd and follows him out. Rock fights back with punches and kicks. Rock backdrops Big Show back into the ringside area. Big Show press slam Rock across the safety rail. Back in the ring Big Show knocks Rock down with a headbutt. Big Show with a powerslam on the Rock for a two count. On the outside Rock throws a drink in Big Show's face then hits him with some punches. Big Show counters and throws Rock back into the ring and stomps on him. Rock counters a russian leg sweep and hits a russian leg sweep of his own. Rock with a ddt on Big Show for a two count. Big Show with a sidewalk slam on Rock for a two count. Big Show goes to the outside and brings a chair into the ring. Rock ducks the chair shot and fires back with some offense. Rock knocks down the ref by accident. Big Show knocks down Rock with a big foot and then chokeslams him. Another ref runs to ringside. Both refs starts to argue. Shane McMahon comes to ringside! Rock nails Big Show with a chair then hits the rock bottom. Rock went for the people's elbow but Shane hit him with a chair and Big Show gets the pin. After the match Shane and Big Show hug. Winner: Big Show

Match 9: Hell in a Cell Championship match Cactus Jack vs. Triple H Match starts off with Triple H going after Cactus. Cactus counters with punches to the face of Triple H. Cactus headbutts Triple H then repeatedly slams his head to the mat. Cactus with a flying forearm on Triple H. Triple H comes off the ring apron but Cactus catches him in the mid-section. Cactus drags Triple H around the ring trying to slam his head into the cage but Triple H blocks both times. Triple H pounds on Cactus in the corner with punches to the head. Cactus backdrops Triple H to the outside. Cactus pulls a chair out from under the ring. Triple H slams Cactus into the cage. Triple H whips Cactus into the ring steps and then throws him into the ring post. Triple H throws the ring steps into Cactus' head. Triple H beats on the steps with a chair with Cactus under the steps. Cactus crawls back into the ring and Triple H nails him in the mid-section with the chair. Triple H ddt's Cactus for several two counts. Cactus with a double arm ddt on Triple H on the chair for a two count. Cactus follows up with a russian leg sweep on Triple H on the chair. Cactus punches Triple H down into the corner on a chair. Cactus steps back and takes a run at Triple H but Triple H drop toe holds Cactus onto the chair. Outside the ring Triple H repeatedly slams Cactus' head into the cage. Cactus uses the ring steps as leverage to catapult Triple H into the cage. Cactus rubs Triple H's face across the cage. Foley comes off the top to the outside driving the chair into Triple H. Cactus busts through the cage therefor making himself a door to get out and get to the top. Cactus throws Triple H through the hole in the cage and then piledrives him on the announce table. Cactus starts to climb to the top of the cage but Stephanie pulls him back down. Cactus goes behind the announce table and grabs a 2x4 wrapped in barb wire. Cactus hits Triple H right in the face with the 2x4. Triple H tries to get away by climbing to the top of the cage. Cactus follows him up but before he can make it up Triple H rubs the 2x4 across Cactus' face and he falls off the cage and through a table. Cactus makes it to his feet and grabs a chair while Triple H waits up top. Cactus tries to throw the chair up top but he don't have enough strength to get it up there. Cactus climbs back up top anyways without any weapons and Triple H beats the hell out of him with the 2x4. Cactus low blows Triple H and Triple H drops the 2x4. Triple H almost falls through the cage which is starting to give away in the corner. Cactus snap suplexes Triple H then follows up with a double arm ddt. Cactus grabs the 2x4 and sets it on fire! Cactus hits Triple H in the face with the burning 2x4. Cactus went to piledrive Triple H onto the burning 2x4 but Triple H countered and backdropped Cactus. The cage gave away and Cactus went falling to the mat. Part of the ring where he landed even gave away. The crowd breaks out into a chant of holy shit. Triple H climbs down into the cage. Cactus starts to move and Triple H hits him with a right hand. Triple H applies the pedigree on Cactus for the pin. After the match EMT's come out to help Cactus. Cactus refuses treatment and walks out on his own to a standing ovation. Winner: Triple H

I was pritty surprised to see Cactus Jack lose to this Hell in the Cell match. Well I guess Cactus just sux at Wrestling! This PPV deserves a B+

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Hell in the Cell

Author: OzzyCash from Nashville, Tennessee
24 September 2000

The event took place on February 27th 2000 from Hartford Connecticut. Ok this was a great event of course like all WWF events. Jericho won the ic title from Kurt Angle, Dudley Boys beat the Outlaws to win the tag titles, Mark Henry beat Viscera, Edge & Christian beat the Hardy Boys after Terri turned on the Harys, Tazz beat the Boss Man by DQ, X-Pac beat Kane in a no holds barred match, Rikishi & Too Cool beat the Radicals, Big Show beat the Rock which is always good to see the Rock lose, and in the awesome main event HHH beat Mick Foley in the hell in the cell match this was classic you have to see this event one way or another!

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Give Foley crown for the King of wrestling

Author: amanwhorocks from Czech Republic
12 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1. WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Kurt Angle Vs. Chris Jericho - Kurt defeated Chris Jericho for that title in an awesome match 9/10

2. WWF World Tag Team Title Match: Champs-New Age Outlaws Vs. Dudley Boys - We have a new champs in an one quality match 8.5/10

3. Viscera Vs. Mark Henry - Stupid feud, boring match. 5.5/10

4. Edge/Christian Vs. Hardy Boyz - Perfectly worked match with all the moves. Terri in the end turn on Hardys. 9/10

Oh no, Bossman now the things getting worse

5. Big Bossmann Vs. Tazz - 1 minute DQ match, that Bossman will lose if it continued. Then they beat the hell out of Tazz. Boring. 4/10

6. No Holds Barred: Kane Vs. X-Pac - Funny how David can beat Goliasch. 7.5/10

7. Too Cool/Rikishi Vs. Radicalz - Another HQ action, this PPV is full of good matches. 8.5/10

8. Big Show Vs. The Rock - Quite average moves and script. Shane turned on Rock and Big Show won 7.5/10

9. Hell in a Cell Match: Cactus jack Vs. Triple H - Classic, Foley is God of wrestling but I have to give great credit for Triple H in this match. He definitely ISN'T lazy champ, like Hogan/Nash etc. Nice script. HHH got Foley through the top of the cage and won. 10/10

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