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Not as bad as you might imagine
David_Mark2 March 2004
If you are a fan of B-grade monster movies, this one is absolutely watchable, especially Heidi Lenhart. I may not know art, but I know what I like!

The plot is stupid, the acting terrible. Continuity and production values are non-existent. The budget appears to have been the change from inside the producers' car-seats. In short, it is everything you would expect from a straight-to-video creature feature. The film succeeds on its own terms.

Some reviewers complain about the obviously ersatz crocodile, but I enjoyed this low-budget quickie more than "The Matrix Reloaded" and "Scooby-Doo" combined (two recent CGI-laden Hollywood debacles.)

You can catch this on late-night cable as "Crocodile 2: Death Roll."
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Quite Good
knight_armour12 November 2005
I give this movie a '7 out of 10' on a 'B' movie scale. It was more entertaining than I expected and contained some twists and turns to the story that kept me watching it without getting bored. There is a good balance between action and character development as well. The special effects are as good as they come for this kind of movie but you won't be so concerned about that because the setting and story will keep you entertained. Acting is good with the main female character doing a great job. The bad guys are also pretty convincing with focus on mainly just two of them. Strangely, I would say this movie is as much about humans as it is about the crocodile.
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What Strange Names
Theo Robertson14 June 2003
Warning: Spoilers
!!!!! SPOILERS !!!!!

There`s two things that guarantee you`re going be watching a really bad movie . One is the name Victor Salva appearing in the credits and the other is the movie starting off in a way that seems to go against the movie`s title . Take CROCODILE 2 : DEATH SWAMP , with a title like that you`d expect either a crocodile or a swamp in the opening hook wouldn`t you ? Well you`d be wrong because this film starts with a bank robbery . But it`s not just any bank , no siree , it`s a bank where all the staff and customers are named Motherf***er as in " Hand over he money Motherf***er , on the ground Motherf***er , don`t look at me Motherf***er " . One thing that puzzled me about the robbers - Apart from them knowing everyone was named Motherf***er - was that they had a broad range of accents , but it`s suggested they`re in a band . Or something . Whatever . So the robbers ( And what a great name for a band ) decide to go on tour and hijack a plane which is in extremely poor taste . Before September 11 2001 it was only bad movies that featured people hijacking planes , post 9/11 there`s something offensive about this plot line . Oh and strangely all the passengers and crew in this aircraft are also called Motherf***er . Can someone in the States send me a private message and tell me how common the name Motherf***er is ? because that seems to be the only name the characters in this film are called . After the plane crashes ( Hope I didn`t spoil any plot twists there ) the survivors start getting eaten one by one by a crocodile and guess what its name is ? That`s right it`s called Motherf***er too . You really have to worry about the screenwriters naming every single character - Human or otherwise - with the exact same name .

I do have one good thing to say about CROCODILE 2 : DEATH SWAMP and that is Heidi Lenhart looks great in a bikini

One Shocking Trivia Point : The crocodile realization in this film was achieved via a combination of CGI and a rubber dummy . I`m sure no one noticed this untill I pointed it out
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It's entertaining
Jester6928 August 2002
Why do we watch movies??? To be entertained. This is a bad movie but I had a blast watching it. A movie can have bad acting,effects,story and more but if it keeps my attention, it works!!! If you aren't looking for the next Academy Award winner and just like to be entertained, this movie will do the job. If you are someone who's just into art and good acting, stay away!!! This is for beer drinking movie night!!!!
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Great Sequel
atinder15 January 2010
I really liked Crocodile (2000) it was good. This sequel is even better.

A number of guys, rob a bank and then catch a plane then, there plane get stuck in a storm, where need to land but robbers are have none of if, so they hijacked it, tell them carry on with the flight ,them the plane hit by lighting, the plane crash (which is really badly done) in to the river.

Most of the people are still Alive, including all the robber, who get some people as hostage, then one of robber are killed by the Crocdile and they shoot.

it dead, not knowing that the mother crocodile was watching the whole thing., she what revenge, for her sons murder and goes on the killing anything that get in her way.

This great sequel, action pack from the start, Acting is not that bad in this movie,

An there was some really good gory deaths scenes in this movie, which I really liked I going give this movie 7/10
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Really good
simon-crock24 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Crocodile 2 Death Swamp is a really good movie. This movie is fun to watch and it got a lot of action in it to.This is the sequel to Tobe Hoopers Crocodile.Warning the first Crocodile is not so good.Crocodile 2 Death Swamp is not scary but it's a really cool movie with a lot of action. The movie is 90 minutes. The Directors name is Gary Jones (Musquito,Spiders,Raptor Planet). If you want to see other good Croc/Alligator movies i recommend. Lake Placid , Chorake (Crocodile1981),Dark Age, Alligator, Alligator2 , The Big Alligator River, Blood Surf(Krocodylus), Crocodile Fury , Brutal River. Have a nice day.
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Play the motherf***er game!!!
randommesspaul11 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, The idea is to count how many times the lead bad guy says "motherf***er". I'm telling you, it can't be done. It's the only swear word he knows. Script writing is a class act.

I always enjoy the sort of movies where the creature appears to be some form of sub-plot in the movie, you know, gang raid a bank, try to escape to Mexico, plane crashes etc, then in the last twenty minutes a crocodile arrives! What's that all about? Still For other movies where the creatures are side plots, or just barely exist, see Shark Attack and Spiders 2.

Well worth a watch if you are into trashy bad movies. It's just a bit too good to be rated in the bottom 100. The acting is only below average, the SFX almost look acceptable, and there is obviously a fair budget put behind this movie.
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Very entertaining actually and much better than i thought it was gonna be
rchrdshelt3 May 2004
Ok, so this movie is no classic is is probably completely unkown as its a B movie, but it is actually a very entertaining film to watch with a bowl of pocorn on a Saturday night. Having not seen the 1st Crocodile movie, I was under the impression i would need to have seen it to understand the plot etc. in this one, but I hav enow seen it and I can tell you they are both complete different movies with different storylines, characters, settings. Nothing from the 1st movie is mentioned in this one. This movie is certainly much better than the 1st one which i felt was a complete waste of time. The plot is not very plausible but again its very entertaing and there are some spectacular shock moments like ones in Deep Blue Sea and Jaws only they are both better.

The acting is decent actually even though it tries to be like Pulp Fiction slightly. There are also some decent special effects for a B movie. This movie and the 1st crocodile movie are certainly much better than Spiders and Spiders 2 which are complete crap. But the end product of this movie is a very entertaining ride that should be seen if you want a night in and some pure entertinment. It certainly was for me.

Certainly worth a look 8/10
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drider198021 August 2002
I hope you're not that naive to believe our fellow reviewer below who claims this movie is better than "Citizen Kane" and "American Beauty." This movie is the sort that you'll find in the $1.99 bin at Blockbuster next month, or playing on the USA network at 3 in the morning. The special effects are horrible, the film is flat and there's nothing of any importance in this movie - a total waste of time. Don't even bother...please?

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Big Croc Chomps Insignificant People
patrick-green8 May 2006
Right, the plot is as follows: a plane crashes in a swamp after some weird bank robbers kill the pilot to save their loot. A pathetic bunch of survivors then tramps around the swamp with a ludicrously fake-looking croc in pursuit. O-k what's the big deal? The film certainly does not answer the description I had from the video club: "I warn you kid, this film is traumatizing", traumatizingly bad more like it. The acting was awful and the croc looked VERY fake, even faker than in the first Crocodile. But in some bits they used an animatronic crocodile and it looked pretty impressive. As for the characters, I was quite glad when the croc started to use them as chew toys, they were sickeningly pathetic. Well, in all, I say DO NOT watch this movie. If you are looking for real entertainment rent another one.
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xah-27 September 2003
Warning: Spoilers

Once you accept that this is supposed to be a bad movie, you will realize you have a great one on your hands.

The vastly preferable title is "Crocodile 2: Death Roll." This becomes apparent when the first crocodile is killed, and then rolls over in imitation of a cockroach.

The twists and turns are outrageously hilarious. The beeper inside the second crocodile was an excellent touch, especially at the end when it helped preserve suspense about whether the second croc was killed by the explosion of swamp gas.
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Croc of Sh1te
craig ellis24 December 2002
Had the misfortune to watch this on Sky TV. Awful acting and story line. Not worth the price of the video tape. Don't bother its totally lame.
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Goofs Galore
TheDimReaper20 February 2003
Just go find them. This film is enjoyable for that feature alone. It redefines the meaning of "B" Movie. Enjoy! When I started watching this "Masterpiece of Mayhem", it was with open eyes and a heart full of expectations. I did and it did....NOT! Just watch it for plot holes and goofs and it becomes entertaining, the only reason for keeping one eye open.

Have fun with friends and lots of booze to see who can find the most goofs and continuity holes. The winner gets to send me a six pack!


Without these gems where would the bottom of the IMDB lists go?
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Interesting cheesy crocodile film
slayrrr6661 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"Crocodile II: Death Roll" isn't as bad as it's said to be.


After making a daring escape from a bank robbery, Max, (Darryl Theirse) Sol, (Jon Sklaroff) Squid, (James Parks) and Pete, (Billy Rieck) hijack a plane to Mexico and forces it to crash in a Mexican swamp. After making it out of the wreck, a few survivors, Mia, (Heidi Noelle Lenhart) Max, (Darryl Theirse) Sean, (Sean Euro) and Julie, (Anna Cranage) accompany the thieves on a trek to their destination through the swamp. As they're treading through the swamp, they run into a gigantic crocodile living there. Trying to make it out alive while not incurring the robbers' wrath, a tracker, (Martin Kove) and her boyfriend, (Chuck Walczak) try to help Mia and the others escape.

The Good News: This wasn't as bad as it's been made out to be. The crocodile is one of the more vicious ones out there, making it's presence one that needs to constantly be dealt with. His kills are quite impressive and run an impressive gamut. One is snagged out of a window and hauled out, another is snapped up, breaking the arm and then swallowed, and one more is chomped and savagely bitten, then is put into the infamous crocodile death roll. It's only done to one victim, but it looks great when it happens. What was also enjoyable about the crocodile was that when he was exposed as a threat, the rest of the film more or less centered around it. It was a viable threat that carried the film just as much as the robbers subplot, and it didn't just deal with the exploits of them with the crocodile only munching on the stragglers or strays until the last few are left. The second half is just about dedicated to the robbers and hostages trying to escape the crocodile, and that is most welcome. There are some good action sequences as well spread throughout, keeping it an upbeat and pretty fast moving film. The entire sequence in the shack is a great sequence, giving the action when it's needed and some nice gore as well. There is also a little bit of suspense thrown in when the unknown crocodile would pop out during the first trek through the swamp. It's a surprisingly decent film.

The Bad News: There's still a few things wrong with this film. The first is that the crocodile really looks fake. It's mostly done with CGI, which is obvious when it is, but it's also done with a really bad looking puppet. Normally, I prefer puppets and animatronics over CGI, but there has to be a sense of believability to it. This one looks mostly like a giant float made up like a crocodile. This is pretty much spread out through much of the other elements present, which can make it a bit grating at times. It's really an all-around effort with this one, so it can be one that's heavily criticized in this area. These were the main things wrong with the film though.

The Final Verdict: Yes, this is a cheesy film with a bunch to really get up in arms against, but it's not a bad example of the genre that is mostly just for the fans of the films. It can be a guilty pleasure for those not into it, but it's more likely for the fans of the genre.

Rated R: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence and an attempted Rape
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10 out of 10 pure gold
sadtwazzer2 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
all i can say is that it rules get in the car is just the best bit. (it's a helicopter not a car you really would of thought they would of noticed it) will keep you on the edge of your seat all action amazing real special effects can hardly tell is only a film one of the best films of all time £25 well spent. the random dude with tourettes syndrome is a acting god swearing after every line what a man. along with the all star cast pure magic on film. it's this film that inspired me to direct my own film. will be out later this year will keep you all posted. if you only see one film this year it's this. it's a life changing film will not disappoint a 10 out of 10 all the way home
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Almost Ruined by One Extremely Absurd Scene
Uriah439 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This movie begins with 4 men robbing a bank and killing several policemen as they make their escape. As part of their plan they then board a flight to Acapulco where they hope to live a life of luxury. Unfortunately, when they are told by the pilot that the flight has to turn back to the United States because of a terrible storm they decide to take over the airplane and continue on the original course. One thing leads to another and soon the airplane crashes in a swamp about 50 miles from their intended destination. One of the crooks dies in the process along with most of the other passengers. However, the few people who survive now have to contend with a giant crocodile who seeks vengeance upon everybody in the group for killing one its offspring. Now, as far as this movie is concerned I thought that this was a dynamite film up until about the last 15 minutes or so when it was almost ruined by one extremely absurd scene copied right out of "Jaws 2". If not for that--and the excessive use of profanity--I would have rated this film higher. So, for what it's worth, even though it is better than the original I feel compelled to give it just average marks.
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We all love B-Movies!
Rob Green28 July 2008
I bought this film in a boxset with 9 other movies. I expect you've all heard of the Shark Attack Trilogy... that was in there.

Upon returning from the pub, me and my housemate decided to give this one a whirl.

Easily the greatest B movie ever made! The pair of us watched Crodile 1 the night before, but this one just blew us away.

There is quite a bit of character development, in fact, you can get so into the characters that you can almost forget there was a crocodile anyway!

Not great acting by a long shot but great backgrounds and stories. Swearing was a bit o.t.t. though which starts to detract from the believability of the main characters, but some subtle humour to make up for it.

The crocodile didn't disappoint either. Yes; it's a bit shoddy and you can see it's blatantly cgi. The whole point in these films is that it doesn't matter. The film is just there to be enjoyed.

And trust me when I say this one was.
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Holy Shiva!
victoriawinters16 April 2004
These are the kind of movies you try to root for as not being that awful, but it's tough to cut this one a lot of slack.

The big problem is that the tedious hostage/croc chase plot will never work in any* movie, let alone one that was put together in 2 seconds with some 12 year- old's allowance. After they crash in the swamp, the pattern the movie will follow becomes clear: 1) robbers curse out hostages 2) croc attacks/ eats someone 3) we don't care at all 4) repeat. That's all there is. Nothing to hold our interest, no real funny lines, compelling characters or any of that campy fun stuff that you occasionally get in these flicks. Ah well. I don't like being so hard on a film with underrated babe Heidi Lenhart in it. She needs more work.

Also, the "Mexicans" who are clearly South Asian just blew me away.
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F-word attack!
natascha-vanrennes27 March 2003
I really enjoyed the first Crocodile, which was funny and amusing. But unfortunately Croc 2 is not that funny.

The first 30 minutes it's like watching Turbulence part IIV (meets Passenger 57). Some bad criminals (and they ARE bad because they carry a gun and they use the F-word in almost every phrase) are hijacking a plane and make it crash into a swamp where a hungry crocodile is waiting for dinner. Sounds exciting so far...

But what makes this movie dull is the fact that you see more 'bad guy is shooting hostage'-stuff than crocodile-attacks. And this storyline makes it all very predictable, too bad.

This movie is not completely terrible, but it's nothing special.

If you did enjoy this movie I recommend Blood Surf and Octopus.
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load of rubbish
wemonkey518 March 2003
what a load of rubbish i saw crocodile one and quite liked it although it was tacky and a bit predictable it was still good watching, Crocodile 2 however was a load of rubbish, the lead bad man was so false and I lost count of how many times he said the same swear word over and over mother**** the plot was very predictable and not worth the cost of making the movie the crocodile looked less real than the last film The video shop should have paid me to hire it
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Dreadful but fun (if you can ignore the swearing)
categreen200020 February 2003
I agree completely with everyone who says this is a truly dreadful movie (and I'm pretty sure the guy who said it was better than CITIZEN KANE was joking). But... but... I had quite a fun time watching it (after the sub-KILLING ZOE bank job and its home-video titles)! I got this movie in a pack of 12 DVDs for £12 (Croc I and II; Octopus I and II; Spider I and II etc etc etc) -- all Nu Image releases, the same company that completely dismembered WILD SIDE when Donald Cammell handed it in (if you saw it and hated it, try and get hold of the recent reconstruction of it: a totally different -- and genuinely decent -- film. It just goes to show how important editing is in the movie-making process).

No, it's not KANE or AMBERSONS or even AMERICAN BEAUTY (an over-rated film if ever there was one -- if you want the edgy dark-side of US suburbia, watch BLUE VELVET; if you want slightly pretentious Oscar-bait, watch BEAUTY). Heck, I can't justify giving it more than 2/10 -- it's that poor! Neverthless I had a good time watching it (and the illustrious Tobe Hooper directed first instalment) and I reckon most other folks will too, just so long as they disengage their critical brains, open a beer, and can see through the tears of laughter caused by the awful acting and CGI!
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