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One of the better shows in TV.

Author: bigsleepj from Captain Nemo's Submarine
3 June 2002

Nathan Lane has the perfect voice for animation. It's energetic, yet childish! And this vehicle is perfect for him. And to be honest, I'm not even a Nathan Lane fan.

Don't waste your time with Digimon. "Teacher's Pet" is great for you who are still young at heart.

And the bird (Pretty Boy) and the depressing cat "Mr. Jolly" are wonderful! Not to mention the Opera music they play now and again...

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Way to go Disney!

Author: dootuss from PA
15 February 2002

Once again Disney gives us another winner on its One Saturday Morning block. I think Nathan Lane is the perfect choice as the voice of Spot (aka Scott when he's in school), as is Jerry Stiller, and David Ogden Stiers as the voices of Pretty Boy, and Mr. Jolly. And yes, Wallace Shawn is good for the principal's voice too. But enough of the great voice talents. This show is good, and I hope it stays on for a long time!

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Deserves a Daytime Emmy!

Author: Guitar-8 from Richardson, Texas
3 January 2001

The coolest cartoon of the new millennium! I like Nathan Lane voicing the hammy dog (Spot/Scott) as well as Debra Jo Rupp doing double duty on a prime time show & a cartoon (That 70's Show).

But my favorite character is Mr. Jolly (David Odgen Stiers)! The sensative orange cat who's kind hearted. Whether Mr. Jolly laughs over Pretty Boy's pratfalls or dehydrates himself by crying too much, Mr. Jolly's the secret star of the show (being I'm a cat lover myself).

This cartoon deserves a Daytime Emmy Award for Best Animated Series &/or Best Performer in a Children's Series.

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The only great Saturday morning cartoon

Author: Scott S. from Sacramento, CA
7 May 2002

I haven't been a kid for too many years to count. Generally speaking, Saturday morning is my least favorite time to watch the tube. I like to laze around on weekends; and I have no interest in modern cartoons. Usually, there's a choice between boring cartoons and infomercials.

Now sneak 'Teacher's Pet' into the mix. I'm entranced by a likeable dog who turns into the 4th grade class genius the moment he's on his way to school. The excellent Nathan Lane does the voice for Spot/Scott, the budding dog/boy genius, and he is superb.

The mark of any great kid's entertainment is how well it holds up over time, and how well it plays to different levels. That's why The Rocky and Bullwinkle show was so beloved by younger views and the adults who care for them.

This is a great cartoon, great entertainment, and great fun. I predict a long, successful run on Saturday morning. I'll make sure I watch!

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I love this show.

Author: SpotLane2nd from MA, United States
29 March 2002

I love Teacher's Pet with a passion. It's a show with wit, intelligence, humor and cute animals! This show is just worth watching alone for the voices. My favorite character is Spot. He is a good role model. He is who he wants to be and not what others tell him to be. (Nathan Lane is perfect as Spot.)

Bye now,

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Worth waking up for!

Author: tara-54 from Iowa, USA
22 June 2001

Teacher's Pet is the best cartoon I have watched in a long time. There's no defeating evil monsters, no tired storylines, and no predictable or just plain bad scripts. This show makes me laugh out loud.

The Cast. Nathan Lane definitely deserved the Daytime Emmy he won for lending his voice to Spot/Scot, a dog who desperately wants to be a boy and go to school. Nathan Lane has also done other Disney characters (The Lion King's Timon) but he makes Spot a whole new zany, hilarious character. David Ogden Stiers is the lovable Mr. Jolly, a neurotic housecat, and Jerry Stiller is extremely funny as Pretty Boy, the pet bird. Shaun Fleming is Leonard Helperman, Spot's owner and best friend. You can also hear Debra Jo Rupp (of That 70's Show fame) as Mrs. Helperman, mother and teacher. Wallace Shawn, permanently attached to his cat Tallulah, is Principal Strickler.

What I like about Teacher's Pet: it's never been done before! It's a creative new idea with a great cast and a great script. Even adults will like this one- some of the humor probably goes right over kids' heads. Check out Teacher's Pet on Disney's One Saturday Morning.

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very cool

Author: stu-22 from tracy, california
24 September 2000

TEACHER'S PET is a surprising choice for an ABC Saturday morning cartoon, especially as part of One Saturday Morning. It can be very trippy at times. But it's pretty zany, which makes it a cool cartoon. Nathan Lane is the (oddly) perfect choice for the voice of Spot/Scott. Debra Jo Rupp (THAT 70'S SHOW) adds her usual charm to the voice of Mrs. Helperman. Jerry Stiller and David Ogden Stiers also give amusing relief to the voices of Pretty Boy and Mr. Jolly.

The show is on ABC Saturday mornings at around 9:00 A.M.

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It's a shame Disney unceremoniously took the show off the air

Author: nancyglos
16 August 2003

When I was in vacation somewhere last year, my dad showed me this good ABC cartoon called Teacher's Pet. It's about a dog, Spot, longing to live in the human world, disguising as a human student, Scott Leadready II (Spot thought up the "Leadready II" part after seeing a pencil with "Lead Ready #2" on it) and attending school. The owner, Mrs. Helperman is the teacher while her son and Spot's/Scott's human companion, Leonard Helperman, is a student in Mrs. Helperman's fourth grade class with Spot/Scott (well, DUH?!). Spot/Scott is very smart and full of wisdom at the school. The school is called Fala D. Roosevelt Elementary School (named after President Franklin D. Roosevelt's dog). Other character's are Leslie (Leonard's love interest), Ian Wazzol...err..Woszel... oh what the hell...Waszelewski (another student, who is gross), The 5th Graders (bullies), Principal Strickler (who loves cats and has a very strong grudge against dogs, and also has a menacing cat named Tallulah), The Helperman's pet cat Mr. Jolly (for someone named Jolly, he is paranoid and reclusive [afraid of the outside world and spending his life in his house]), and the Helperman's pet bird Pretty Boy (who is a wiseguy who is friends with Mr. Jolly). The show is fresh and original. I loved the writing, the animation, the classical/opera music playing in the background, and the casting (Nathan Lane is a pretty good voice for Spot/Scott). However, Disney was mistreating the show, like having new episodes on Toon Disney, which is a digital/satellite channel (even though I have a sattelite dish, I think half of the population has digital/sattelite while the other half has basic 99-channel cable). The show was on a supposed long 5-month hiatus with the last episode airing in March 2002. However, in the beginning of the 2002-2003 season, Disney ended up taking TP off the ABC schedule and hauling reruns to Toon Disney, when they decided to retire the One Saturday Morning concept in favor of ABC Kids. Of the whole new ABC Kids (which turned out to be a couple of show out of the Disney Channel [like Kim Possible and Lizzie McGuire], Recess [though already cancelled], Fillmore [the new show on the block], an NBA show, and another cheap-ass [sorry] Power Rangers show [which was already overexposed enough]), Teacher's Pet wasn't one of the shows on the block. However, all hope is not lost. Fillmore, the show that's taking TP's 9:30 AM timeslot, is so good it makes up for Disney for canceling TP. There's talk of a TP movie coming out in 2004 and a new season (both are not very likely, since the show is already taken off the ABC schedule and reruns hauled into Toon Disney, and it's ridiculous to first dump a show off the schedule of a channel and bring it back on out of regret [in Rugrat's case, after 1995, Nick did not dump Rugrats off the schedule the way TP was by Disney]), the haven of Disney's other cartoons, which were canceled by Disney due to either Disney not caring, or that damned (sorry, again) 65-episode limit. I give this a 10 out of 10.

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Cool show.

Author: Matthew from Orlando, Florida
13 May 2003

I saw this show a summer ago on ABC, and before the show started there was an announcement saying, "The following is an educational program." Then the show started. But what was so educational about the show? And the answer was it focused on problems kids faced everyday. Temptation, meeting a new friend, conquering fear, telling the truth, prejudice etc. (sort of like FAT ALBERT or HEY ARNOLD!). The plot involves a superhero element, where a cartoon dog dresses up as a boy and goes to school, and shows his brain power. Leonard discovers it in the pilot, "Muttimorphisis". Classical music is in the background at times. Ian Waziloski (voiced by great voice actor Rob Paulsen) will gross you out and make you laugh. Nathan Lane does the voice of the talking blue dog, Scott Leadready, and Spot Helperman. Like other T.V. shows, there are jokes and gags, and sometimes musical numbers, plus references to movies and T.V. shows. I saw one episode that spoofed CARRIE (1976), and homage to MATILDA (1996). Parents, let your kids watch this show, than bombard them with PBS. Warning: on Friday, September 5th 2003, there will be a film adaptation of this show called TEACHER'S PET THE MOVIE. 75 minutes. I praise this film will do well at the box office. HEY ARNOLD: THE MOVIE and THE POWERPUFF GIRLS MOVIE flopped in the summer of 2002. THE RUGRATS MOVIE did well. I hope this does well along with the upcoming SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS: THE MOVIE and THE SIMPSONS MOVIE. Parents, show your kids this cartoon show, and take them to TEACHER'S PET: THE MOVIE.

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Author: Queen-B from Atlantic Ocean
9 March 2004

This movie is so crappy! It took us everything we had to not sleep. At one point I was watching the ceiling tiles more than the movie. My son (4) was not into it either and before we all went nuts we were able to get out! Save your money! Dont waste your time or money on this one. Disney would be pi$$ed if he were still alive to see his name on this one. If there were in need of sitting in a theater and didnt care what was on then this is the movie for you! If you have to much money and want to waste a little this the movie for you. It was really that bad! As we were leaving with others that were getting out-many comments the same as ours-it SUCKED! There are not to many other films that are this bad.

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