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Season 1

11 Apr. 2000
A Gentle Shower of Cherry Blossoms
Kyoichi Kanzaki realizes he might have feelings for his best friend, track star Chiharu Nitta.
18 Apr. 2000
A Smile at the Angel of Tears
Makoto tries looking up a skirt while riding his scooter... with dire consequences.
25 Apr. 2000
Suggestion of Natural Love
Yoshihiko bumps into a girl and she kisses him. It's love!
2 May 2000
Unable to Collect Smiles Around the World
Aki encounters an old classmate who she had a crush on, and hopes to get together with him.
9 May 2000
The Moment the Sun Shines Again
Kyoichi and Makoto travel to a beach resort to do summer work.
16 May 2000
Fly into the Blue Sky
Yoshihiko starts going out with a stunning baseball pitcher.
23 May 2000
The End of Summer
With Kyoichi still at the beach, Chiharu is lonely. She meets and develops a strong attraction to a handsome man named Yuki.
30 May 2000
Dance of Sixteen Moonlit Nights
Shocked to learn of Chiharu's new man, Kyoichi meets up with a new female friend, Shoko Sayama.
6 Jun. 2000
The Category of Happiness
Yumi takes Makoto on a mock date, to train him to meet up with a friend of hers. But she ends up having more fun than she thought.
13 Jun. 2000
Holding Sleepless Nights
Kyoichi is lonely, and spends time with an equally lonely friend.
20 Jun. 2000
Before Winter Arrives
A pop star asks Yoshihiko, who doesn't know or care who she is, to be her bodyguard as she tries to have a normal fan-free day.
27 Jun. 2000
Promise of a Thousand Years
As the year 2000 dawns, everyone tries to find their loved one to be with at this auspicious occasion.
4 Jul. 2000
Let it Be
Kyouichi heads to the countryside to try to clear his head about Chiharu.

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