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Chicago Sun-Times
One of the best cop thrillers since "Training Day."
Entertainment Weekly
Aware of its own cuteness because the dialogue plays by the rules of meta-entertainment.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Directed by Clark Johnson in an efficient and occasionally exhilarating style that points to the Emmy-winner's TV cop-show pedigree ("Homicide," "The Wire," "NYPD Blue").
New York Daily News
The standout in the cast is James Todd Smith, whose acting talent may soon persuade him to shed his adolescent stage name of LL Cool J and concentrate on mainstream film roles.
Charlotte Observer
The strongest parts of the film aren't these money shots, but the buildup to the gunplay.
What we have here is a model for the paint-by-numbers, perfectly generic, proudly soulless summer action flick. An original idea would die for lack of oxygen in S.W.A.T.
By the time you've given up guessing whether S.W.A.T. wants to be a half-serious action pic or just affably jokey, its storytelling has turned so ludicrously melodramatic that it doesn't matter.
The Hollywood Reporter
Noisy, standard-issue cop actioner.
New York Post
S.W.A.T. boasts the kernel of a good idea - but it gets buried in the chaff of half-baked plot threads, partly realized characters and unstructured pandemonium.
San Francisco Chronicle
SWAT is better than "Gigli," but so is most outpatient surgery.
Wall Street Journal
Looks like the deformed spawn of a development process gone awry.

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