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The best, most articulate, summary of the dotbomb era produced.

Author: imdb-18795 from United States
13 July 2007

The best summary of the dotbomb era yet produced. Unfortunately, the appeal of this very articulate movie will always be very narrow. Those who were not caught up in the dotcom scam will probably not understand the profundity of the points presented. But for those of us Silicon Valley folk who were caught up in the explosive hypergrowth of the late 1990s, this movie serves as an excellent synopsis of what turned out to be one of the biggest equities scams in human history. Some of the most intelligent people on the planet lost sight of their live's goals and purpose, putting sustainable ventures on hold in pursuit of the quick score, gambling sustainable lifestyles in pursuit of the big win, sinking life savings (and kids' college funds, home equity, etc) in speculative ventures and questionable ideas, then losing everything when the sharks pulled out and the pyramid collapsed around those not smart enough to have pulled out.

Purpose. Awesome move, a must see for anyone in the technology field, or for anyone who lived through the insanity of the dotbomb scam.

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average film ... extraordinary soundtrack

Author: jamiebrodskey from los angeles
23 May 2004

Truthfully, there is not a whole lot to say about Purpose. It is your typical dramatic, yet entertaining, exploration of a generation during the boom. But what is an otherwise middling film is incredibly enhanced by the awesome music.

I believe that the director actually scored the film --- and while the score is cool, the really great music is found in the soundtrack. The music supervisor clearly culled through every musical nook and crannie to find these gems. In fact, the musical choices serve dual roles: it works effectively as backgorund mood and also really enhances the dramatic, comedic and emotional effects of the film. In some ways you could say that the musical soundtrack becomes a character in the film, much like a Greek chorus from the classic plays.

Anyway, the film is fun and definitely worth watching. Paul Reiser, who I normally find annoying, is actually great in the role of Ben.

Final Tally ---- Film 6 ---- Sound Track 10.

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A life without purpose is no life at all.

Author: frankcooperwitz
17 November 2005

I find the name of this movie highly compelling. It got me thinking about the purpose of my life. I think the message of this film is an important one. It might not be everyone's cup of tea but there is something significant to take away from this high-tech tale.

I thought the photography in the movie was really stunning and I would love to see more moves with Mr. Donovan in them. He strikes me as being a real talent.

I recognized the famous fisherman story cleverly woven into this movie. That is one of the best stories in the world. I am glad someone has paid tribute to this clever story.

You should see this film when you are in a soul searching mood.

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Star-Spangled Greed

Author: Lechuguilla from Dallas, Texas
29 December 2008

That this film has such a low IMDb rating is not surprising. In our post-Enron era, do we really need any more reminders of America's obsession with the greed creed? The topic has become so politically charged that a lot of viewers not only are not going to be entertained by movies of this sort, but will respond with barely concealed rage. It was all I could do to sit quietly through this cinematic memo of corporate corruption without extracting the DVD and smashing it into a thousand pieces.

What's really irksome with these kinds of films, including "Purpose", is their pretense that behind the glitter, there's some meaningful message that makes the film worthwhile. In "Purpose", I found no such meaningful message. What I did find was a story that idolized the materialistic trappings of capitalistic power and wealth. The two main characters, nauseating in their glibness, do very little actual work. Instead, they party, they play golf, they strut their coolness, they sound "hip" with dialogue straight out of MTV-culture-speak: "rock my world", and "Now get back to partying; that's an order". John is smug, self-important, shallow, and smirks a lot. Robert, who wears funky little glasses, is even worse.

The film includes two youthful garage geeks, who look and sound like they're right out of the film "Antitrust" (2001). Stereotypes are played for all they're worth, and in this film also include chic-looking computer equipment, and Barbie doll chicks on hand for those occasions when our can-do future billionaires need some relaxation after all that heavy-duty partying. And with the time-bound images and dialogue that such a story necessitates, can you imagine how dated this film will be in fifteen years?

About the best I can do for this waste of cinematic celluloid is to say that it does have some nice aerial views of San Francisco. The film would have been a lot more enjoyable, a lot more entertaining, if they had ditched those odious characters and that repulsive story, and simply flown us viewers around in that little plane for the film's duration.

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A young man struggles to remain true to himself in the fast paced world of internet start ups.

Author: mcginly from Los Angeles
23 February 2002

A top notch movie from beginning to end. Excellent direction, very good acting, cinematography, editing and a great score. The story of greed and temptation in the late 90's world of internet start ups is moving and probably true a thousand times over. The film manages to communicate important themes while at the same time being funny, romantic and always entertaining. Highly recommende

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Well-told rags to riches story for the Cyber generation

Author: bsbfsu from Florida
7 February 2002

How do you measure success? By winning "the game"? This film does an excellent job of posing that question in the milieu of smart, driven, talented 20something cyberkings who make (and lose) it all in a high tech high stakes poker game. Who's bluffing and who's really got what it takes? "Purpose" is smart, funny, fast paced and right on top of its subject matter.

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A truly unique and uplifting movie!

Author: ( from Johannesburg, South Africa
11 February 2002

A movie with a purpose! This movie is fresh, vibrant and fast paced. It tackles many social issues surrounding the moral and ethical values of our society. The struggle between good and bad is uniquely blurred, portraying the movie's hero in both roles. Commentaries on money, friendships and one's priorities are brilliantly intertwined into the intriguing plot. The viewer leaves the movie with a very powerful message that lingers on long after the credits have finished.... What is My purpose? Flameboy gives this one a Sizzling 9

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You may have lived through a similar story

Author: Tania Schwartz from San Francisco, CA
6 February 2002

Purpose really captures the heart of the whole dotcom era - passion, ideals, greed, and power - with great style and good old-fashioned drama. I love Mia Farrow in this role. Watch for that red lollipop! Eat your heart out Woody.

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Highly provocative.

Author: Mike Dorfman from Washington
9 January 2004

I saw this movie recently - I had heard about it via the grapevine and was not sure what to expect - I was very impressed. The art direction in this movie was excellent and the story line kept me interested all the way through. The main song that was featured a few times was very catchy. All in all I thought it was a highly provocative movie with an important message. We all need a sense of purpose.

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Deeply disturbing, thought provoking and very entertaining

Author: Howard Sackstein from Johannesburg, South Africa
11 February 2002

This movie is unique and cutting edge - it blurs the distinction betweeen, good and bad and right and wrong, it calls us all to question our values, our ambitions and our dreams - how does one reconcile money and values - are we all sucked into the pursuit of the wrong dreams - who do we trust - can we even trust ourselves - the seduction of success does it corrupt us.

Very entertaining in a thought provoking manner - you walk out with much to think about and a desire to examine much of our own personalites.

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