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Early in life Dick Alliston and Victor Fisher have learned that "all is fair in love and war." One of them proceeds to carry out this unwise teaching in due course. Both were in love with the same girl, and Dick contrived by the means of a misleading letter to the fair little lady to obtain an advantage of his rival, an advantage which had its climax on the football field. Victor was placed out of the game by means of this letter and had the mortification of being banished to a part of the field where he had to stand and watch the game in progress, powerless to help his side. However, the fair Alice gets to learn that she has been deceived by means of the letter, which is produced on the football field. The result is that Dick is put out of the game. Victor takes his place, wins the game for his side as well as his sweetheart, both of them forgiving, in their new-found happiness, the bad boy, Dick, when all is over.

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