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Satirical look at the music business.
boilerhogs17 January 2006
I'd seen a few episodes, and found it pretty amusing; the portrayal of the superficial nature of the music business was likely spot-on, but spun in a comedic fashion. Had decent guest actors, and actual bands/artists that are relatively well-known (Scott Staph of Creed comes to mind....refused to wear a shirt, which was the 'problem' the PR folks were dealing with). Filmed right here in beautiful Vancouver, B.C., but was probably 'set' in L.A.; don't remember that far back. I think it's a shame that it didn't find an audience, as I do appreciate the quirkiness of true satire. I used to watch Greg Evigan on 'BJ and the Bear' as a kid, but he was made for this role; I thought his acting was outstanding here. Very funny. :-)
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Just saw one episode
nibaq13 August 2003
Its a show about a music company called Big Sound and the dealings and problems of the music business. The one episode I saw the artists was going to perform since he was nearly killed on stage and thus finds god and wants to goto Christian rock, and the label manager wanting to bring him back to heathen rock.
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