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Chicago Sun-Times
Paltrow is truly touching. And Black, in his first big-time starring role, struts through with the blissful confidence of a man who knows he was born for stardom.
San Francisco Chronicle
The belly laughs finally start to come --legitimately.
Boston Globe
You can't help cheering on Shallow Hal. That and the fact that it's not at all politically correct. It's something better. It's big-hearted, and it's funny.
Entertainment Weekly
Something is happening to our boys: They're getting mushy. Shallow Hal is not so much about how gross people are as how beautiful they are once you get beyond the rude, noisy flesh. It's a sermon wrapped in a fat suit.
The movie is shrewd by giving the bulk of its piggish dialogue to Alexander, an actor incapable of projecting genuine cruelty on screen.
New York Daily News
The laughs are there, but the movie's main asset is Paltrow, mournful and always braced for the worst.
Chicago Tribune
So intent on driving home its worthy if not mind-blowing message that it becomes surprisingly conventional.
Charlotte Observer
Who else in Hollywood would've met a non-actor with spina bifida (Rene Kirby), created a role for him, then shot him dancing and skiing on his hands to show how easily he fit into society?
Philadelphia Inquirer
Suffers from "Bridget Jones" Syndrome but without that movie's charms.
Rolling Stone
For the first time, the Farrellys seem to be embarrassed by their own crudeness. For the first time, they should be.
Wall Street Journal
What they've done here goes beyond gross -- or clumsy, or dumb -- to genuine ugliness, both cutaneous and sub.

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