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Chicago Sun-Times
Now Singleton, too, dares to take a hard look at his community. His characters are a little older, and he is older, too, and less forgiving.
An easy movie to pick apart, but it lives, breathes and switches moods from humor to despair better than any American release this year.
Rolling Stone
Lacks the cumulative impact of "Boyz," since Singleton allows repetition and sermonizing to dull his theme about the infantilization of black males. But Baby Boy leaves you shaken.
Entertainment Weekly
What holds the movie together, however, is Gibson's broodingly responsive performance.
A movie that will act like a smack in the face to some audiences, while others may simply laugh in recognition.
Christian Science Monitor
Kicks off the Oedipus theme that gallops through the story.
Miami Herald
Raunchy, provocative and often very funny.
New York Post
Sometimes gets repetitive and is slightly overlong. But it's got solid performances.
San Francisco Chronicle
It would have been enough that Singleton raise these difficult questions without trying to wrap them up, too, in the last five minutes.
New York Daily News
Despite the audience pandering -- not just in its violence, but in its wall-to-wall sexual vulgarity -- there are terrific elements in Baby Boy.
Baltimore Sun
A mistaken message is a price a filmmaker pays when he tries to load weighty themes like the cycle of violence on an overgrown boy who scoots around on a bicycle.

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