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Season 4

5 Sep. 2003
Your Father Should Know: Part 1
Sean finds out not only that Brad and Lily have been intimate, but that Claudia and Eddie knew it and didn't tell him because he's prone to rage. Sean naturally tries to prove that he isn't.
5 Sep. 2003
Your Father Should Know: Part 2
Things are awkward between Brad and Sean. And Brad's dad is getting on Sean's nerves. To smooth things out, Claudia invites the O'Keefes for a dinner. Can it possibly work?
12 Sep. 2003
All the Young Nudes
Lily hasn't told Dean yet that she's leaving him for Brad. Which means Dean is coming for his weekly TV watching session... Sean reacts nervously when Claudia comes home early. Then Eddie brings 4 strippers in...
19 Sep. 2003
I Right the Wrongs
Eddie receives a delivery of 20 cases of crème de menthe that tastes disgusting. And its non-returnable. However, Claudia bets she can sell it. Before she's had a taste. Sean decides to teach Brad how to be a cool boyfriend.
26 Sep. 2003
I Just Paid to Say I Love You
Lily wants a romantic date from Brad because they didn't have one. Claudia offers Brad advice. Eddie mysteriously breaks a small window at eye level height and is tasked to replace it. Something goes wrong on the date.
3 Oct. 2003
SAT and Sympathy
When Lily announces that college isn't for her, Claudia challenges Lily to beat her at the S.A.T.
10 Oct. 2003
Pay You Back with Interest
Eddie gets an "eco-friendly" electric car. Turns out he hides the real reason. Lily's "Dean" tattoo freaks Brad out so she wants it removed, but Claudia won't give her money because she needs it for her college courses.
31 Oct. 2003
Ticket to Ride
Lily tries in vain try hide her first hangover. But that is a minor offense compared to what's left on the porch... Sean passes a drastic judgment on Lily. But is it counterproductive? And what happened the previous night?
7 Nov. 2003
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Jimmy has reached puberty. Unfortunately, he's also started to spread a strong odor. Sean decides it's time for a father-to-son chat - one that he and Eddie never got from their father. Somehow Sean and Eddie develop a rivalry about Jimmy.
14 Nov. 2003
Baby Come Back
When Claudia tells Sean a photographer approached her they get into an argument over the sincereness of the man's intentions. This leads to Claudia storming out. And all her friends are coming over. And Jimmy thinks she's leaving Sean.
21 Nov. 2003
Been Caught Stealing
The brothers' bar gets robbed but there is no sign of forced entry. When Eddie suddenly seems to have extra money, he becomes a suspect. Lily wants to "explore her options" when he meets a cool guy and grandpa has met someone special.
9 Jan. 2004
(She's Got) Kegs
Brad accidentally sees Claudia naked and things become hard (and not in a good way) when Lily finds out. Eddie hires a bodyguard, Raul. But when you don't need him anymore, how do you get rid of a scary Mexican who stabs people?
16 Jan. 2004
My Ex-Boyfriend's Back
Lily bumps into Dean, and his new hot girlfriend. Of course Brad invites them into Lily's fondue party. Lily then has to show off Brad to Dean. Eddie, meanwhile, is trying to get Sean excited about stand-up comedy evenings at the pub.
23 Jan. 2004
Communication Breakdown
Jimmy calls a sex line, and has to put the girl on hold when Claudia gets a call. How will he explain the $116 bill? Brad visits his grand-mom. Claudia does not do well in her midterm, because Sean forgot to relay an important message.
30 Jan. 2004
All Apologies
Eddie's helping Henry to grow a beanstalk for a science project - that is, until Claudia bans him after finding out her and Sean's anniversary in a motel that among other things, the motel offers a porn movie that was shot at their house.
6 Feb. 2004
I Think We're Alone Now
Sean and Claudia get a free in-house massage, and everything looks promising: Brad is taking Lily to a school dance and Eddie agrees to take Jimmy and Henry. But will the privacy last?
13 Feb. 2004
Can't Get Next to You
Sean finds a pair of Brad's underpants among the family laundry, and rages, but calms when he hears that everyone at the school was forced to make an abstinence pledge, and it is *Brad* who intends to honor the pledge.
20 Feb. 2004
The O'Keefes are going to take Lily along on their holiday trip, but then it comes up that Mr. O'Keefe has serious tennis skills and Sean just *has* to challenge him. The consequences go beyond what anybody could have predicted.
20 Feb. 2004
Me and Mrs. O
Brad's parents are divorcing, so to lift his spirit, Lily tries to give him a perfect birthday party - like that would have any chance of succeeding at the Finnertys.
27 Feb. 2004
Tombstone Blues
Claudia has reserved a photographer to take the family portrait, but Sean doesn't want to lose his beard, Lily wants Brad in the photo, a visit to his mother's grave gives Eddie the blues, Grampa's secret upsets Claudia and so on.
27 Feb. 2004
Pictures of Willy
It seems that in the appropriately-named Hope, Eddie has finally found someone to hold on to. But his clingy ex Amy has something on him that Eddie doesn't want Hope to see. Meanwhile, Jimmy has found the perfect girl - or has he?
5 Mar. 2004
It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City
The bar is not turning profit, so Sean declares that unless St. Patrick's Day is profitable, the brothers will sell the bar. Brad's Science Club is building a big figure for the parade and Sister Helen wants them to win the prize.
19 Mar. 2004
Beat on the Brat
Sean sees Henry's new friend Ryan for what he is: a spoiled brat. Brad's friends get on Lily's nerves. Jimmy is excited because Ashley said he is cute. Claudia sees Eddie with a woman but Eddie doesn't want to talk to him. What's he hiding?
26 Mar. 2004
The Cheat Is On
Lily gets an A+ in her English essay while Claudia gets an F. But there is a connection. Jimmy turns to Eddie because a girl came onto him and he has no experience to fall back on if she wants to go further than first base.
16 Apr. 2004
You're So Vain
Eddie is being audited. Jimmy tries to hit on Kristen. Claudia's father Tony comes for a visit and a major undisclosed operation at the city hospital. Sean's suspicions arise and he starts investigating the nature of the operation.
23 Apr. 2004
Pressure Drop
Sean is diagnosed with a high blood pressure, so he needs to reduce stress, exercise and change his diet - except that he's unwilling. Claudia therefore tries to keep him unaware of any stressing information. The children don't make it easy.
30 Apr. 2004
Get a Job
Against all odds, Eddie still has Hope (the girl, not the concept). Lily, on the other hand, can't be with Brad because of his job. Speaking of jobs, Sean hires his dad because he can't find a job. Claudia is bothered by Jimmy's puberty.
7 May 2004
Space Camp Odditty
Eddie is about to lose Hope (the girl, not the concept). Brad's spent past summers at space camp and told the guys he's got a girl, Lana, there. Nobody's believed him, but when he's about to stay the summer with Lily, Lana comes to see him.

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