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Entertainment Weekly
At times, the movie smacks of a standard-issue Hollywood chick flick, especially in the obligatory scene where the women bond by singing and dancing in a kitchen (to Doris Day's ''Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps'').
Chicago Sun-Times
The movie is cast so well that the actors bring life to their predictable destinies, and Elizondo casts a kind of magical warm spell over them all.
It's a resplendently basic, lovey- dovey and inside-out "King Lear."
Boston Globe
Its attributes and achievements are modest, but its arias, duets, and ensembles are engaging all the same.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Flavorful and fun. "Muy sabroso y divertido," as Martin might say.
Appeals to a universal appetite for stories that are as rich and warm as they are flavorful.
Miami Herald
Much of the charm in Tortilla Soup comes from Elizondo as Martín. He plays the devoted patriarch so alluringly.
New York Post
English-language remakes of foreign films are usually suspect, but Tortilla Soup is the exception that proves the rule - a flavorful comedy about a food-centric Latino family in Los Angeles.
New York Daily News
If you care more about the quality of the movie than the food, language or location, there's no choice: Order Chinese.
While this cheerful film has nothing particularly new to say about the ties that hold family members together even when they're driving each other crazy, it's a pleasure to watch such a talented ensemble at work.
Baltimore Sun
The whole cast is good. It's too bad all that good work isn't in service to a better, or certainly more original, script.

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