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Dana Carvey IS the best
moviewatcher198315 September 2002
I have to say that Dana Carvey is a complete genius. I can't believe how much I laughed while watching this tape. All his impressions and characters are amazing. My favorite bit was when he was impersonating Robin Williams. He sounded so much like him! I'd recommend this tape for SNL and Dana Carvey fans everywhere!
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Well, isn't that special...
Bo Brandt14 November 2003
Not! This video isn't here to pump you up!

If this is the best Dana Carvey did on Saturday Night Live, I am no longer a Dana Carvey fan! I have obviously imagined several hilarious sketches, that are far better than what is on this video.

This is a broad presentation of Dana Carvey's characters on SNL - not a select collection the best!

How in the world could they ever think of cutting the most of "Fantasy Dinner Date with Hans & Franz" out? This has obviously been edited with someone with no knowledge of Dana Carvey's work and absolutely no sense of humor!
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'The best' collection of Saturday Night Live skits ever!
Christopher Smith11 June 2001
Let me start off by saying that I am probably one of the biggest Dana Carvey fans in the world so when I saw this available on video at the video store, I quickly pulled out my wallet and bought it. As soon as I entered the front door, I ran into my room and popped the video into the VCR. For the whole 75 minutes, I was cracking up like crazy. It was one of the funniest videos I have ever seen in my entire life. I hope that all of the Dana Carvey fans have a chance to watch his best work on this classic video.
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