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Author: Jenna (jENNA007) from Dallas, Texas
9 September 2001

i understand that there's probably not a lot of people who are going to see this movie, much less, comment on it.. but, if you are one of the few lucky people who are reading this comment right now then i just want to let you know that Akkare Akkare is one the funniest movies ever made.

The whole beginning of it is just getting into the story, the whole premise of two confused Malayalee men in the middle of America is great.. as soon as Mohanlal & Sreenivassan arrive in America the fun begins. There were few scenes of pure hilarity that i have to pick out ~

- The part where Sreenivassan is framed stealing from the grocery store and put in jail and Mohanlal runs after the cop car he's in.

- The part where Mohanlal and Sreenivassan put soot on their faces and put on black shirts to act like negroes to convince a Malayalee lady to give them her clothes (lol)

- The part where Mohanlal and Sreenivassan do that funny dance on the top of a building and on the sidewalks, thats just funny for millions of reasons

- The part when Sreenivassan gets the big gold crown stuck on his head and him and Mohanlal run from the whities.

Haha, you should just watch this movie for those parts alone... hilarious. I think Mohanlal and Sreenivassan make an awesome team, definitly the funniest that I've ever seen. This is kind of like Dumb & Dumber, Malayalam style, but Mohan & Sreeni are ten times funnier than Jim Carrey and whats-his-face will ever be.

I recommend this to anybody w/ a sense of humor! ;D

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Kashtam tanne...Barber'mar okke ingane thodangiyal, India'de gedhi endhavum?!

Author: Paul Barber (krymemastergogo) from California, United States
1 October 2013

I felt compelled to write a review due to the fact that the other two reviews (murli786 from Kuwait & Rob Stephen of the US) apart from Jenna's, seem to trash the movie. In fact I created this account just a while back.(Yeah, i am bored as work)

I may not be the right person for the job but here goes.

While Nadodikattu & Pattanapravesham (It's prequels) were brilliant on their own right, AAA is not a movie to be belittled, in my not so humble opinion.

Yes Rob, I agree the dubbing was far beyond poor and yes murali786, while AAA

may not be everyone's cup of tea; to term it 'awful' just hurts. I now know how my gf feels when i tell her 'Titanic (97)'sucked. (To the more polite, kindly substitute 'sucked' with 'overrated'). This movie is not supposed to be taken seriously.

I believe this movie has a cult status among Malayalees born abroad, just as the Hindi flick 'Dil Chahta Hai' identified more with the urban Indian than the rural one.

The banter between Ramdas & Vijayan reveal more hilarity with every watch. Special mention must be given to Soman for his hotel check-in scene. Even Paul Barber and his entourage provide for laughs, especially Martha when Mukesh & Raju go house hunting.

Some silly trivia. Paul Barber's associate in Chicago is one 'Robert Redford'. In the Negro scene, if you listen closely, Vijayan mentions that they are 'BLACK'negroes.

I rated the movie only 7*'s due to the fact that i've watched it so many times over (I sadly know almost every dialogue) that its ruined my initial "lol" experience.

I don't think you'll regret watching this. Repeated viewings highly recommended.

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Terrible and Uninspired

Author: Rob Stephen from United States
25 November 2005

I feel quite cheated as i write this summary...the potential that got thrown away. I am a massive fan of the run away classic Nadodikattu, thus when my mom told me that sequels exist, i was estatic. Yet my initial dreams of further cinematic glory fell short to a slew of overwrought uncomedic sequences coupled with what must be...the worst English dubbing Iv'e ever witnessed. Aside from the scene where Both CID's dress up as "Negroes" to gain a woman's laundry, the entire plot made no sense. Why would India's top secret police department send these incompetent two into America? The fact that neither can speak a stitch of English is only half the problem. What made Nadodikattu so epic and amazing was its heart. You felt for the characters as the struggled to make ends meet. You felt the pain when Dasen's family suffered. In this film all conflicts are ultimately unimportant and are taken as a poorly designed vehicle to showcase the film's "BONANZA" style of inprobability and foolishness. Good yourself a favor...don't watch this...just watch Nadokikattu again.

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awful movie

Author: murli786 from Kuwait
13 September 2008

I saw it last night and have one word to describe the movie - AWFUL. All the scenes mentioned by the Texan who wrote the comment seemed long drawn and bereft of any comedy. Undoubtedly; Srinivasan & Mohanlal are a class act, but this movie is a sad caricature of their efforts.Unlike the prequel to this one, there were 2 other movies that were good with songs and one liners. Parvathy seems to be wasted and so is Jagadesh. Please check out the climax - it is sheer absurdity. Soman has a pistol that can fire off 6 rounds, but the director seems to have forgotten it as he closes his eyes and keeps firing around him. It just showed what a bad script the movie was and waste of such good talent. I give this movie 1 out of 10

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