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A turn-on for the 21st century

Author: warrior-21 from Seattle, Washington
8 September 2001

This movie reminds me of another movie called turn-on and it involved a wild doctor with a box that turned on women. I think of this as a updated version of this previous movie, but with more zip and zag involving not only women but men also in this movie. It starts off in a wild circle of lust and does not ever stop. I have seen many movies but this movie not only has heavy sexuality but also comedy weaved together in a perfect web. This movie will definently fit any person's desire and should cause a hot sweat at the end. If it doesn't check if you are alive. My only wish is that there is a sequel to this great movie.

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I would buy this DVD.

Author: perenial1 from United States
18 December 2004

What has the B movie industry come to. In this movie Ultimate Attraction, you have an actress Gabriella Hall, who is in the movie business for one reason only," her great body and looks", using a body double for her most intimate sex scenes.

If you pay attention to the face of the body double who does Gabriella's lesbian sex scene with Sarah St James, you will notice the fill in has a much more slender face then Gabriella. The most intimate heterosexual sex scene that supposedly takes place also uses her fill in.

This makes me wonder how many of Gabriella's previous movies sex scenes actually had Gabriella in them, or a stand in?. Or maybe it's that Gab has gotten to a point in her life that her physical appearance doesn't measure up to what it once did, and still likes the incoming cash flow, so why not use your past reputation to draw in DVD buyers.

As far as eroticism goes their was plenty of that with Gabriella's body double probably being more sexy then the person she was substituting for and lets give a round of applause to Sarah St James who was the real heavy hitter in this movie.

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Bored to Tears

Author: redrum911 from Chicago
24 March 2006

I've truly lost my patience w/ this genre of "film", as they tend to be neither "erotic" or "thrilling", that is, not sexy and boring to boot.

This one is story and talent-free, other than the physical talents of Sara aka Jacqueline Lovell, and some of the other hotties. I'd rather just buy a DVD with these babes romping around naked than to waste time on this filler. The upside is that, with the remote, you can get thru this in 15 minutes. Then again, why waste your time. Ironically, movies like this are actually "childish" and silly, not erotic.

For truly erotic thrillers, a few good ones are "Mercy" with Peta Wilson, "Body Double" w/ a young Melanie Griffith, "Mullholland Drive" w/ Naomi Watts or "The Dreamers" w/ Eva Green.

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Hurray for Gabriella

Author: jazzjunkie from East Tenn.
6 August 2003

It was another fine example of a well endowed woman and a cheesey idea about sex making a good combination to bring you a movie to watch when you just want to chill out. This is another movie that is funny, has a plot but they know how to blend or should I say throw in some plot with the boobs and sex. Great viewing for those late nights. It was pretty good had an storyline that was believable and this crazy idea about what people would do if there was such a thing as a clicker. You either like these types of movies for there entertainment value or not. There is not a lot of debate either way. But I ramble too much.

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Click - change the channel! Failed comedy or failed soft-core?

Author: librlart from Los Angeles
10 February 2007

This was atrocious. Apparently the director realized what a failure it was and tried the same concept more successfully with "Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle's Intimate Encounters," which actually had comparably more erotic and humorous moments. (Not that it is worth searching out either.) I seriously wonder how he got another chance after this film.

Throughout this film, I was continually cringing and wondering why I was subjecting myself to the hokey soundtrack, actresses in workout suits pretending they can fake orgasms, and the wasted talents of much more interesting soft-core (Jennifer Burton) and hard-core (Stephanie Swift) porn stars relegated to incidental roles. The comedic attempts fell flat for me, and the the Wall Street Journal has more erotic ads in it.

"Click" to turn the DVD player off...

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