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L.A. Weekly
Climaxes in a flood of revelations that, like so much of the film, take us where we least expect to go.
Wall Street Journal
Elegant and sometimes inscrutable.
New Times (L.A.)
Fans of convoluted narrative in the manner of Christopher Nolan and David Lynch are likely to be intrigued, although Medem has a far stronger streak of sentiment.
Whatever you say about Sex and Lucía, you have to admit that it takes place at a hormonal high tide that never ebbs.
Baltimore Sun
At times, Sex and Lucia is too precious for its own good; a movie that demands its own flow chart isn't always a good thing. And events turn on one coincidence too many. But Medem's exquisite craftsmanship and full-throttle eroticism make his film a morass worth the attempt to unravel.
Portland Oregonian
The film is tangled but not chaotic, thoughtful but not terribly deep. Still, it's intimate, entertaining, and most impressive, genuine.
With the story's vivid and passionate women and the power of emotional healing (not to mention the intense eroticism of his hothouse romance), gives Sex and Lucia a dynamic, vigorous life.
Medem's stupendously gorgeous puzzle movie features strong performances from its four leads.
Village Voice
An adept mood maker, Medem strains madly for cosmic alliances, fairy-tale imagery, and fated coincidences, but he triumphs only with two hot bodies, a cluttered apartment, and a Shower Massage.
Goes nowhere.

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