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fast moving all the way

Author: dannycboon ( from nijmegen, netherlands
11 November 2001

10 hours seems to be a long run but after 5 minutes you immideately get sucked into a story about justice,loyalty,blackmail,romance,betrayel and murder it's fast moving all the way. Everything is just excellent from production values to the music and most important the great acting especially from Michele Placido as Cattani Patricia Millardet as Judge conti, Simona cavalari as esther but the finest of all is Remo Girone as Tano Carridi his performance is absolutely over the top the character Tano is one of the most fascinating evil persons i have ever seen

a little bit about the story cattini has arrested a man who has killed the owner of a casino but the suspect refuus to speak to the police during the investigation he get's help from a female Judge sivia conti meanwhile the maffia has given Tano the manager of a great bank a whole lot of money to invest for them together with a corrupt senator and and an allknowing man called Espinosa he is going to make big plans and everybody who's crossing there way get's doomed or death

you don't have to see the first 3 part the understand the movie and even if you know how it's gonna end it's still worth another view!

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operatic miniseries

Author: neideparente from Brazil
25 May 2008

This was the apex of La Piovra, an Italian miniseries that is unsurpassed. In its own way it is the Godfather in an operatic way. Its villains are over the top (Remo Girone has a great performance going overborad but within limits) as the heroes and heroines are above reproach (great performances also by Michele Placido and the judge). Even the beautiful pawn acted by Simona Cavallari is well done.Its ending is real, if a bad omen to the Piovras that followed ,that went into a sea of mediocrity. I learned Italian especially to understand this miniseries. It is a great pity that it is not on the net. If you like mystery and police stories this is for you. I have never seen a miniseries as good.

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Grand Opera!

Author: zeldafitgerald from United States
30 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A brilliant crescendo/climax to the brilliant original 4-part series with Michele Placido's Corrado Cattani; full of betrayals, murder, love, loss, suicide and madness, no one lives happily ever after at the end of this, with the possible exception of the sinister Espinoza. The 6-part arc starts out slam-bang, with Cattani conducting a drug raid on a warehouse where street children are being held as runners for the Mafia, veers into the story of Salvatore Frolo, whose wife and small daughter years ago were supposedly murdered by the mob, and Frolo's revenge killing of the man he mistakenly believes was responsible for their deaths. It then plunges on to Cattani's quest to find Frolo's daughter who is still alive, and in the hands of the shadowy Il Pupare...sound complex? Running parallel to this, the story of Tano Cariddi's quest for power in the Antinari banking empire continues, with the marriage of Tano to Ester Rasi, daughter of a powerful banker who who is blackmailed into giving over his beloved child to Tano in a marriage of convenience that has tragic consequences for all. And from there, the series moves into high gear, with the beautiful Judge Silvia Conti becoming ever more deeply involved with Corrado, Tano's machinations becoming ever more complex and grandly corrupt, and the bullets flying and bodies falling at a rapid-fire pace. The climax in Episode 6 is virtually that of tragic opera, with the penultimate scene of Ester's hysterical confession of her betrayal to her husband-of-convenience Tano Cariddi, and his reaction to it--a terrific scene, and almost painful to watch; Remo Girone evokes great sympathy for the character of Tano throughout this series, whether it's deserved or no--and no fan of the series will ever be able to forget the final images of Corrado Cattani's ultimate fate. La Piovra 4 is better if you've already viewed the preceding three series, but it's not absolutely necessary; Part Four is mesmerizing and an exciting viewing experience even on stand-alone terms.

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Author: Armand from Romania
18 January 2013

same story. new level. amazing acting. and new characters. picture of a world, scene for a remarkable bad guy , web of a bank and same Cattani in action. a part who describes more than slice of confrontation. its subject - map of a land created, brick by brick , as a testimony about evil illusion. essence - sense of things in a war out of rules. play of victims who believes in theirs personal victory. key - large frame of nuances. and realistic picture of sacrifice lines as structure of existence. a powerful part. and good prepare for the mission of Silvia Conti. in fact, pledge for hope. and testimony about a battle without end.

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best crime series ever

Author: bellavita-cali
3 December 2011

I just had to re-watch the final scene (look in you tube Cattani vs Espinosa) of this masterpiece, that has a such an emotional script, it is so beautifully interpreted, and it is so realistic and actual.

Believe me or not, it was since it was originally aired on Italian TV I didn't watch it, so more than 12 years ago, still it was fresh in my mind.

This scene is the climax of all The Piovra series. This is how real power works. This is how every crime movie should be done.

Forget about spectacular shootings, unrealistic plots, bad villains or flawless heroes. Every character has nuances that the ability of actors render complex and humans. Cattani is the main character, Tano Cariddi is his main enemy, but to me the most intriguing has been Espinosa.

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Author: nadia-b from Romania
30 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This one is by far the most complex of the Piovra series starring Michele Placido (also the last one worth watching in my humble opinion, since after the Cattani character's death the series pretty much goes downhill). It is also the "Piovra" that is the closest to the traditional good-evil war we find in crime films, since we have the charming, incorruptible good guy(Corrado) as well as the almost-as-charming unspeakably bad guy(Tano). This Italian series outwits most of the American police-vs-mafia films especially by not providing a simple "bad guy goes to jail, good guy lives happily ever after" type of solution- although the way things always turn out in "La Piovra" may seem too sad and cruel,this is the real life,most of the times there's no happy-end,people!(I'm sorry for those of you out there who haven't been able to see it.) The music is great, the acting is great, this is definitely a classic and must-see.

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