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Miami Herald
It's an extremely raunchy hybrid of "Bridget Jones's Diary."
Baltimore Sun
Its effects don't linger long enough to seriously detract from the raunchy good time had by all.
This movie is to sweet as a dog is to a hydrant. But it's little things like that that keep someone like Diaz laughing all the way to the urinal.
Entertainment Weekly
A movie in which laughter and self-exploitation merge into jolly soft-porn ''empowerment.''
Aspires to be a cinematic "Sex and the City," but it's more like South Park Goes West.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Pimenthal's script consists of the scantiest storyline, framed around a succession of strained Farrelly Brothers-style gags that feel as though they were peeled off the floor of the editing room for "There's Something About Mary."
Chicago Sun-Times
It knows the words but not the music; while the Farrelly brothers got away with murder, The Sweetest Thing commits suicide.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The ads for The Sweetest Thing promise that if you loved "There's Something About Mary" and "My Best Friend's Wedding," then you can't miss this latest Cameron Diaz vehicle. Well, miss it.
Lacks the meanness of so many recent gross-out comedies. With the sparkling Diaz leading the way, the lame humor is much more palatable.
Nothing but a showcase for the inherent comedic gifts of Cameron Diaz. The problem is she doesn't have any.
New York Daily News
This vulgar, equal-opportunity chick flick aims pretty low.

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