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The scene where Roger tells Peter about cheap prostitutes in Costa Rica was cut from all theater versions in that country. The DVD version however, shows the complete sequence.
Several scenes that were shown in the previews were cut from the film (portions of some of these scenes can still be seen during the end credits blooper reel despite not being shown in the actual film) including:
  • Christina, in one car, notices Peter in another car and yells out "You!". When he sees her he forgets that the car door window is up and hits his head on it when he tries to stick his head out.
  • Towards the end when Christina chases after Peter her friends, at her apartment window, cheer her on telling her to "go get him!".
  • Jane says "What happened to my cool confident roommate?" and Courtney answers "It was all a facade".
A song and dance sequence entitled "The Penis Song" was originally part of the cut screened for test audiences, but the reaction caused them to delete it from the final US theatrical cut. It was however included in the European version. The song itself is based on the song 'I'm Too Sexy' by British Band 'Right Said Fred'. The lyrics have since been changed however and now refer to how the central characters lie to their lovers about Penis length. Lyrics include "You're to big to fit in there' (referring to all female orifices) accompanied by similar descriptive phrases and exclamations. The scene quickly evolves into a large 'song and dance' piece including waiting staff as backing dances and an elderly lady as lead vocalist.
Released on DVD in the US in both R-rated and Unrated versions. The unrated version includes "The Penis Song" music number originally dropped from the theatrical release.
Also in the Unrated version of the DVD, the opening with interviews about Christina is longer with multiple ex-boyfriends.
Despite being cut from the R-rated US theatrical release, "The Penis Song" is included in the Australian MA-rated theatrical and DVD releases.

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