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Entertainment Weekly
A little bit obsessed with replication.
Fails to match the philosophical and acting bounties of 1996's ''First Contact.'' Baird has seen to it that the Enterprise's being under fire still amounts to the crew rocking back and forth, gripping the railings as the ship's phasers are down to 4 percent.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Unfortunately, the plot runs out of dilithium crystals, and drifts to a sluggish and predictable conclusion
This is a better movie than the vacuous "Insurrection," thanks largely to a sympathetic screenwriter, longtime "Trek" fanatic John Logan ("Gladiator"), and a crew (headed by Patrick Stewart's Capt. Jean-Luc Picard and Brent Spiner's android Data) determined to go out in glory.
Miami Herald
If anyone tries to tell you how this one ends, blast 'em with a phaser. Set on stun, of course.
New York Post
While Star Trek: Nemesis isn't nearly as good as the best Nicholas Meyer-written movies like "The Undiscovered Country," it is far from the worst, thanks to the topical issues it raises, the performances of Stewart and Hardy, and that essential feature -- a decent full-on space battle.
The venerable series is looking outmoded and outdated. Media saturation and age have taken their toll.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Once again, perhaps the most impressive effect is Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard, using his Shakespearean training to make long mouthfuls of nonsense sound almost persuasive.
San Francisco Chronicle
Fails to engage.
As spent screen series go, Star Trek: Nemesis is even more suggestive of a 65th class reunion mixer where only eight surviving members show up -- and there's nothing to drink.
New York Daily News
There comes a time when the future looks old, and that's where "Star Trek" finds itself on the time-space continuum.

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