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Surprisingly moving, for an amusement park ride.

Author: robert-clark from Orange County, CA
15 June 2003

Soarin' over California, located at Disney's California Adventure, is surprisingly moving for an amusement park ride. It never fails to elicit applause as the ride ends. The audience is given the experience of riding a handglider over California scenery. You the rider sit in a dangling seat lifted 50 feet in the air in front of a giant movie screen. The Jerry Goldsmith score is very stirring. Easily the best experience at DCA.

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Get the good seats!

Author: TSMChicago from Palatine, IL
30 December 2005

A true interactive film.

Fantastic short film that is shown in the Omnimax format. The detail of the large format is spectacular. Try to sit in the front row of seats so you don't have to see the legs of other viewers. This experience is worth the wait in line.

This is a simulated ride that is very subtle with a breeze blowing in your face, the scents of the forest and the orange groves as well as gentle movement that really feels like flight. I found myself lifting my legs as we passed over the tree line on the mountains.

Take this ride!

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Author: neko_usagi from Orange County, California
25 October 2001

It's a hang-glider like simulator at Disney's California Adventure. You sit in chairs that lift you around 45ft in the air. It's really smooth and it gives you the impression that you're flying. It's one of the most popular attractions at the theme park.

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One of the Best Theme Park Rides EVER!

Author: conor-007 from Scotland
19 October 2007

The smells, the breathtaking scenery, the superb music all make Soain' one of the best rides in theme-park history.

After watching a pre-flight safety demonstration, guests are fitted into gliders and are then hoisted into the air and placed in-front a huge I-MAX screen.

I won't give it all away. You have to see it to believe it!

If you get a chance to visit Epcot or California, make Soarin' the first thing on your list.

Prepare for the ride of your lives!

Thanks for reading!

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You Will Soar!!

Author: Perry Mercer (Blackace) from Glendale, AZ
28 February 2008

Well, you will believe you are soarin anyways by the time you get halfway through this pretty incredible ride. My wife and I almost didn't try it. I have a heart condition called A-Fib (flutter & racing of the heart) which can act up if I get overly excited or nervous. When I read the warnings about steep drops and high flying, I was a bit nervous. After settling in our seats, we spoke to some people next to us who had been on the ride and they assured us it was nothing to worry about. They were right.

Soarin takes you into the skies across California. Getting to your glider seat is half the battle however. The lines are usually long for this ride as it's one of the favorites at Epcot (The Land). Get your XPress Pass ticket immediately if you can. When we got their all the XPress pass tickets for the day were gone. So we had to wait almost 80mins just to ride a 6-7min ride. Not fun. Is it worth it? Yes, if you've never rode this ride before. If you have, you may want to pass or try to get on it later in the day when the wait time is less then 45mins.

The whole front entrance of the ride is set up like an airport terminal. There are travel agent reps behind the desks and in front of the doors. Once you get to the entrance to the ride, there is a monitor above you. You are greeted by Patrick "Pre-Flight Instructor" played by Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld & Rules of Engagement). He wittily give you instructions on buckling up and storing your loose items. Once the doors open, you are greeted by more Soarin reps who guide you to your seat which are attached to a hanging unit. The units have no floors, allowing passengers' legs to dangle. After riders secure their seat belts, a roof swings down over each unit to both provide the illusion of a hang glider and to focus passengers' field of vision on the huge, domed Omnimax screen ahead. Once everyone is secured, the 9 units (10 seats each) is lifted up to the front of the Omnimax screen. The screen lights up with you flying across the San Francisco bay and over the Golden Gate bridge. The scenes change from Yosemite Falls and Anzo-Borrega Desert to a Sierra' ski resort and California redwoods. The units use large blowing fans to give the effect of wind in your face. It also uses the motion technology effect used in Star Tours and Star Trek Experience to make you feel like the chair is thrusting forward at a large rate of speed. It does this several times when the glider dives down. It's very exhilarating and effective. If you don't look away from the screen, you do really feel like you're soaring across California. It's a breathtaking experience and must be tried at least once (or twice even). Kids who are 10yrs and older will love this ride. It's more relaxing and refreshing, then anything else. We took my sister-in-law and her son on it. They thought it was cool, but not worth the long wait. Meh, they are into crazy roller-coaster rides, so I can understand why they would think that. This is a must ride though, that has to be tried at least once. If you enjoyed other motion-sensored rides like Star Trek Experience or Star Tours, you're going to love "Soarin'"

If you go to Disney's California Adventures or Epcot, you have to check out this wonderful ride. It's fun for the whole family.

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An amazing 3-D ride at Disney's Califoria Adventure, that is not only fun, but a pleasure to the senses (Movie-ride)

Author: patrick_dunne ( from United States
8 February 2006

My family bought special passes so we don't have to wait in long lines for short rides. Even if it was a short wait, the ride was still worth it.

"Soarin' Over California" is one of the best simulations I have ever experienced. You are strapped down to seats that lift several feet in the air. The ride has a huge screen (obviously) and uses it to create the breath-taking feeling of flying in mid-air. But, that's not all.

"Soarin' Over California" is also equipped with various things that make the ride such a pleasure to the senses. When you pass over the orange fields, you can smell the oranges. When you fly fast, you can feel the breeze.

If there is anything to do at Disney's California Adventure, this is it. Period.

Good: Big screen, amazing sights, good smells, can feel the breeze, moving seats that life over 40 feet in the air

Bad: There may be a long line.

Feel free to send me a Private Message regarding this comment.

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In Florida as well as California

Author: joshuathirteen from USA
4 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Most of the reviews don't mention that Soarin' is also a ride at the Epcot center in Disney World, Florida in addition to Disney's California Adventure park in California. I do not know if it has been replicated in any of the other Disney parks such the ones in France, Hong Kong, the new China Disneyland that just opened this year, and Tokyo. It is very much worth your time if you get a chance.

I wish the transitions between locations in the film were a little less abrupt, but that is my only real criticism. It's breathtaking and gorgeously filmed. It's a view you will almost certainly never get to see in real life, so this is not something to miss.

The scenes are representative of many areas of California, though I don't recall any desert footage. There's only room for so much of course, so that is not a criticism. After all California is very large and has a great diversity of landscapes.

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A moving experience.

Author: Tommy Nelson from Long Beach, California
7 February 2007

Soarin' Over California is the best simulator ride ever!! We start with a pre-flight video hosted by comedic actor Patrick Warburton, which is actually pretty funny. The ride itself is amazing. You're lifted over 40 feet in the air and get a helicopter view of many places in California. The views that are seen from this ride are amazing! Along with the sights, they also added in the smells of several of the areas including fresh oranges. And to top the rest of this, we have composer Jerry Goldsmith's beautiful score making the lovely scenery moving. I highly recommend you go to Disney's California Adventure and go on this right away!

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Okay attraction

Author: Thomas ( from Berlin, Germany
25 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Soarin' Over California" or just "Soarin'" is a Walt Disney attraction that is shorter than most of the others at roughly five minutes. The title already says it all as you are basically flying over California for the entire thing. There is no real reference to any of the Disney films, which makes it a bit random, but I guess if you see it at the big screen, maybe in 3D, it can be visually breathtaking. But only then. And that is a problem as the attraction has just closed very recently and it's certainly not a good watch anywhere else, especially on a small television screen or small computer screen. That's why I do not recommend this one and give it a thumbs-down, even if it is still better than many other attractions I've seen.

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