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A beautiful and sensitive movie about a dangerous tryst!

Author: Twink Innamarata ( from Boynton Beach, FL. USA
6 July 2005

I am not of the school that 15 year old boys can be a victim of statutory rape. Nor does this movie depict any scene of explicit sexual contact. Charlie was shown to be mature beyond his years, having to endure his mother's death, and his father's misguided authoritarian behavior. Eban, on the other hand, was depicted as a sensitive and fragile person, who is aware of society's taboos. Never did Eban demonstrate any predatory behavior: he did not "groom" his "victim" ala Michael Jackson. In fact, it was Charlie who initiated any intimate contact beyond gently kissing Eban (and dry humping this bed in the process). When I was 15 year old, I had my first experience with another man. He was 26 at the time, and I can assure you that if anything, I was "raping" him! This movie brought me back to all those lost feelings that I had at that time. I remember tenderness, truthfulness, and joy. To the Bible thumpers of this nation, this movie may be obscene. But intergenerational love affairs, be it gay or heterosexual, is much more common than one would expect. It goes on all the time, and is a natural part of growing up. To all those who are not involved, the message is "bud out"! This is not your affair. Is it because of jealousy, that you are so upset? Because you missed out on a beautiful experience in life?

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The film promotes thought

Author: ahairyrice from Flushing, New York
3 February 2002

The filmmaker's indication that Eban's behavior is part of a pattern are proposing that it is compulsive and unhealthy. Charley is portrayed as emotionally needy because of the tragic circumstances in his life. Society's strong condemnation of their relationship is presented by the boy's fathers. However, one cannot walk away from this sensitive film without compassion for Eban and Charley, perhaps even a wish that society would leave them alone if their relationship satisfies their needs. A sub-plot involving straight teenagers suggests that the film is meant to consider the feelings of human beings rather than to react automatically. The film promotes thought.

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On the Whole, a Very Engaging Film

Author: Ron Smolin ( from Philadelphia
18 October 2002

I was surprised by the excellent production values in this film, even though it is shot in digital video. The cinematography was superb. Several reviewers speak about the very slow pace of the film, but I think that this gives it a remarkable life-like feel. The reticence of Eban works well with his confusion. The two male leads work very well together, and the tender scenes between them are quite effective. You can sense that they are quite comfortable with one another, and the young teen, Charley, seems ecstatic. The only problem I have with the script and the acting centers around Charley's father, who comes off so over the top, without real motivation for his belligerent attitude towards his son, that it takes away from what could have been a top-notch film. As for the subject matter, pedophilia usually occurs between a teen and a much older person; but the film asks the simple question: why should other people tell teenagers whom to love? It seems to be a very personal matter, and not up to society or the state to dictate the terms of love. But I suppose there is an emotional line to be drawn that protects young people who are clearly not in control of their sexual longings. The ending of the film is hopeful, and thus breaks a trend away from depressing endings. All in all, a very good film that young people should watch and discuss.

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Giovanni Andrade gives a wonderful debut performance

Author: John Seger from Los Angeles
20 May 2003

This is a wonderful movie. The acting is just amazing, most notable the debut of actor Giovanni Andrade. Giovanni gives a tenderness and realistic performance that just melted my heart. The subject matter of a 29 year old man and a 15 year old teen will no doubt offend and shock many. But somehow, this film makes it seem different..That the two really loved each other, despite the drastic age difference. But what really gives the film it's heart is Giovanni Andrade. There is something very special about this young actor. He has the ability to tap into the soul of his character and really moves the audience. I really hope to see more of him in film. I own the official website of the late gay actor/icon, Sal Mineo, and Giovanni Andrade's tender performance in this film moved me enough to want to post this review. A+++ actor all the way!

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Good acting in clumsy movie

Author: imdb-jeroen from Netherlands
20 July 2005

For courage, and for the two main characters, I rated this movie a 7. A film that seems a bit clumsily but sincerely made. Bad sound, sometimes a rather silly script, unlikely moves in the plot, but what fascinating actors! All the other characters seem to be picked from the local gay club, but what a convincing and strong pair of main characters! Eban to me has just the right naive, or even childish slowness that makes him convince me as an adult who wants to hang about with adolescents (and doesn't feel at ease with grown- ups), and Charley has this unworldly dreaminess, and a profound mystery, that makes it probable he doesn't match boys of his own age. These actors deserve better movies!

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Refreshing alternative to "Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss"

Author: ssuspence from New York
17 January 2002

This is a small quiet film that never sensationalizes the subject matter - pedophilia?? It has some sound problems that are glaring at times but that didn't stop me from enjoying the movie. Although it was slow, I felt that it was quite sweet, a little creepy, and even suspenseful at times. It was shot digitally like many great movies of it's kind are (i.e. Chuck and Buck) but I assume it was never transferred to film since I saw a not so great video projection in the east village.

I would recommend this low budget dv flick to anyone who hates big happy gay hollywood movies that never deal with anything touchy or interesting. There's not a lot of movement, locations, or characters to be mesmerized by - but minimalist nature of the story really works if you let it. I believe it was a bold and conscious move on the director's part and I truly respect him for that. I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

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It's time to criticize;

Author: RitchCS from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.
29 October 2007

Wow! I get to be a movie critic or so most people think who write on this message board. Horrors! It was shot on tape using a digicam! Is that bad? It didn't have LucasFilm Surround Sound...which automatically makes it a bad picture. And OHHH, those actors. Not a one of them ever won an talent whatsoever! The subject matter is shocking and poorly developed through a weak script. Sorry, no Pulitzer this time! Why are these matters taken into account and must be criticized. The people had little or no money. Probably no member of the cast or crew were paid a dime...but they MADE their film in spite of all their professional needs and MY HAT'S Off TO THEM. One thing I've learned in my long lifespan is that people don't walk around with their ages tattooed on their foreheads. Love comes from the heart, the mind, the emotions, fun, laughter, wanting to be with that certain 'someone'. If the friendship leads to sex, if they're both's THEIR choice not society's. People can't be satisfied living their own lives, they have to involve themselves in other people's lives and set the rule and the moral limits for others when it's really none of their business. It's the same in most society standards. I don't drink or smoke and I don't want you to have the right to drink or smoke because it's against my rules/ I'm not gay so it's wrong for anyone else to be gay and I'll vote to make sure that MY rules are enforced (even though it doesn't affect me or my family or friends...I just don't want YOU to be gay. Getting back to the movie...Eban is 29 and Charley is 15...but they talk and feel on the same plane. What one feels, so does the other. Neither if forcing the other to do anything he doesn't like. Stay in your own domain and don't set your rules for others. They could set a few of theirs toward your not minding your own business!

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Surprisingly Effective and Well-Acted

Author: Kevin from midwest, u.s.a.
10 September 2002

From the opening minutes, I thought "Uh-oh... we're in for a questionable evening of entertainment"- the movie looks to be shot on digital video, but actually, that detail didn't wind up detracting from the subject matter at all. It's a touchy subject that many will be revolted by, and I'm not sure I agree with the happy ending... but the movie was well-acted by its two leads. The story is told concisely, never wanders far from its focus, and is edited precisely. I've watched it twice now and didn't get bored at all. All in all, a better than average entry into the world of gay cinema.

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Well-made indie

Author: Ripshin from North Carolina
1 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Frankly, I ended up appreciating this film far more than I expected, due mainly to the natural performances of the non-actor leads. I think each performer fits his role quite well.

Granted, I almost gave up a few minutes into the film, somewhat put off by the use of video, and the ridiculous initial scene with Eban's parents. However, once the script put the two guys together, it grabbed, and kept, my attention till the end.

The performance traits that many posters have criticized here, are actually the very aspects that make the two actors mesh with their roles. Eban's awkwardness, and Charley's naiveté, are important aspects of their characters, whether by craft, or accident.

The script doesn't judge, or really excuse, Eban's feelings toward the boy. Yes, he is somewhat predatory, and obviously has personal preferences. This film presents a situation that exists, and while the conclusion is fanciful, I found the treatment realistic.

My only questions would be.....where is Charley's father most of the time? Did the two cross into Canada at the end, to make their way to Europe? Are we to believe that Charley's father wouldn't have called the police before the two lovers could get out of the country? Would there be no extradition once they were found? Unnecessary questions, true, but the finale did bug me a bit.

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A surprisingly subtle work worthy of a second look.

Author: Scodiar from Long Beach, California
26 July 2002

The film suffers on the big screen, due in part to the tech limitations of the digicam process and the somewhat hard-to-catch inflections of actor Giovanni Andrade (teenage Charley). The first half is slow, moody, and unwilling to tip its hand: one feels ambivalence toward the Brent Fellows character (Eban, age 29). Publicity shots show Fellows to be an acceptably handsome actor; but when we first see Eban, he is pale, stooped, unshaven, and the picture of a shattered soul. Those who leave at the midpoint--and I was tempted--will miss Eban's agonizingly slow growth, his gradual reawakening to warmth and human contact. They will also miss getting to know Charley, brought to life in Andrade's astonishingly detailed and sensitive portrayal through characteristic, near-dancelike movements and a slow, hesitant manner of speaking that rings absolutely true. If the parental figures are saddled with trite dialogue and minimal characterizations, I am more than willing to believe that this is fully intended by director James Bolton in service to his vision. I have now viewed the film three times, the last on DVD, and found more to admire each time around. (The DVD brings warmth to the faces of the principles not evident on the big screen.) In all, this is an admirable, subtle, and sensitive work that asks a lot of the audience, but gives a lot in return.

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