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3 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Nazi's fight ghosts, or something...

Author: ResidentHazard ( from Plymouth, MN
28 September 2005

This is a horror film taking place in World War II Germany, in 1944 at a time when the German army is beginning to lose a lot of ground. At first glance, and for some other reason I cannot recall, I thought this was a movie about Nazis fighting zombies. Of course I wanted to see it! Nazis against zombies! I don't even need a plot or character development or depth of any kind with that kind of action. However, this is not really close to what the movie is about.

"The Bunker" focuses on, believe it or not, a military bunker. Several retreating German soldiers find their way to it and attempt to use it for a safe refuge from the advancing Yanks—you know, Americans. Inside the base the soldiers fight not zombies, but rampant paranoia and an evil presence influencing them. Now, this wasn't what I was expecting, but, it all worked out really well and was a pretty decent horror flick.

Here's the breakdown:

The Good:

--The atmosphere is thick and engrossing.

--Interesting supernatural story, fairly original.

--Feeling of paranoia runs rampant, and that's good for any horror film.

--Well acted.

--Good editing.

--Scenes that deal with the war itself are portrayed well.

--Excellent use of lighting, camera angles, fog, and cinematography.

Didn't Hurt It, Didn't Help:

--So… these are Nazis? We see only a single Nazi salute and very few swastikas. What gives?

--Possible misrepresentation on DVD package about what the film is actually about. (More a concern about the DVD than actual movie.)

--Music wasn't anything real special, but better than usual horror fare.

--Slowly paced, excellent build-up.

--Decent special effects… when we see 'em.

The Bad:

--Again, I thought this was a zombie movie, the cover and description on the DVD case were somewhat confusing.

--Cheesy cover art. I know this doesn't represent the movie, per say, but it's cheesiness could cause it to be easily overlooked by movie-goers.

The Ugly:

--German uniforms are pretty damn inaccurate. I watch the History Channel about 4500 times a month, I know.

Okay then, I've stated a problem with the uniforms and how they look, the lack of swastikas, etc. There is not a total lack of swastikas, there are a few here and there, but you often have to be looking for them and then, ahhh… that little black circle, there's a broken-armed cross in there… Now, I understand that there are some European laws, which I don't fully understand, that don't allow the use of Swastikas in things such as movies and video games. From what I understand, the movie or game has to be made with historical accuracy in mind and since this was a horror film, I can understand what the problem may be. Still, the movie loses some strength and credibility because the uniforms aren't very accurate at all, in fact, the giant swastika armbands that we're all so used to seeing appear nowhere in this film.

This is also kind of a genre-bender. Blending horror films, ghost stories, and war movies together in one unique mish-mash of paranoid entertainment. Slow-paced as the film is, it is never-the-less assembled quite well. This blend feels a little odd, even to those of us used to seeing horror combined with stuff like comedy, this is still a new oddity. And since these are Nazis we're seeing, it's difficult to know who to root for—the cast is entirely made up of them. But that's where the story comes in, and it's wrapped around the bunker-based horror action pretty well. As it turns out, the characters we're seeing have depth and a past to them, which adds to the film quite nicely. Honestly, while I was disappointed that this wasn't the Nazi-zombie romp I had hoped for, it still was quite a nice war-horror movie, if flawed.

Acting: 7/10 Story: 8/10 Atmosphere: 9/10 Cinematography: 8/10 Character Development: 7/10 Special Effects/Make-up: 7/10 Nudity/Sexuality: 0/10 Violence/Gore: 7/10 (Very minor gore, mostly gun violence) Music: 7/10 Direction: 8/10

Cheesiness: 2/10 (WWII Nazis with British accents, come on!) Crappiness: 1/10

Overall: 7/10

This is recommended to horror buffs, especially those who enjoy war movies. War aficionados may be deeply annoyed by the lack of historical accuracy on the German uniforms, however. Not for everyone--casual movie-goers may not find anything here to enjoy.

( ) ( )

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3 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

god help us!

Author: the_virgin_queen from Glasgow
13 July 2004

You know your in for something truly awful when a philosopher is quoted at the opening of a film, even more so when their a German Idealist philosopher and you get extra points if they happened to write a book called 'Beyond Good and Evil' and so I didn't have much hope for this film. I still managed to be surprised.

The casting is - to be kind - rather unusual, the acting largely awful (even the reliable Jack Davinport appears to be asleep for most of the film), the sets head-shockingly diabolical, the uniforms far too clean...

The characters redefine the word 'stock.' There is the ill one, the jaded one, the psycho...then in the bunker itself there is 'the old man and they young' (to quote the title of the Wilfred Owen poem.) They behave in such predetermined ways that you just can't feel for then indeed you begin to look forward to their demise but...

Well even the demises where disappointing.

Avoid at all costs. You'd be better off renting a Disney movie if you want a fright (try Fantasia: the idea of geeky American youths being grafted onto 17th century music leaves me waking up drenched in sweet and screaming 'no, no no!')

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3 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

The dead are not on my side

Author: Dr. Gore ( from Los Angeles, California
7 July 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


OK. Stop. Everybody stop. Just stop it. No more. No more misleading, deceitful video box covers. I rented "The Bunker" because of the great artwork on the cover of the video box. It has a bunch of skeletons in Nazi uniforms with the tagline: The dead don't take sides. They sure don't. They weren't on my side or anybody else's. Where were they? It would have been great to have seen some undead Nazi soldiers attacking. Excuse me for a moment while I fantasize about a better movie...OK, thanks. I'm back at "The Bunker". I don't like it here.

So these German soldiers end up at The Bunker. The soldiers yell and scream at each other as they try to make their way out of The Bunker. The end. That's the movie. "The Bunker" is trying to be an exercise in psychological terror. But it just stinks. It stinks because it has nothing to offer you. It tries to keep this fact hidden from you for about an hour of its running time. I'm sitting there waiting for some Nazi zombies to attack but all I got was more bellowing. Oh why? Why do these movies promise monsters and then turn around and give you the finger? I have no answers. I have no monsters either. Don't bother looking in "The Bunker". It doesn't have anything either.

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3 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Shaggy, you and Scooby go this way...

Author: Ripe Peach from Glasgow, Scotland
10 October 2003

This film is fine up to the opening credits, but then goes downhill rapidly. It's a tolerable enough implementation, but it's based on the kind of risible premise that really requires a flawless presentation.

None of the characters are well drawn, none of them are likable. You know they're all going to die, but you simply don't care.

Bizarrely, the best actors are killed off first. Perhaps after they read the script, they insisted on it.

Probably worth catching on cable, but certainly don't pay to see it. There really is nothing here that you haven't seen done better elsewhere. It can't decide whether it's a horrors of war morality piece, or a supernatural chiller. In the end, it falls midway and fails as both.

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3 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

One of the worst!

Author: Carlos Borreguero from Düsseldorf, Germany
12 August 2002

I've just seen this movie on the Cologne Movie Festival and I am very disappointed!

The story so far is ok, but the rest is not even worth mention it. Even if it is a low budget movie, the cast could be a good one, but it is not!(Compare it with "Cube") The actors in this movie think that just by a talking aggressively and not smiling, you can play a Nazi, but you do not! The twist is boring and you never feel involved. That is why for the first time I was close to leave the cinema and I always try to find at least some good aspects in a movie

I am very sorry, but this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of low budgets, but never such a bad one.

I rate it 1/10!

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4 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

fabulous!At last an original horror movie!

Author: guyguy1234
7 December 2002

I can't believe the previous comment I just read about this film.Believe me this is well worth seeing!It scared the hell out of me and I'm a big guy.THe drama was tense,the acting was extremely tight,very Das Boot.Green's direction was very good,a man with real visual sense,I felt.Shame it only got a small release,shame on the Brit distributors!

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0 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

A very slow, misrepresented film.

Author: Anthony Pittore III (Shattered_Wake) from Los Angeles, CA
29 April 2007

What I don't understand about this movie is the fact that the cover has skeletons in German uniform, and yet there is nothing even close that could allow such an image to represent your movie.

This pisses me off.

A lot.

I despise when films misrepresent themselves, which is why I will give this a low rating. When you have a cover like that, you're expected to put on a HORROR film, not a very, very slow psychological thriller.

Regardless of its actual quality (which is just barely 'ok,' mainly because of some very bad directing), this movie doesn't deserve to be seen because of its misleading of the consumers.

Anyway, I only picked it up because I'm currently writing a WWII horror film, and wanted to see someone else's perspective of the same field.

Oh well.



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1 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

The Bunk

Author: ghoulieguru from The Movie Crypt
3 November 2004

This movie was the bunk, meaning it was poop. I wanted for it to be good, I really did. The idea of a buncha soldiers going crazy on each other in a bunker is, to me, great fun - but instead it turned into a surreal, meandering series of vignettes that were only loosely connected. When the end of the movie came, I found myself completely confused. I know that confusion can sometimes be used to enhance the scares in a horror movie - one example of a movie that did that well is Jacob's Ladder. This one was just confusing for no reason. It just kinda ended with no real point. Now, maybe I'm just simple-minded, maybe I have ADD - but I found the Bunker to be about as scary as watching paint dry.

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1 out of 4 people found the following review useful:


Author: Xavier Tenton from Cambridge, England
12 June 2003

This film starts wonderfully with a memorable and very exciting pursuit through some woods. That's it, after that it's downhill all the way. Exaggerated caricatures, cliches and a confused and nonsensical script lead the film to people chasing each other in dark tunnels and supposed madness. By the end (yes I stuck with it hoping for a good ending) I hated everyone and was sick of the plot red herrings. Shallow unsatisfying drama and made by someone that has obviously no idea what a horror film is. I had high expectations but in the end I was so disappointed, I wanted my money back.

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1 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Germans don't make for good Movies.

Author: integ from Frankfurt, Germany
13 August 2002

We've slowly grown accustomed to the fact that Germans don't

seem to be able to make good movies. Now, for a change, maybe

a movie ABOUT Germans could be good? Nope. Not this one, at


And this is to say even though it starts off quite fascinating:

claustrophobic, moody, dark. Together with a Nazi soldier, we

move through a gloomy tunnel in a bunker, and those of us who

have ever played Wolfenstein or even Doom will feel at home

almost at once. And so we start looking forward to shocks, to evil

things hiding in the dark, to a creepy atmosphere the film will use

and enhance until we will feel like being lost inside this bunker

ourselves, with nowhere to go.

Unfortunately what we really get is a lot of talking in the beginning,

later on a lot of gun-fighting, and, in between, second to none of an

atmosphere. Then again, how should it be possible for any

atmosphere to develop, since it is permanently being interfered

with by extremely weak actors? Actors who don't seem "German"

at all, and who have to enact highly unconvincing characters

loaded with clichés. B-movies typically don't care much about

atmosphere, and this one makes no exception. And it thus spoils

the only chance it had, looking at the story, which is nearly non- existing to annoying, looking at the obviously NO budget, looking at

the actors who are clearly below average. And, in contrast to other

B-movies, there's not even anything HAPPENING here! The movie

has nothing whatsoever to offer that could make it at least a

LITTLE interesting; neither concerning the story, nor the staging,

nor the effects.

All together, this ends up in: a moral to the story that barely

reaches the level of cheap soap operas; not a single character

being believable and not ridiculous; a monotonous staging of a

story that is totally irrelevant. Except for a small number of

moments actually managing to create something like an atmosphere, THE BUNKER means possibly as much a waste of

time as one could imagine it. Bury this movie - and bury it deep.

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